I am Stephanie Johnson, I am about to be twenty-one. I have short brown hair, green eyes and I am 5'4.
I have three sisters, three brothers, that lives near me, not to mention my Dad.

The oldest of the family is one of my brothers. Ryan is the oldest being thirty-five; he has short brown bedhead hair, he is about 6'2 and he is the one who always annoys my sisters and me.

Secondly is my eldest and dearest (Note the sarcasm) sister. Brooke is thirty years old; she has mid length red hair let me just say she accompanies my oldest brother.

Then there is me. I am twenty almost twenty-one and I am and always will be a tattletale, unless of course I get cash. (Insert evil grin here)

Fifthly is my brother. Jared is twenty years old. He has short sheepish brown hair, he is about 6'3 and he is the gamer of the family. I am serious he has played just about every video game ever made.

Sixth is my youngest brother. Matthew or Matt as he likes to be called is nineteen. He has brown hair but sometimes you can catch him with blonde streaks in it. He is 6'1 and he is known as the "Innocent" Child. Yeah right, I have looked under his bed he has about ten playboys I stopped going in his room after that.

Seventh is my next to the youngest sister. Taylor is fourteen, she is 5'5 yeah the fourteen year old is taller than I am. She has bleach blonde hair and claims she is in "Love" with her latest sixteen-year-old "Boyfriend" Personally I think the guy is a creep.

Finally, the youngest of the group. My stepsister Erica she is twelve, talk about spoiled brats she is about 4'5 and she has long brown hair. If she is not in designer wear then she is buying designer wear. She wants to be a fashion model when she grows up. Fashion, fashion, fashion. All she worries about.

My Daddy is fifty-four years old. He has brown hair like my Mama used to. So that clears up where all of us kids get the brown hair. He is around 6'4 and like my oldest brother, he is always annoying my sisters and me.

I still live with my Dad until I can scrape up enough money to get an apartment.

So, that is how I am at home sitting on the couch flipping through the T.V. channels at twelve thirty in the afternoon while Daddy sits in his recliner.

"Where's Brooke and your Mama?" Daddy asked me

"Outside, on the porch. "I answered as I glared at him for calling that woman my Mama

Miranda the one Daddy referred to as my Mama is my stepmother you know like the evil stepmother in Cinderella. If she is not drunk, she has a drink in her hand and if you look up the word lush in the dictionary, I just know you will find her picture.

My real Mama died when I was six I vaguely remember her but I know I look like her.

"Where's Taylor?" I asked

"In the den. With her Boyfriend." Daddy explained

"Are they alone?" I wondered aloud

"Yeah. Why?" Daddy asked nonchalantly

I jumped up and started dashing towards the den; I could hear Daddy following me because everyone knows if I catch a guy doing something I will hit them so hard in the mouth teeth will fly.

I got in the den with Daddy close behind me.

Just like I thought, they're making out, tongue and everything.

I screamed.

Daddy then came in behind me and said,

"Why are you screaming-Oh." He saw the still tongue twisted couple

"Come with me." Daddy said while grabbing me by the shoulder and pulling me near the dining room

"Why are they making out? She's fourteen!" I yelled

"I know calm down." Daddy told me

I took a deep breath.

"Now give this to them." Daddy said while handing me a condom

"You're joking right?" I asked hoping the answer would be 'yes'

"Nope give it to them and not one word to your Mama or Brooke." Daddy said

"Fine." I said as I took the condom

I walked back out to the den slowly.

Wow, he is really giving them permission to have sex.

I entered the den and saw them both next to each other on the couch looking straight at the T.V.

"Daddy said to give you this Taylor." I said while handing her the condom

Taylor raised an eyebrow but took the condom regardless.

I walked out without another word.

I walked back into the living room and sat down on the love seat.

"I can't believe you gave them a condom." I glared at Daddy

"If she thinks she's ready then I believe she is ready." Daddy said while his eyes avoided my glare

"I'm going to get me some chips." I said while standing up

"Don't do anything stupid." Daddy still avoided my glare

I walked into the kitchen and started looking through the pantry.

I listened carefully and heard Taylor moaning. Holy mackerel! She actually is having sex with him.

I rushed out of the kitchen not wanting hear anymore and sat back on the couch.

"I thought you were getting chips." Daddy said while looking over at me

I shivered.

"Oh," Daddy realized what I had just heard

I sat there staring at the T.V. for about thirty minutes when Taylor and her creep of a Boyfriend walked in.

I kept my eyes to the T.V. as Taylor said,

"Thanks Steph."

"For what?" I asked angrily my eyes still at the T.V.

By this time, I was ready to cry because I just let her lose her virginity at fourteen.

"Umm….Uhh-"Taylor started but I cut her off

"For allowing you to lose your virginity at fourteen yeah no problem." I said as tears fell down my face and I stormed out of the house

I sat down next to Brooke, tears still streaming down my face.

"Stephanie what's wrong?" Brooke asked

"Nothing." I looked away from her face because if I looked her in the eyes I would tell her

"Okay." Brooke shrugged and continued to talk to Miranda

Taylor came out, grabbed me by the arm and drug me over to the side of the house.

"What Taylor?" I asked while wiping away my tears

"I'm sorry." Taylor said

"Little late for that." I told her

"You're the one who gave me the condom why are you mad?" Taylor asked

"Because I figured you would shove my hand away!" I exclaimed

"Let me go." I said

"No," Taylor glared at me

"Let. Me. Go!" I yelled

I got out of her grip and got in my car.

I drove away and started driving to my boyfriend Austin's house. Where his best friend Tristan usually hangs out.

A/N: I got inspired by a dream for this story. Please let me know what you think.
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