(hi this is my first original . I'm an author of fanfictions and decided to take the next step and write my own original and here it is.)


"hi my name is Sven Weasel and I'm a warlock or male witch." Said a 34 year old man with smoky blonde hair and hazel eyes . he was wearing a white t shirt with a black short sleeve jacket with flexible metal on the shoulders over it and olive drab cargo pants covering the top of blue and white trainers .on his neck he wore a steel cross on a dog tag chain.

" Let me explain so that people like you who have no idea what I mean by I'm a warlock would understand. On this planet ,known as Terra, you are either a witch or a warlock. Your last name comes from whatever animal your familiar ( partner animal ) happens to be. Your magic is controlled through runes that you summon on command , no need to write just have to think of the right combination of these runes ,though everyone knows how to write them. Your familiar is also your magic weapon that you use to fight our enemies , the demons." Explained Sven waving his hands as he talked.

" there are other things, each person can use what is called a golem or magical mech controlled by runes and your movements once your inside the cockpit sphere. Each mech is personal to each witch or warlock and uses the weapons base of your familiar. " Exclaimed Sven as a picture of a golem appeared behind him . the mech looked like medieval knight just a lot thinners and leaner ( I will try to get a model of some of the golems on the deviantart sooner or later).

" but as every great civilization does we have enemies. The demon are sprits that take control of peoples bodies and cause massive destruction before burning out the hosts body. They also control dark versions of golems. But to combat these demons our people have created an academy for combat able witches and warlocks. Lead by the Orin the witch or warlock who possess control of one of the four most powerful golems ,Gabriel." Explained Sven as his face turned into disgust at the word Orin. A white weasel with the end of its tail black went up the back of Sven's jacket on sat on his shoulder.

" I hope that this information will be helpful as you enjoy the story of my journey ,who in the beginning couldn't get a golem to not reject me after more than a day and became one of the most powerful warlocks on the planet." Laughed Sven as a door opened and stepped in a women with Irish red brown hair and a tanuki her heels. Her stomach swelled form pregnancy.

" SVVEENN get out here or your sleeping out with Lucifer again." Threatened the women as the tanuki became a scythe. She tapped the scythe to the palm of her hand.

" ok Rin don't take my head off.'' Replied Sven as he Ran out of the room . Rin swing the scythe at his head screaming " HAGHGA!".