Ch.3 Grizzly

" Hello my name is Professor Yuma Raven of Cresna Academy and I'm here to help explain familiars and their powers." Said an old man with wavy black hair and wearing the outfit as Sven but with a yellow jacket.

" Familiars are basic partner animals that are born alongside by the mothers familiars but it can be anything because all familiars come from what are called eggs and they don't have to be the same weapon from as the parent and sometimes this changes with certain events like becoming the demon king or they just change over time to become more powerful." Explained Professor Raven as a raven landed on his shoulder. " Hello Ari" Said Professor Raven As he rubbed the ravens beak.

" I hope this information helps you understand the whole system of familiars" . Said Professor Raven as he exited the room Ari on his shoulder.

Thanks for reviewing and an update on the weapons in this will be form video games like Crysis 2and 3 , halo 4 , and cod black ops2 and more that I will credit when I use them . same with vehicles.

"aauughg "Groaned Sven as he Woke up in a hospital room wearing a paper gown and had a really bad headache.

" Oh your awake Sir he is awake." Said a nurse who had just entered the room and spoke to someone just outside the door.

" Well it's about time he woke please leave us alone." Requested Professor Raven as he took off his large full brim hat off his head and entered the room.

" Yes of course ." Answered the nurse as she closed the door on the way out the door.

" SO what the hell are you still doing here in Aries City ? "Asked Sven as he got up out of the bed .

" One so I could give you a message form the Orin and to give you your combat dress for the war games." Answered Professor Raven a s Cross Climbed Up Sven's shoulder.

" Ok and why does Cross have wings and what is the message you need to give me?" Asked Sven as Professor Raven thrown him some under wear and cargo shorts and Sven Went behind a screen and put on the clothes that the professor gave him

" The message is that in 2 months you are to report to Cresna City to compete in the War games to find out your ranking in the academy." Answered Professor Raven as Sven come out from behind the screen without a shirt .

Red lines following his veins crossed his back. " I didn't think that the demon poisoning would have already gotten that far already no wonder no Golem would ever sync with you." Exclaimed Professor Raven studying the lines on Sven's back. The lines made a rough cross on Sven's back.

" Oh you means those have been there for years , Wait what do you mean no wonder no golem besides Lucifer can sync with me.?" Said Sven Shocked.

" those red lines are the key symptom of Demon poisoning which is caused by large demon exposure during a young age and gives the infected person a hard time using golems and can in extreme cases can mean death and by the time most have that many lines are dead or close to." Explained Professor Raven a worried and puzzled look crossed his face.

" Great there's that and the fact that Cross has changed weapons forms and I now have to learn a new weapon style." Complained Sven as Dante floated through the ceiling , his arms cross smiling.

" not exactly those swords were my familiar , Lucifer is just using the last data that was imputed it the next time probably Cross will probably have changed but will have stayed the same weapons style.' Said Dante as he floated above Sven .

" Great and now you need to get to Cresna City and I know you don't have a ride." Said Professor Raven as he got up and put on his hat.

" Wait can't I go with you to Cresna City?" Asked Sven as Professor Raven threw him a short sleeve black and red hoodie shirt.

" No I have other things I have to do before the war games so you and Dante need to leave the first stop you need to make is Vulcan Town you can get some non-familiar weapons there and maybe get a team together for the games." Stated Professor Raven as he left the room .

" Well to Vulcan city I guess right Dante." Said Sven as he collect his belongings and left the room .

After signing the discharge paper work and grabbing a the things he needed form his apartment Sven , Cross and Dante headed off walking to Vulcan City down a dusty road not knowing they would even make it to the games but they would give it their best shot.

The road was treacherous and long over 300 miles( Yes I will use the imperial system) Dante , Sven, and Cross trekked across the country to Vulcan city. Forest had cut the hoodie in the front down the middle and picked up a black tee shirt. They hadn't any problems making it an uneventful trip to Vulcan City

Vulcan is pretty much an industrial city that produces metals, weapons , and vehicles for The World. smoke stacks dominated the sky line to one side . the other is a more urban style that is like a normal city. Sven stood at the urban side in front of massive gate. Behind the gate was an open air market .

" Well it is about time we reached Vulcan city.' Said Sven as he walked through the gate.

" No kidding at the pace you walked I thought we would never get here." Complained Dante as he bowed his back. Cross ran up sven's shoulder to sit on his head as they entered the city.

The group went and sat down at an outdoor café and Sven ordered a hamburger. " So what is the game plan you think Dante?" Asked Sven as he chowed down into his hamburger.

" Well we should probably do like professor Raven told us to do find weapons then find a team of three more people then proceed to Cresna City." Answered Dante as he watched Sven eat.

" Great So were should we start wowowowo." Exclaimed Sven as he was thrown out of his chair by a girl no older than him running away with a bag . she was wearing purple body covering robe with frills on the edges . A hood covered her face . " Hey watch where you're going!" Yelled Sven on the ground as Several Men at least 25 ran past him .

" The men were yelling " Get her Or run faster she is getting away." Sven decided to go and run after the men and girl but by the time he made the decision and had gotten up the men and girl had gotten a good distance away from Sven.

" Great got to catch up." Mumbled Sven as he took off away from the café without any of his stuff.

" Wait sir you haven't Paid!" Yelled A Waitress as Sven ran off after the men and the girl .

Sven after five minutes of running had caught up with a man who had been lagging behind. Sven tackled him to the ground and sat on his back . " Alright why are you chasing that lady?" Asked Sven as the man struggled. That is when Sven noticed what the man was wearing. He Was wearing a Cresna Port control police uniform.

" We have reason to believe that she is carrying illegal goods." Answered the Cop through his teeth.

" Great tell me more." Teased Sven as his hand light up in flames and he placed his hand near the cops head.

" Ammo Ammo that is what she is carrying" Sputtered out the cop as Sven retracted his hand.

" Thanks for the info so the Orin is getting into gun laws well I got go and help this chick out." Said Sven getting off the cop . the cop flipped onto his back and flicked out his magnum and pointed it at Sven. Sven remained emotionless as he stared down the barrel of the gun .

" What the hell are you?" Exclaimed the cop at Sven's reaction.

" The Demon king Sven Weasel that's who and thanks for the gun." Replied Sven as he took the magnum form the cop , how was petrified with fear and shaking . Sven walked Away from the Cop. A green alchemic rune circle appeared under Sven's feet and he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Up a head the scene didn't look good for the girl in purple robes. Her brown eyes filled with fear. " Come on Baby just hand over the bag and things won't have to get messy." Smirked the leader of the group of Cops. Most of the cop were snickering behind the leader. The leader pulled out a magnum and brushed the cloth that covering her face.

" Come on just corporate bayb ." Mocked the cop acting like a player.

" um umt." Responded the girl shaking her head no.

" Alright I'll just tell command that she retaliated." Smirked the cop as he pulled the magnum's slide back and cocked the pistol. " Sorry baby it is just business." Smirked the cop placing muzzle on the girls forehead.

" UuuuuuMMMM !" shrieked the Girl as she pulled out her free hand and Grey runes flashed in front. Suddenly the cop was thrown back into his comrades by a huge blast of wind that caused him to pull the trigger and the shoot into the trash dumpster beside the scene.

"You bitch." Cursed the cop as he fired three more rounds at the girl. The girl covered her head with her hands to protect her form the oncoming bullet as two of the bullets flu into the wall beside them by a swift gust of flames that swapped them.

" Well why are the port cops doing terrorizing a young lady huh Boys ?" Mocked Sven and he opened his flaming hand. Inside was a melting bullet which then exploded. Lightning arcing through the flames trailing behind his hand.

" What the hell are you?" Said the cop shaking in his boots and sweat forming on his brow.

" Sven Weasel at your service." Answered Sven taking a bow then he realized he forgot something again . " Hey Young lady are you alright ?" Asked Sven calmly as if nothing was happening.

" Huh huh." Replied the girl as she shook her head. The cop was scratching his head with it tilted to the side.

" What a minute Sven Weasel the new Demon King, lord of hell, pilot of Lucifer." Exclaimed the cop in shock as he leveled his pistol at Sven's chest.

" Yep that is me ." Replied Sven smiling .

" Wait then that flame that that is hell hellfire." Sputtered the cop his aim shaking.

" Ya what you going to do punk your some cop if all you do is chase young ladies and I don't even think I'll need hellfire to defeat you what do you think Dante." Said Sven as Dante materialized beside him.

"All these people wimps and cowards." Mocked Dante as the cops shrieked at the sight of the ghost.

" Well let's get this started and you'll be needing this." Said Sven throwing the magnum at the cop . he caught it and aimed both at Sven.

" ok let's Roll." Replied the Cop.

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