I started writing this about ten minutes after I posted, Summer Lovin. Just because I had to make sure that I got a start on it. I probably won't finish it tonight, or tomorrow, or the next day, or for many weeks to follow. I bet you it'll be summer by the time this gets posted.

This is a special, "Serious," episode. As you may have noticed, Jason and Tommy have a rather easy life. But I like to throw in sudden seriousness, such as in, "Suddenly," when Jason was hurt.

Well, enjoy it!

Senior Year

Summer turned out to be a big hit, atleast with me and my friends. Abby and Katy got together, and so far, didn't seem to be having any problems. Me and Jason spent lots of time together, and I'm not going to lie, we had sex some more. William and Jayden still weren't together, but their relationship was still good and friendly, and Jayden was still acting like he still didn't have a clue that William liked him.

Or maybe he really didn't have a clue. Maybe whatever little voices were whispering to him from his iPod were so distracting that he really didn't notice William's obvious hints. Whatever, not really my problem. Though, I guess I could try and help William out a little, do like they do in the movies and try and get them alone in a janitor closet, or at least force Jayden to look at him while he's talking to him. That would be the friendly thing to do, for sure.

But now, it was time to go to back to school, and start my senior year. Was I excited it about it? Well, my mom sure was. She'd forced me to stay up till like, one in the morning so that she could make sure I picked out the right outfit, and had all my school supplies, which I didn't even bring with me the next morning, since you didn't even need half of it, especially on the first day. Then, after we'd finished with that, she'd made Jason come over and show her his outfit, and then sent me to Jason's house so that I could show his mother my outfit.

It was very useless, and sad that the both of were so used to it, and knew better then to argue. Then, when that was all said and done, I decided to go spend the night as Jason's house, since he'd spent the night at mine the night before, but this time it didn't go over as smoothly with the 'rents.

Apparently they'd caught a whiff of me and Jason's...secret nightly activities... and had to hold a conference on wether or not we could still be trusted in the same room. It was eventually decided, after much useless debate, that we could, so long as the parents of the house did random room checks in the middle of the night.

Anyway, I say it was a useless debate because I ended up deciding that I would sleep in the guest room, which was unoffically known as, "Tommy's room," since that was the room I usually slept in. Jason had a second room in my house too, since we hadn't actually slept in the same bed ever before. That wasn't exactly an option, especially with boys, even when they are children. When boys are children, you sleep in a bunkbed, or one of you on the floor, and then when you're older, you sleep in a totally seperate room. I mean, me and Jason had been in the same bed, of course, but never actually with the intention of sleeping.

So, yeah, what a waste of time.

Anyway, now it's the next day, and me and Jason are standing at the front of the school, waiting for William, Jayden, Abby, and Katy to make their appearances. The first to arrive is Abby, and when she sees us, she trots over, grinning widely.

"Finally! Kings and Queens of the school!" she says, and Jason agrees with a, "Hell yeah!"

I am not sharing their joy, because at that moment, I spot Jazz walking towards the school. Jazz is Jason's ex-girlfriend, extreme bitch, and spawn of Satan. Well, she's probably not that bad, but I dislike her. I might even go so far as to call it hate.

Jason spots her now, and she feels his eyes on her, and looks over. She stares at him for a moment, then her eyes drift to his side, knowing I'd be there. For a second I think she'll say something mean, but instead she looks back up at Jason and smiles. Then, she waves. Jason's eyes widen in surprise, and then to my horror, he waves back. When he does, she smiles, then turns back to her friends and continues chatting.

Yep, definetetly hate. I knew what she was up to. She was trying to make Jason like her again, just so she could take him from me, and make my life miserable. She hates me almost as much as I hate her, and that is because, despite the fact that I believe she has a devil tail sticking out of her butt, I also believe she truly loved Jason. But whatever, you snooze, you lose, you sore loser.

"Oh, Jason, I don't think you should do that!" Abby teases. "You're making Tommy jealous!"

Jason looks at me, and I know he knows I know that I saw him smile. Jerk.

"Ah! I'm sorry Tommy." he says, reaching over to grab me. I slip away from him, and then see Jayden walking over, his ever present iPod already in his ears. After another ten minutes, we're all assembled, and we head for our respective homerooms, so that we can get our schedules. I had homeroom with Katy, who spends the whole thing chatting animatedly about how her and Abby have spent the last two weeks doing. I make sure to look in her general direction as she's talking, so that I seem just interested enough.

When we get our schedules, she looks over my shoulders and reads mine.

"Hey! We have first period together!"

This was good news. Kinda. Good because it's always nice to have someone you know with you in the first class of the first day. But also, it's alittle akward, because of all of my new friends, she and I seem to spend the least amount of time together.

We walk to first period together, and she's still talking. I reflect back for a moment, to the days when we had just met. Had she talked this much back then? Or was she one of those people who's true self came out the more you hung out with them?

We get to our first period, which was chemistry. Ugh, chemistry first thing in the morning. What a bummer. I was hoping for a more relaxing first period, like english or history, or one of my electives, which were Art 4, and Guitar 2. Something where I could sit there and wake up, and enjoy it as I did it.

"Hey!" Katy suddenly chirped excitedly, and I look to where she's pointing. Sitting in the was back, at the last possible table, is Jayden, who waves when he sees us. We go over to him, and Katy takes the seat next to him, and I sit at the table in front of them.

And then, to our shock, William walks in, with Abby.

When William sees us, or more specifically, Jayden, he runs over, and pretty much forces Katy from her spot next to Jayden. Katy doesn't complain though, just goes and sits beside Abby with a huge smile, who has occupied the table on Jayden and William's right, four or five feet apart. That will make whispering and giggling harder to do, but I'm convinced Willliam, Katy, and Abby will find a way to make it work.

I watch the door carefully, thinking it wouldn't be fair of God to give everyone else their perferred person to be in class with, but not me. The bell is a minute away from ringing, and as I watch the red second counting hand click away, I become more bummed out. When the bell rings, I slump in my chair, putting my head in my arms, preparing to take a nap. I can hear the others trading schedules behind me, figuring out which classes they share, but I decide, why bother? I'll figure out soon enough, won't I?

"Jason!" Katy suddenly says, and my head snaps up, eyes darting to look at the door. Sure enough, Jason, in all his senior year glory, is walking through the doorway. He spots us, and smiles.

"Wow, we're all here? How freaky is that?"

I try not to be totally obvious as I scoot my chair over, making room for him to take the seat next to me. He smiles and sits next to me. Now that Jason is here, I feel ten times more energized, and now I join in the talking around me. As me and my friends talk, making plans for this weekend, which was William's eighteenth birthday, I can feel eyes watching us.

I glance up in time to catch four different people from different parts of the room looking away. Today on the Animal Planet, we have the rare chance to observe a whole pack of homosexuals in their natural habitat. I can't quite hide a tiny blush, I'm still not totally used to be stared at everywhere I go. Why couldn't people get over it?

The teacher is standing at the front of the room, saying something, but none of us are really listening. There's a fimiliar air of excitement around us, which is normal. Everyone always convinces themselves that this year will be different, better, but it usually isn't. It's usually the same, or someimes, worse.

I barely sense another presence coming in the door directly behind me and my friends. I know it's there, but I don't really think anything of it. I mean, it was just another student, coming in a smidge late.

That's what I thought.


The sound shocks me enough that I jump in my seat, and I turn my head in disbelief. People are screaming around me, and I am able to clearly hear Katy above them all. The sound, the gunshot, it came from directly behind her. I see Jayden briefly, and I'm almost surprised when I see that he's looking up, eyes wide, and totally aware of something besides his music.

"On the ground!" a voice orders harshly, and I look at the boy who's just entered our room, and turned a great first day into an unbelievable nightmare. He's tall and has wild blond hair, and the gun in question is a shotgun, which he has pointed up the ceiling. I recognize him. His name was Tyler Randerson, and he and I english together last year. My head is swimming, wondering what had happened over summer to drive him to this point. He'd seemed like such a nice guy, quiet sure, but nice. But, I had seen him get picked on once or twice, hadn't I? Shoved in the hallway, laughed at right in his face. Whose to say it wasn't worse then that?

I'd felt bad for him, but the best I had done for him was offer him a hand when I saw him get tripped in the hallway, offer him a pencil during a test, and laugh at a joke he'd whispered about a teacher who'd just scolded me for sleeping in class.

Jason practically tackles me to the ground, and the air leaves my lungs with a woosh of air. Jason pulls me under the table, and next to us, Jayden and William have done the same. I look across the void seperating us from the girls, past Tyler's shoes, and see that they too are under the table, clutching onto each other tightly. Everyone else is doing the same, and I lock eyes with Jason, who motions for me to stay quiet.

I look up at Tyler, and to my surprise, he's looking back at me. He stares at me, hard, for a long time, and I tense up, but then his gaze sweeps over me and continues through the room. I follow his eyes, trying to figure out what he's looking for. But I know.

He's looking for someone to shoot.

One girl is crying, and even though he looks at her, he doesn't aim his shotgun at her. My heart is pounding in my chest fearfully, because me and my friends are the ones closest to him, so it's highly likely that he will pick one of us.

Suddenly, he whirls around, and points his gun right at Katy. She screams and covers her head, and starts pleading, "Don' shoot me, please don't shoot me!"

William suddenly springs from his spot under the table, and shoves Tyler violently, making him crash into the table that Katy and Abby are under. I hear myself scream, and I'm not alone. Tyler swings around, aiming his gun at William now, and I see William's eyes widen.

"William!" Jayden gasps, and before I can blink, he's out from under his desk too. He grabs William's arm and yanks him hard behind him, blocking him with his body.

"We have to do something!" I gasp, and Jason's arms tighten around me. I look up and meet his eyes. He looks up, at William and Jayden, over at Katy and Abby, and around the room, then back to me.

"What do we do?" he whispered, and I smiled at him, then turned back around.

"Tyler." I said, standing up slowly, putting my hands up. Tyler's eyes travel to me, but his gun remains pointed at Jayden. Behind me, Jason stands up, his hand on my shoulder protectively.

"You don't want to do this Tyler." I say softly, stepping forward. When I do, Jason's grip tightens, forcing me to stop. He moves next to me, and Tyler looks at him, considering his size and strength, wondering if he should shoot him. I gulped.

"What happened Tyler?" I ask. "Why are you doing this?"

His eyes narrow, and he speaks for the first time.

"I'm just giving them what they deserve!" he screams, and he swings his gun around and shoots at the far wall. More screams, and I flinch, but the moment he takes his gun off them, Jayden drags William back under the table, holding him tightly to him. When Tyler sees that his targets have escaped he bangs his gun against my table, making me stumble back, afraid it would accidentally go off. When it doesn't, I take a few deep breaths, and try to focus again. There's a roaring sound in my head and ears, and I'm afraid I"m going deaf.

"Who Tyler? Nobody here hurt you." I say, and he looks at me again.

"What would you know about what I've gone through?" he hisses. "Your life is perfect! Nobody's ever beat you up, and your gay for God's sake!"

I ignore his remark, even though they make me feel guilty, even the perfect life one. It was true. I'd never really suffered, except for the day Jason had been in the car accident. And he was probably the only reason I hadn't been beat, because every one knew not to mess with him.

"If you do this, you'll be a murderer."

He bites his lip, and I see tears in his eyes. He was fighting with himself, which meant I still had a chance to get him to calm down. All around us, my classmates have their eyes locked on him, waiting to see what he would do, and me, and I can't help but think they're seeing me in a new light.

"Please Tyler. Don't...don't do this..." I say, stepping past Jason, who tries to grab me. But I manage to get right infront of him, and hold my hand for the gun. He looks at my hand, at his gun, then at the people around us, who are crying, and holding each other tightly, some pleading him to put it down.

Do it, I tell him silently. Hand me the gun.

"You can get help." I add, and I see his hand twitch, and jerk forward, like he's going to give me the gun.

And I sigh, because I think it's over.

I'm wrong again.

Because at that moment, the door flings open, and another kid, this one I don't recognize, comes in. And he too, is holding a shotgun. The only difference is, he has it aimed at somebody, somebody I know very well.

"I found her!" he shouts excitedly to Tyler, who turns around, gun still in hand. "I found the bitch!"

"Jazz!" Jason shouts, and he suddenly moves forward quickly, toward the girl he used to love, whose crying in the strange boy's arms, her masscarra running down her face in a waterfall.

"Jason, help me." she whimpers, and he moves to grab her, but Tyler turns and aims his gun at him, shouting for him to get down, his resolve having been renewed at this turn of events. Apparently he hated Jazz too, but so much more then, enough that he was willing to kill her. Jason grits his teeth together, but backs up a few steps. Tyler turns back to his partner, and glares at Jazz.

"What are you doing?" I shout. "You can't shoot Jazz, Tyler, you can't. I know she's mean, but you can't kill her!"

The boy holding Jazz looks at me, eyes narrowed. "You have no idea what she did to us. She was the one who told those guys to beat us up!"

I look at Jazz, and our eyes meet. I can tell she's scared by the prospect that her life seems to be in my hands, and thinks that I'm going to tell them to shoot. But I wouldn't do that, not even to her.

"So you're going to kill her?" I ask him. "That's insane! Please, put the gun down!"

Now both gunmen are looking at me. The air around us is tense, and the people in the room can feel it, can feel that I've lost the edge I had before, and are curling up, praying they won't be hurt.

"Jazz." I say, turning to the blond girl, who up until this minute, I've always hated, but now, I'm realizing I don't hate her as much as I thought I did. Sure she annoyed me, and I was jealous of her, but I didn't want to see her die. Jason cared about her, and if she died here, Jason would suffer too.

She looks at me, eyes begging for help.

"You need to apologize to Tyler and him." I say, and she nods fiercly, twisting to look at the boy in her arms.

"I'm sorry! I didn't think I was hurting you two this much! Please, please, don't kill me!" she begs, and she's hard to understand past the sobbing. Of course, I can't help but notice that even now she's beautiful.

Tyler looks at the boy, but I see his eyes are softening. Her apology has worked. For him.

But not for the guy holding her, who only looks angrier as he realizes that Tyler isn't going to help me.

"Your fake apology isn't going to work on me!" he screams, and I hear a click and he turns off the safety.

He's going to shoot her.

"Jazz!" Jason screams. "Let her go!"

But he's not gonna.

And I'm so stupid.

Because I throw a punch as hard as I can, hitting the guy right in his face. His nose pours blood, and he he falls back on the ground. Jazz rolls free, and weeping, she runs across the room, over to Jason, but he's ignoring her know, screaming my name.


I look at him, then back to the boy, who hasn't dropped the gun. I hear Jason running up to me, and my friends screaming my name, I look back at the guy, and to my horror, see that he has aimed the gun at my chest.


A fire explodes in my chest, and I hear people screaming, louder this time, and I can hear my name, coming from all different directions of the room. I hit the ground, and stare up at the ceiling, trying to figure out what happened. Was I shot?

There's a high pitched whining sound, and I can't hear anything going on around me, though I can see it. Jason's hitting the boy with the gun, and the kids around us are trying to pull him away, and pin the boy down at the same time. I see others around Tyler, but I can't hear what anyone is shouting. Finally, a voice breaks through.

"Tommy!" Jason screams, and he's leaning over me, lifting me up off the ground. When did he get there?

"Jason?" I say, confused. "Was I shot?"

"Yeah, yeah Princess, you've been shot. But you're gonna be okay, okay?" Jason says, and I can see tears in his eyes. The lights around me hurt, so I close my eyes, but a second later Jason says, "No, don't close your eyes, baby. Keep em open."

I force my eyes open, and focus on Jason's beautiful face, staring down at me with so much love and fear. I lift my hand and try to brush away his tears, but my hand is too weak to make the full trip.

"Don't...cry..." I whisper.

"Don't talk." he orders me gently, and I shut up, too tired to argue with him anyway. Our friends are around us, and William is saying something to me now, or maybe he's talking to Jayden, because a second later, Jayden reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone.

I try to stay awake longer, but I can' do it. I have no choice but to shut my eyes, and let the darkness pull me down.


When I wake up, I'm not surprised to see that I'm in a hospital. I am surprised, however, that I was even alive. Hadn't I been shot? And it had felt like it had hit me in the chest, near my heart.

But here I am, alive. I'm alone in the room though. I sit there, for I'm not sure how long, before a doctor walks in. When he sees that I'm awake, he rushes over, asking a bunch of different questions about how I feel. After a bit, I ask him if I can see my friends and family, and he smiles.

It isn't long before my room is crowded. My parents, Jason, his parents, Jason apparently isn't as nice as I was the day he was in the hospital, because he pushes right past everybody and grabs me tightly.

"You're so stupid!" he says, crushing me to his chest. I try not to make any noise, because it will automatically let him know how much this hurts.

"Is everybody okay?" I ask meekly, and he nods.

"Yeah. We were able to restrain the guys until the cops got there." he says, and he smiles proudly. "You did good. Everybody's worried about you."


"Yeah, the whole school is practically waiting in the waiting room." he says, and my eyes widen in disbelief.

After a few more seconds, he lets my parents through, who hug me, and kiss me, and tell me how proud they are of me. After a few more minutes, William, Jayden, Katy, and Abby come in, and the process repeats. I can't help but notice though, that William and Jayden are holding hands.

They stay for a few minutes, joking and telling me how brave I was, hugging me tightly, and I can feel how worried they really were for me. Katy doesn't stop crying for almost the whole time, but I still couldn't be happier.

When it's time for them to go, Abby grins on her way out the door.

"Well, senior year sure started out with a bang, huh?"

Polly- Lolololol, oh Abby, totally innappropriate.

Me- I think this was the longest one yet!

Ben- Is the series over yet?

Me- Don't be silly!

Ben- *sigh* You should really focus on other things.

Me- What are you talking about? I've been totally focusing on "Freedom War!"

Max- So, are Tommy and Jazz friends now?

Me- Not really friends, I guess. But I wanted them to find a reason not to hate each other.

Max- Ah. So, why aren't you doing your homework?

Me- The school year is almost over! I've pretty much passed!

Max- Pretty much?

Me- Yeah, I failed math.

Ben- You suck.

Me- It was hard!

Ben- You were in the APP class!

Me- SO?

Ben- That's for the stupid people!

Me- Polly, he's being so mean to me!

Polly- Silence Mister, or I'll punch you!

Ben- Wow, anger issues. You should see a therapist.

Mr. Valentine- *pops out of nowhere* Did somebody say therapist?

Ben, Polly, Max- AHH!

Ben- Whose this guy?

Me- He's my imaginary therapist. I created him a few weeks back. I wanted to introduce you guys.

Mr. Valentine- Nice to meet you.

Polly- HI!

Max- 'Sup.

Ben- Are you going to help her with her Yaoi addiction?

Mr. Valentine- Actually, I think it's good that she has something she is so passionate about.

Ben- *sigh* Damn. That means we still get more gayness!

Me- Yay!