Author's Note: Hello all! This story veers off from my normal style but I hope you will think it's good enough. I did turn this in for a grade in English so it can't be more than a PG-13 rating... Thanks for popping in! - Carie

Rose had tears streaming down her face as she spoke into her BlackBerry.

"Rose, is that really you?" The sound of Lana's voice, surprised and happy to hear hers, made Rose's heart wrench in her chest.

"Of course it's me, Lana!" Rose replied, her words tasting alien in the falsely cheery tone. She could feel the ropes that bound her to the chair cut into her flesh as she shifted to reach the phone better. "How've you been?"

"I've been better, Rose. The office is crazy because of some live chat project; too many phone calls and emails to answer in too little time!" Lana laughed. The apartment dropped twenty degrees and Rose tensed, struggling to maintain her composure.

"Same here, Lana, same here..." Rose paused. "Hey, I was wondering if you'd do something for me?"

"Absolutely; what do you need?" Kendall sounded worried, but only vaguely so. Hesitantly, Rose asked a favor of Lana that should never have been called a favor. After a brief good-bye, the man holding Rose's phone hung up and placed it temptingly out of reach on the floor. Rose stared at the brilliant blue screen, knowing she would kill herself if she tried to reach it. The room was claustrophobic and dark, the ancient carpet scattered with mold and glass shards; the man had killed the owner when he brought Rose here, smashing a glass coffee table in the process. The odor of dead woman's body mixed with New York City streets and decaying wood made Rose lightheaded.

"Did you enjoy your conversation, girlie?" grinned the man, known as Chris. Rose remained silent. "You'll enjoy this too, I hope." Grabbing Rose's blonde hair, shorn short with a switch-blade, Chris flung her onto the floor, limbs crushed against the chair they were tied to. The sting of the glass pushing into her body was like a wasp sting, but Rose was allergic to wasps; if the glass were the insect, she would already be gladly dead. Maybe then she could see her brother, Kells, who had been lost by a similar fate two Julys back; maybe her body, like Kells', would never be found.

Chris had gone into the kitchen, and was speaking loudly to someone. Shifting onto one side, Rose felt around for a piece of glass and began cutting into the frayed cord on her wrists. That came slowly, but her shoulders, thighs, and ankles came free quicker than imagined. If only she had done this weeks ago. She stood up, only to bite back a yelp; the glass cut into her bare feet and was lodged in her legs, tearing gaping holes in her clothes and skin. She snatched up her phone and found the fireplace tool Chris had used to kill the woman, running to the kitchen.

"I'm telling you, there is no way the broad can escape!" Chris shouted triumphantly.

That worked out well…Rose thought bitterly, pressing her back against the refrigerator. Chris had his back to her, with his gun on the table to her immediate right. An easy target.

"Of course, but why d'you want 'er so badly anyway? She's nothing special…" Chris mumbled before apologizing profusely to whoever was on the other end. "Fine-make sure she doesn't escape cause you'll be watching, I know." Switching the phone off, Chris growled, grabbing his hair. The Rose took her chance. She sprung forward, lifting the tool from its place against her leg and drove it into Chris' back.

"What did I say about 'er bein' a crazy broad." He hissed to himself. Rose's eyes narrowed and she swung at her captor again, lodging the point in his shoulder. Chris lunged at her, succeeding in knocking her slight frame to the freezing linoleum floor. Rose flailed against his grip, kicking and screaming despite knowing no one could hear her. Bringing her knees up, she jabbed them into his chest and his grip loosened; Just enough for Rose to wriggle her arms free and strike the final blow.

Throwing Chris' unconscious body off her, Rose let the weapon fall from her hand and clatter to the floor. There was a small patch of red growing on the back of Chris' head, showing through his dark hair. Gasping, she smashed the kitchen window with the tool, throwing it on the floor again and picking up Chris' gun. Her body shook as frosty wind blew through the window. Slowly, Rose lowered herself from the window, onto the fire-escape, and took off into the night.

Rose stood on a deserted sidewalk. She had made it to a park on the East River, and didn't know where to go. She had been paranoid the whole way there, developing a nervous tick, checking over her shoulder ever second. The only thing that she saw was a few black Acura's, but nothing more. Her bare feet oozed warm, dark blood onto the sidewalk. Hearing the slight squeal of tires, she looked back. A black Acura had pulled up and a door was open; from inside the car, her mother's and Lana's voices came, engaged in a conversation like a long time ago. She approached and slipped inside the Acura.

"Rosie, glad you could make it! I hope you had a comfortable stay." The cabin light turned on, revealing a man with light brown hair and green eyes. Rose wedged herself against the door, jiggling the stuck door handle.

"This isn't happening." She chanted. "Kells is dead. He's been dead for two years. He's not coming back." The man laughed and touched her free hand.

"Oh, Rosie, I have missed you, but you obviously haven't missed me." Rose screamed: It was Kells, but not her 19 year old brother that vanished. No, it was Kells turned into a mad-man. Pushing him away, Rose yanked on the door once more and it flew open, buffeting against the driving wind. Tumbling out of the car, she ran for it, hearing Kells shouting for the driver to stop and the breaks shrieking. Rose dashed into an empty rail-yard, hurdling over every track. Suddenly, she found herself on the edge of a bridge.

"You've got nowhere to run, Rosie." Kells laughed maniacally. Rose shook her head, trying in vain to be rid of her brother's vision. Sprinting further down the bridge, Rose stopped a few meters from the other side; Kells wasn't following her. "It was nice seeing you again, Rosie. I hope we catch up soon!" He called.

Thunder rang across the tracks, coupling with the jarring earthquake under Rose's feet. Petrified in fear, Rose managed to turn her head. Her body only unfroze itself as soon as blinding headlights came into view.