AN: First of all I want to say that this story completely ripped my heart back out, but stupid, stupid me just had to go and write something like this…..*face palm*

Anyways this one is for you Katie, hope you enjoy it and I'm very sorry if you cry or something

P.S.- Anne (I think)

I have a surprise for you, but it might not be till later

-Love Taylor 3

I lower my sight to the ground and shuffle my feet uncomfortably. My hands lay by my side lifelessly and I blink rapidly. My face heats up and I struggle inwardly to keep the grief down.

She tenses up in front of me and a squeak escapes her lips. I jump in surprise and finally pull as much courage as I can and look at her face.

Her blue eyes sparkle with unshed tears and her light, shoulder length blonde hair is pushed behind her tiny ears.

She meets my gaze and we both quiver with sadness. Her eyelashes flutter behind her glasses and she slowly raises a small hand. I clench my jaw and ignore her invitation, stepping forward and wrapping my short arms around her waist.

She hugs me back and we stand in silence, memories flashing through our minds.

Her smiling, bubbly faces pops up along with all of our adventures and the ends of my lips twitch slightly. I was dragging her back up the hill and begging her to sit on the small sled with me.

She defiantly refused, her longer hair blowing with the breeze. Out cheeks were bright red and a permanent smile was glued to our freckled faces.

I sighed dramatically and stubbornly sat down. She laughed and called me stupid as I shot her a silly look and pushed myself down the hill.

I blink into her neck and breathe in her sweet smell.

It was recess and we had managed to put on our snowsuits in record time, getting to the school's sleds before anyone else. She picked out a longer one and we pulled it past the playground to the field as the other kids raced out of the double doors.

Her clear eyes shone and her cheeks started turning a slight shade of pink from the whip of the wind.

We brought the sled to the edge of the soft, white field as one of our friends called out to us. We both smiled at each other and waited for Matthew to make his way over.

By the time his round, shining face made it to us we were ready to start. I was on my knees, the rope wrapped around my shoulders with Katie sitting in the front of the sled. Matt took his place behind her and I started off into the powdery white.

She shouted out the sled dog commands and I took her where ever she pleased. Laughter rang out into the open air, all of our smiles gleaming into the frosty evening, not a care in the world.

I dig my fingers into her shirt and choke back a cry. Her body shakes faintly and we stand there, enjoying each other's company.

My heart aches with sadness, so heavy with sorrow that it sinks into my stomach. She sniffles and pulls away from me.

We were in her backyard, searching the trees for anything to add to our fort. I was spending the night at her house and we decided to take a walk in the woods.

We were talking about school when we came across her old tree fort. We took one more look at it and both knew what we were going to do for the rest of the day.

I broke off the branches as she rearranged the old furniture. We worked together the rest of the night and by the next morning we both had something to be proud of.

I look at her 10 year old face and commit her to memory. The way her beach blond hair is pulled back into a low ponytail and bangs brushed casually to the side. The way her eyes light up behind her baby blue glasses and her pink lips curve at the sight of my tanned face. The way she slouches her shoulders in class, bored with whatever the teacher says. The way she laughs at every joke and the way she accepts me for me.

She smiles sadly and we murmur our goodbyes. I furiously blink back tears and turn away from her. I will myself to move, my heart screaming at me to stop, beg to say and live in her basement.

My footsteps echo throughout the empty classroom and I pause at the door. I cast a brief glance at her and shoot her a reassuring smile.

She tries to return it, but her lips twist together and it ends up looking more like a grimace. I swallow hard and step out of the doorway, tears running down my face for the first time in three years.