Tall, Dark, and Handsome (Rated M)

(Note: I am currently in the process of turning this into an actual story, but the story is so vastly different from this little blurb, that I decided to put it with the rest of the blurbs.)

Warning: Characters talk about rape, sex, and awkward flirtations. But nothing is really described, only implied. I'm sure there are some choice words in there as well.

"Riley, We are in need of your skills,"

"… I see. Come in then." "I'm only going to say this, I am a little tired already, and I'm not sure I can handle all of your guests. Especially if that tall, dark, and handsome man in the back has the sexual appetite I think he does."

"Uh, Riley… not those sk-" The red headed man cut her off with a coughing fit, and leaned against the wall to catch his breath when he had finished. "Are you ill again, Riley?"

"It's just a small -" The furious queen would not bother to hear him as she cut him on a fit of motherly rage.

"You will put on some warm clothes - it's Ice Season for crying out loud! - and you will climb into that bed, cocoon yourself in your blankets while Winston will fetch me some warmer clothes, and herbs for you so that I can make you medicine." Ignoring the 'buts' and 'no's' from the sickly man, the elegant purple haired woman threw open the door to the room, scaring her guard and causing him to jump nearly three feat into the air. Really, by now he should be used to his queen's strange behaviors. He only wonder about what had caused this one. "Winston, could your please get some of the warmest clothes I had tailored for my husband - yes, the very clothes he has never even seen - and bring them to me? As well as some medicinal herbs and a tea kettle from the kitchen. Riley is ill."

"Again, your highness?" After hearing of the man's illness, he could only sigh.

"Yes, again." His queen echoed his sigh with one of her own. They both shared a slight laugh from this.

"As you wish,"

"Thank you, Winston."

"B-but, I really am fine,"

"You are not supposed to be working whilst you are sick! Not get in that bed and close your mouth before I have "Mister Tall, Dark, and Handsome" knock you unconscious. And I will, so help me!" "Now why are you working? You are not supposed to be! I thought I made that very clear, little sir!"

"The King, ma'am. That beast didn't care if I was ill or not. He just threw his latest kink at me, told me to 'get dressed' as if there is much to wear, and then tied that fine blue ribbon around my collar and dragged me through the entire castle, as if I wear some sort of show. Then, whenever he felt the need to take me, he would. I swear, that monster of a man has taken me against almost every wall in this damn stone-walled place."

"… So, your Highness, do you want to have the first hit, or should I?"

"I'll do a lot more than hit that man,"

"You should have said he was being unfaithful. Has he even consummated your marriage yet?"

"Of course not. I repulse him. He says only freaks and devils and deamons have eyes of the color of our blood. It has been nearly ten years with that man, but I am glad he has refused to touch me in an such way."

"Yet, recent developments in research of our bodies has proven our blood to be blue until it is shown to air."

"And my husband is a fool. What do you expect from him, honestly?"

"True, true."

"Your Highness, I have returned with what you have requested. Shall I prepare young Riley a bath?"

"A warm one. With a lot of soap. Soaps infused with lavendar, almond oil, and oak powder. I will be washing him myself, because at the moment, he looks as if he is about to faint. How are you holding up, Riley?"

"… I hate it when you are right, you naughty, naughty woman…"

"Good. Tarlen, please prepare some tea if you would. Use some Boneset, Cinnamon, an a small amount of the Horehound. I don't think Riley can handle how bitter that would be, so add some Vanilla to sweeten it up a bit. Now, come on Riley. I'm going to scrub your skin raw. And don't think I don't see those blade cuts and whip abrasions. We will talk about our original reasons for being here later."

"Really, I don't understand how I get so ill all the time."

"It's because you don't care for your body. You don't eat properly, or drink properly. You hardly bath. I will only say this once more. You better start looking out for yourself. Or you could just catch something that will tear through your body like fire. And then you would come to a slow death. Do you want that?"

After a while when, Riley kept quite while he undressed for the bathe, the Queen threw a scowl at him.

"Are you trying to kill yourself again! Do you think that will make anything better!"

"It might…"