The Ultimate Poetry Book

Chapter three: Nature

A leaf in the desert

Parched for day on end,

a leaf tries to blend.

It's shine still remains,

traveling from forest to plains.

Now this desert stands,

towards this leaf in it's sands.

Welcoming this abandoned leaf,

left far ago from its wreath.

Lake: Haiku

A lake remains still,

animals no longer fill.

Chancing with no will.

An eyes' rest

Deep in a cave,

bats chatter and rave.

Eyes piercing yellow and red,

their fears have already shed.

In the deep ocean,

there is much motion.

Fearless shark and eels,

red eyes as it kneels.

Much more animals rage throught the endless night,

doing what they can with their might.

The mystery is behind the lies,

told here from there forcing upon their eyes.

Night to Day

The day settles to night,

much cower in fright.

Hiding in burrows and holes,

stalls, homes, hiding foals.

Wolves and beasts come around,

stepping with little or no sound.

The predators crouch being quiet,

bold and defiant.

The day begins to rise,

innocent creatures blocking demise.

Beast go at rest,

running off to their nest.