A/N: I changed Tristan's injuries to a major concussion and a broken arm.

Chapter eleven: Eagles Are Noblest Of All Creatures.


"Brooke!" I yelled as I pulled her off of Brandon

"Let go of me Steph," Brooke hissed

"Calm down." I demanded

"It was my idea Brooke," Taylor explained

"What?" Brooke asked

"It was her idea." I told her

Brooke relaxed some.

"Oh my God," Brooke mumbled

I let go of Brooke as her and I quickly kneeled down next to Brandon.

"Brandon, are you okay?" I asked

"I'm okay." Brandon said, sitting up

"Come on, come sit with us." I helped him up

"Okay," Brandon avoided looking at me

"Brandon, look me in the eyes." I commanded

Brandon looked at me.

There is the outlining of a black eye.

"Good God." I muttered

"I'll be fine." Brandon insisted

"Okay," I eyed him skeptically

I sat next to Brandon and Brooke sat on the other side of Taylor.

"Hello people of all ages!" Carson and Ryan exclaimed as they walked in

Ryan sat next to Brooke and Carson sat on the other side of Brandon.

"Where'd you get the shiner little brother?" Carson asked

"Um….I ran into a wall?" It came out more as a question

"Okay….Moving on." Carson stated

"Hey Ryan, what time is it?" I questioned

Ryan looked at his watch and said,


"Hey Brooke, let's go talk to Paige." I told her, standing up

"Yeah," Brooke nodded as I walked over to her side

"See ya big bro," Brooke hugged Ryan

"We'll be back soon." I told Ryan as I hugged him

"Be safe." Ryan smiled

After we hugged everyone, we walked out to the waiting room where Paige and Nicole are.

"Hey Paige," I smiled as we walked up

"Hey, hey," Paige laughed

"When will we be going to the tattoo place?" Brooke asked

"At about eight thirty," Paige explained

"Alright, I have no idea where the place is so can you pick us up at our house?" I questioned

"Sure," Paige smiled

"Come on Brooke I need to change and put on some make-up." I rushed

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Brooke laughed

We walked out and got into Brooke's car.

It took about ten minutes to get to the house.

Stupid morning traffic.

Brooke and I walked in the house and Brooke yelled,

"I call the shower!"

"Go ahead, I'm not gonna take a shower." I stuck my tongue out at her

"Whatever!" Brooke exclaimed, while running up the stairs

I walked up to my room and looked at the calendar.

I smiled and whispered,

"Happy birthday Mama,"

I got on a pair of jeans, a sleeveless shirt, and my hoodie.

"Hurry up Brooke!" I banged on the bathroom door

"Hold your dang horses!" Brooke yelled

I banged on the door at least fifteen times before Brooke got out of the bathroom.

"Finally!" I exclaimed

"Sorry, had to apply make-up." Brooke explained

I went into the bathroom and looked for my make-up.

I guess I forgot it when I was banging on the door.

I started to go out when I noticed something in the trash.

A pregnancy test box.

I thought back to when Taylor first found out she was pregnant; we removed this garbage so no one would find out.

Hmm, Brooke took an unusual amount of time in the bathroom.

I looked around in the garbage can quickly and found the test.

Carefully picking up the test I looked at the screen.

It has a plus sign.

Brooke's pregnant?

I squealed.

I heard Brooke coming up the stairs.

"Steph, what's wrong?" Brooke asked

"You're pregnant?" I questioned

Brooke sighed.

"Yes," Brooke nodded

"I'm guessing Carson?" I asked

"Duh," Brooke looked irritated

"Oh and you do realize that you're touching my pee right?" Brooke laughed

I looked down at the pregnancy test.


"Gross!" I exclaimed as I threw down the pregnancy test

I turned on the hot water and washed my hands with soap.

"Does Carson know?" I asked

"Not yet." Brooke sighed

"Are you going to?" I questioned

"Yeah, I just have to find the right moment." Brooked nodded

"What time is it?" I asked, finding the need to change the subject

Brooke looked at her watch.

"Seven thirty," Brooke stated

"Good," I smiled

I walked into my room and grabbed some lipstick and face make-up.

I went back into the bathroom and started putting on my make-up.

By the time, I was done I heard someone yell downstairs,

"Hey! You don't keep this door locked?"


I walked downstairs and saw Paige and Nicole.

"We do. We just forgot to." I laughed

"Come on, it's nearly eight fifteen." Paige rushed

"Brooke, come on!" I yelled

"I'm coming!" Brooke screamed

Brooke came down the stairs with her purse in her hand.

"Okay I'm ready," Brooke smiled

"Let's go!" Paige exclaimed

We all piled into one car and Paige drove to the tattoo place.

Once we got to the tattoo place, we walked inside and Paige started talking to a man.

"Alright, the tattoo like I said I going to be a heart with the words 'I love my soldier' writing across it. The heart will have a banner like thing over it that's where it will say 'I love my soldier' and above it and below it will have the names of our soldiers." Paige explained

"Where will the tattoo be?" Brooke asked

"On our right arm," Paige smiled

"Who goes first?" I questioned

"Nicole, then me, then you Steph, and finally Brooke," Paige explained

"Okay," I nodded

"Hello," A man appeared to be in his late thirties greeted

"Hey Josh," Paige smiled

"Josh, this is my sister, Nicole," Paige pointed to Nicole

"This is my brother's girlfriend, Stephanie," Paige pointed to me

"And this is Stephanie's sister, Brooke," Paige pointed to Brooke

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you lovely ladies," Josh smiled

"Which one of you beautiful ladies is going to get the tattoo first?" Josh asked

"That would be me," Nicole smiled

"Come with me, Nicole," Josh took Nicole back into the back of the room

"He's polite," I commented

"Yeah, he and I went to college together," Paige revealed

I smiled.

About thirty minutes later, Nicole came out with plastic wrap around her arm.

"Alright, keep that on for about four hours." Josh told Nicole

"Okay," Nicole giggled

She makes me want to barf.

"Oh and here," Josh handed Nicole a piece of paper

"Who's next?" Josh asked

"Me," Paige smiled

Paige went back with Josh.

Nicole came over and sat next to me.

"I truly am sorry Stephanie," Nicole said sincerely

I kept my eyes forward.

"Stephanie, please forgive me." Nicole pleaded

I responded with silence.

"Stepha-"Nicole started but got cut off by Brooke

"Why don't you just leave her the heck alone?"

I turned and smiled at Brooke.

It was quiet until Paige came back out with the same plastic wrap on her arm.

"Thanks Josh," Paige smiled

"No problem sweetheart," Josh waved his hand


"Who's next?" Josh questioned

"Me," I stood up

Josh lead me back where there's a chair, multiple colors and a tattoo gun thingy.

"Go ahead, sit down and expose your arm," Josh said

"Okay," I replied, slipping off my hoodie

"So, Paige told me you two went to college together." I told him

"Yeah, she's a dear. She and I had a lot of fun back in those days." Josh explained

Fun? Hmm.

"What names would you like above and below the tattoo?" Josh asked

"Ryan Johnson and Tristan Smith please," I smiled

"This will hurt a little bit." Josh told me as he turned on the tattoo gun

Josh stuck the needle on the gun into my arm, starting to create the tattoo.

I cringed.

"That hurts like heck." I laughed lightly

"How long have you and Paige been friends?" Josh asked

"We met a couple times before when I would go over to her brother's house but, other than that we kinda just became friends." I explained

"Ah yes, Tristan. I heard you two are dating now," Josh informed

"Yeah," I smiled

"I've met him, he's a good kid." Josh nodded

"He's really sweet." I told him

"He is one lucky guy." Josh commented

"Why do you say that?" I asked

"He has you." Josh said

Oh my God. He's flirting with me!

"Um, thank you. I think." I replied awkwardly

"It's a compliment my dear," Josh laughed

"Alright, you're done. Let me wrap some saran wrap around it really quick, then you'll be good to go." Josh grinned

"Thank you," I responded

Josh wrapped saran wrap around my arm.

"Keep that around your arm for about four hour's 'kay?" Josh questioned

"Okay," I nodded

Josh and I walked out to the front and saw Paige and Nicole on the opposite sides of the bench. Their as far as possible away from each other.

"Whoa, what happened here?" I asked, walking over

"These two got into an um," Brooke cleared her throat "Heated argument."

"It wasn't a heated argument." Nicole muttered

"I'm not in the mood for your crap right now, Miss Priss," Brooke glared

"Okay, I'm guessing that you're my last costumer." Josh pointed to Brooke

"Yeah," Brooke smiled

Brooke stood up, I grabbed her arm quickly.

"Do not share information with him." I whispered

Brooke stared at me looking confused.

I went over and sat in between Paige and Nicole.

"What time is it?" I asked to no one in particular

"Eleven thirty," Paige yawned

"You sound tired." I stated

"I am," Paige yawned, again

About thirty minutes passed, when Brooke and Josh came out.

"There you go ladies," Josh bowed

"Thank you Joshy," Paige hugged Josh

I focused myself on what they are doing.

He kissed her cheek.

"Okay, what the heck?" I asked

"What?" Josh and Paige questioned simultaneously

"The nicknames, the 'fun'," I used air quotes "Back in college, and now kissing on the cheek. Paige I swear if you are cheating on my brother, I will personally beat you to a bloody dang pulp!" I exclaimed

"Stephanie, calm down he's gay." Paige told me

"And another thing- Wait! He's what?" I asked

"I'm gay?" I think Josh meant for it to come out a statement

"Okay," I stretched it, staring at Josh

"Where did Nicole go?" Brooke questioned

"I don't know, and I really don't care." I told her

"I need to go and get my purse from the car. Come on Brooke, I gave you the keys." Paige rushed

Brooke and Paige went out of the tattoo shop and started walking out to the car.

"Okay, spill it." I demanded harshly

"Spill what?" Josh asked

"I know you're not gay, Paige might not have noticed it but I did. You meant for it to come out as a statement, but it came out as a question! "I glared

"Stay away from Paige, she's dating my brother. And if you even think of touching her I hit you so hard in the mouth your dentist will feel it!" I threatened

I walked over and sat down as Brooke and Paige came back in.

"Okay, how much do I owe you?" Paige asked Josh, digging around in her purse

"Two hundred and forty dollars please," Josh smiled

"But with the discount, it's only one hundred and twenty," Josh nodded

Paige handed him the money.

"I'll see you the next time you come in for a tattoo Paige," Josh winked

I glared at him.

"Come on, I'm hungry!" Brooke rushed

Pregnancies. Oh God.

"See ya Joshy!" Paige exclaimed

"See ya Paige a roon-o!" Josh waved at Paige

We all walked out of the tattoo shop and out to the car.

We got into the car, Paige and I in the front and Brooke and Nicole in the back. Paige started driving.

"So, how many tattoos do you have Paige?" I smirked

"What do you mean? I don't have any tattoos other than the one I just got." Paige rambled on nervously

"She rambles when she's lying." Nicole laughed

"Shut up Nicole." Paige hissed

I stared at Paige.

Paige sighed.

"I have five other tattoos." Paige admitted

"Holy God!" I exclaimed

"I always wear my hair down because I have a tattoo on the back of my neck." Paige explained

"What is the tattoo of?" I asked

"A rose with a bunch of thorns," Paige told me

"That was the first tattoo I got, when I was eighteen." Paige said

"The second was when I was nineteen." Paige continued

"I always wear this purple wristband because it's on my wrist." Paige added

"That tattoo says 'love'." Paige smiled

"The third was when I turned twenty-one." Paige explained

"It's on my upper shoulder; I was drunk when I got this one." Paige cringed

"Oh God," Brooke laughed

"What's the tattoo of?" I asked

"A martini," Paige snickered

"The fourth tattoo was when I turned thirty," Paige explained

"Tristan once told me that the eagles are the noblest of all creatures so, I got a tattoo of an eagle right above my butt," Paige laughed

"Should I be afraid of what the fifth one is?" I questioned

"No, not at all," Paige replied

"The fifth tattoo was just a couple months ago," Paige smiled

"This one is on my ankle," Paige added

"It's barbed wire, and it goes all the way around my ankle." Paige told me

"So this is your sixth tattoo?" I asked

"Yeah, I'm gonna show Tristan all of my tattoos when we go back to the hospital." Paige explained as she pulled in to a Walgreens parking lot

"Why are we at Walgreens?" Brooke wondered

"I'm gonna run in and get some of the ointment that goes on our tattoos really quick." Paige said

"Okay," Brooke shrugged

Paige got out of the car and walked into the Walgreens.

About five minutes later, Paige had pulled us out and started driving again.

We drove to Paige's house and went inside.

"So, we have four hour's to kill. What do y'all wanna do?" Paige asked

"I'm hungry!" Brooke exclaimed

"Then we shall order pizza!" Paige declared

For the next four hours, we sat around, ate junk food, and watch romance movies. Not to mention, doctoring our tattoos so we could show everyone.

"Back to the hospital!" Brooke exclaimed, jumping out of the door

I laughed as I said,

"To show our new tattoos!"

We all got into the car and Paige drove us to the hospital.

It took about ten minutes to get to the hospital.

We walked in and saw Ryan, Carson, Brandon, Matt and Jared all in the waiting room.

I smiled as we walked over and sat down.

I sat on one side of Ryan and Paige sat on the other and Brooke sat in between Carson and Brandon.

"Where have y'all been for the last eight hours?" Ryan asked protectively

"Okay over protective older brother, if you wanna know look at Paige's arm." I smiled

Ryan looked over at Paige's arm and his jaw dropped.

Ryan looked back at me.

"Please tell me you didn't get a tattoo," Ryan begged

I stood up and showed him my arm.

"Look closely." I said

Ryan observed my arm and smiled.

"You put mine and Tristan's name on your arm?" Ryan asked, tears filling his eyes

"Yeah, you mean the world to me Ryan." I hugged him

"Look closely at Paige's arm." I told him as I pulled away from him

Ryan went and looked at Paige's arm.

"Kiss her you idiot." I laughed

That's exactly what he did.

"I'll be in Tristan's room if you need me." I said as I started walking towards Tristan's room

I got in Tristan's room in about three minutes.

"Hey baby," I winked, sitting down next to him

"Where have you been all day?" Tristan asked

"Getting this," I showed him my arm

Tristan's mouth dropped.

"You got a tattoo?" Tristan questioned

"So did I," Paige stated from the doorway

Paige walked over and showed him her tattoo.

"Did anyone else get a tattoo?" Tristan laughed

"Brooke and Nicole," Paige smirked

Tristan gaped.

"Close your mouth my dear, you'll catch flies." I told him

Tristan shut his mouth.

I looked at Paige with a 'Girl you better show him.' Look.

"Little bro, I have some things to show you." Paige smiled

"What's would that be?" Tristan asked

Paige turned around and moved her hair out of the way, showing her tattoo on her neck.

"First one, I was eighteen." Paige said

Paige turned back around and lifted her wristband.

"Second one, I was nineteen." Paige grinned

Paige turned around and exposed her upper right shoulder.

"Third one, I was twenty-one." Paige continued

Paige lifted her shirt from the bottom slightly exposing her eagle tattoo.

"Fourth one, I was thirty." Paige laughed

Paige turned back around and pulled a chair to her.

She lifted her pant leg and showed him her fifth tattoo.

"Two months ago," Paige stated

Paige sat down and looked at Tristan.

"You and Steph are the first people who've seen all my tattoos." Paige told him

Tristan looks shocked.

"I want to show you something Paige," Tristan responded

Tristan pulled his hospital gown sleeve down, revealing a tattoo of an eagle like Paige's.

Paige smiled.

"We hate none; we love all, never to let anyone fall. We are the eagles, strong and tall, all for one and one for all." Paige and Tristan recited in unison

"I love you little bro," Paige hugged him

"I love you too sis," Tristan told her

"I'll let you two lovebirds be alone now," Paige giggled

Tristan rolled his eyes.

Paige left, leaving me with Tristan.

"Come sit on the bed with me," Tristan smiled

I stood up and sat on the bed with Tristan.

"I think the tattoo is wonderful." Tristan whispered

"Thank you cutie," I replied

Tristan pulled me on top of him and put his lips to mine.

Tristan pulled away and said,

"And it's incredibly sexy."

Tristan put his lips to mine, kissing me passionately. I swiped my tongue at his bottom lip, begging for entrance which was quickly granted. Our tongues battled for dominance, I let him control my tongue. Tristan lifted my shirt slightly to rub my sides, I shivered at his touch. Tristan's hands wondered carefully among my back. His hands had just gotten near my bra strap when someone cleared their throat.

I quickly got off of Tristan and saw Ryan in the doorway.

"H-H-Hey R-R-Ryan," I stuttered

"Oh stop with the stuttering, you're not in trouble." Ryan laughed

"Hello Tristan," Ryan smirked

I got off Tristan's bed and at in the chair next to him.

"What's up Ryan?" Tristan asked

"Before I say anything Stephanie you have to promise me you won't tell anyone." Ryan told me

"I promise," I smiled

"Okay, Tristan I want to marry Paige." Ryan informed

I gaped.

"You want to marry Paige?" Tristan questioned, shocked

"Yes, I love her." Ryan said

"You hardly know her!" Tristan exclaimed

"I already love her." Ryan said calmly

"I've talked to your Dad; he said if I can get your approval then I have his approval. Please Tristan, I love her." Ryan emphasized

"Help me here Steph," Ryan stressed

"I'm kinda with him on this one Ryan, you do hardly know Paige." I responded

"Come on, I love her!" Ryan declared

"Please Tristan, I'm begging you." Ryan begged, tears filling his eyes

"He's telling the truth Tristan," I whispered in his ear

"How do you know?" Tristan whispered back

"He hardly ever cries and he has tears filling his eyes. Give him your approval, please for me?" I asked

Tristan sighed.

"You have my approval," Tristan smiled

Ryan's eyes lit up.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you!" Ryan exclaimed hugging Tristan

"You're welcome; now go be with your future fiancé." Tristan laughed

Ryan nearly ran out of the room.

"I don't think I've ever seen him so happy." I told him

"I love you," Tristan said suddenly

"I love you too," I smiled

One week later…

Sunday, October twenty-first.

"Come on, they'll be here any minute!" I exclaimed

Right now, Paige, Nicole, Matt, Jared, Brooke, and I are setting up a surprise welcome party for Tristan and Taylor.

And to be clear, Nicole and I are on good terms.

This means we can have a civil conversation, without killing each other.

"Get the lights! They're here!" Brooke, whose belly has grown quite a lot, yelled

Brooke actually told Carson about her pregnancy on the day that she got the tattoo, he's thrilled.

I turned off the lights and got down next to Brooke near the table.

Daddy, Carson, Ryan, Taylor and Tristan, came through the door a minute later.

Carson turned on the lights.

"Surprise! Welcome home!" We all exclaimed in unison

Tristan and Taylor's mouths fell open.

"Holy crap!" Taylor and Tristan yelled

I went over to Tristan and kissed him.

"Welcome home baby," I greeted as we pulled away

"Welcome home kid," I hugged Taylor

"Y'all did this?" Tristan asked

"Yeah, with a little help from these three." I gestured to the three guys next to him who have childlike grins on their faces

"You guys rock." Taylor stated

A little over a week later….


"Ryan! Come on!" I yelled, banging on his door

I decided when Daddy told us how he and Mama met, that I was going to be Cleopatra.

Ryan wouldn't tell me what he was going as for Halloween.

We're about to take Taylor trick or treating and Ryan is still getting ready.

"I'm coming! Hold your dang horses!" Ryan yelled

Ryan opened his door and asked,

"How do I look Cleo?"

My mouth dropped.

I started to giggle as I said,

"Great, Elvis."

"Hey, little Bo peep! It's time to go!" I yelled

Taylor emerged from her room in her cute little Bo peep costume.

"Come on! Let's go get candy!" Taylor rushed

One week later….

Wednesday, November seventh.

"Come on Brandon; let me see where we are!" Taylor exclaimed

Right now, we are in front of Levi's Bar and Grill. Brandon and Carson are going to propose tonight.

Brandon uncovered Taylor's eyes and she gasped.

"Brandon, sweetie, how can you afford this?" Taylor, who has gotten quite big since her first ultrasound, asked

"Carson helped me," Brandon smiled

We entered the restaurant and Taylor gaped.

"The whole family is here?" Tears started filling Taylor's eyes

"Yes they are." Brandon grinned as he led he fiancé-to-be to the table

After about fifteen minutes of eating and listening to music, the lead singer said,

"My cousins are in the audience tonight and so is their girlfriend's,"

"They both were telling me how much they were in love with their girlfriend's, I found it absolutely adorable." The lead singer smiled

"Carson and Brandon, please come up with your girlfriend's." The lead singer told them

I looked at Brooke and Taylor.

Their mouths are wide open.

Brooke, Carson, Brandon, and Taylor all went up on stage.

"Here you go cuz," The lead singer hand Brandon and Carson each a microphone

"Brooke," Carson started

"Taylor," Brandon smiled

"I want to start out with, I love you baby," Carson told Brooke

"You mean the world to me Taylor," Brandon looked Taylor in the eyes

"I can't imagine life without you," Carson said

"I would die if I didn't have you," I could've sworn I just saw tears fall from Brandon's eyes

Brandon and Carson looked at each other and smiled.

"It gives me great honor to ask this," Brandon and Carson said in unison

"Brooke," "Taylor," "Will you marry me?" Brandon and Carson asked

Taylor and Brooke gasped as they said,

"Yes of course I will marry you!"

Two weeks later….


"Dinner is served." I said, putting the turkey on the table

Today is Thanksgiving Day, I moved in with Tristan about a week ago, everyone is over at our house to eat.

"As Mama would say, Ryan you say the Thanksgiving prayer." I smiled

We all held hands; Ryan took a deep breath as we bowed our heads and closed our eyes.

"God, we thank you for all the great things in our lives, for our families and friends that is gathered around the table today, for Brooke and Taylor's baby or babies, and for this food that is hopefully edible. Amen," Ryan said

"Mean," I stated

"Just eat." Ryan stuck his tongue out at me

One month later….


"Mistletoe!" Taylor exclaimed

"Come here you." Tristan growled

Tristan pulled me to him and kissed me passionately.

"I love you," I told him

"I love you too," Tristan kissed my lips lightly

"Alright guys! It's present time!" Daddy yelled

Everyone gathered in the living room around the Christmas tree.

"I want to go first!" Ryan exclaimed

Ryan went over and grabbed a whole bunch of presents.

"Alright, this one is for Steph," Ryan handed me a big box

"Dang Ryan, this is heavy." I giggled

"Just open it," Ryan rushed

I peeled off the wrapping paper and gasped.

"Ryan, how could you afford this? It's huge!" I exclaimed

"I've saved up all this year, and I know how you are with your computer." Ryan said

"It's a seventeen inch red laptop!" I replied, smiling big

"Thank you so much Ryan, I love it." I told him

"You're welcome Steph," Ryan smiled

"Alright, Tristan my man!" Ryan exclaimed, handing Tristan a long medium sized box

Tristan unwrapped the box to reveal a hunting rifle.

"Y'all better be protected when you use those things." I glared at Ryan

"We will be Steph, don't you worry." Tristan winked at me

"Thanks Ryan," Tristan laughed "Although, I don't think Stephanie likes this." Tristan gestured to the gun

Ryan laughed.

"Here you go, Dad." Ryan handed Daddy a box like he just handed Tristan

I sighed.

"Thank you Ryan," Daddy smiled

"Taylor, my little sister," Ryan chuckled as he handed her a pretty bag with tissue paper in it

Taylor dug around in it and squealed.

"Thank you Ryan!" Taylor yelled, hugging him

"What did you get Tay?" I asked

"A credit card! With three hundred dollars on it!" Taylor squealed

"You're welcome Taylor," Ryan laughed

About thirty minutes passed, everyone had passed out gifts.

"I have one more present!" Ryan exclaimed

"Paige, my love, please join me near the Christmas tree," Ryan smiled

Ryan took Paige's hands and started talking.

"Paige, the last couple months have been the best of my life. I've gotten to spend time and know the real you, including your tattoos." Ryan smiled

Paige showed everyone her tattoos about two weeks after everyone got out of the hospital.

"I have spent hours on end thinking of how to ask this; finally a week ago it hit me. The perfect time to ask," Ryan looked into Paige's eyes

Ryan let go of Paige's hands and got a small box out of his back pocket.

Ryan knelt down on one knee and opened the box as he said,

"Paige, will you marry me?"

Paige gasped.

"Yes of course I will marry you!" Paige exclaimed

Ryan slid the ring on Paige's finger, got off his knee and kissed her.

Six days later…..

New Year's Eve.

"Five minutes!" Taylor yelled

"Come on guys!" I yelled

Everyone gathered in the living room around the T.V. Waiting for the New Year to come.

Tristan was holding my hand, waiting impatiently.

I looked at him and smiled.

"Two minutes!" Brooke exclaimed

I looked over at her and Carson; he's holding her hand like Tristan is holding mine.

I took a glance at Ryan and Paige; he's holding her hand like it too.

I looked and saw Brandon holding Taylor's hand like that too.

What's going on?

"Five, four, three, two, one Happy New Year!" We all yelled

Tristan turned to me and said,

"Happy New Year baby,"

Tristan kissed me.

We pulled away and saw the other guys kissing their fiancé's.

"Y'all planed this didn't you?" I asked Tristan

"Yeah," Tristan smirked

"I love you," I told him

"I love you too," Tristan smiled

Tristan cupped his hands around my neck and kissed me passionately.

I wish he knew.

Two weeks later….

Tuesday, January fifteenth. My birthday.

"Come on Ryan, where are we?" I asked

Ryan has me blindfolded, taking me only God knows where.

"Okay, take off the blindfold." Ryan told me

I slipped off the blindfold.

"Surprise!" Everyone yelled

I gaped.

Tristan came over and kissed me.

"Happy birthday baby," Tristan looked into my eyes

"Thank you," I hugged him

We pulled away, I turned to Ryan.

"You knew about this?" I asked

Ryan nodded.

I hugged him.

"Happy birthday Steph," Ryan smiled

"It was Tristan's idea!" Brooke exclaimed

I looked at Tristan.

"This was your idea?" I questioned

Tristan smiled and nodded.

"I love you," I told him

"I love you too, sweetheart," Tristan said

One month later….

Monday, February eighteenth. Tristan, Ryan, and Carson's departure day.

"I don't want you togo." I told Tristan in tears, hugging him

"I know baby, I know." Tristan rubbed my back

"Are you going to keep your promise?" I asked

"Of course I'm keeping my promise." Tristan replied

"Look at me Steph," Tristan said

I looked at him.

"I've wanted to ask you this for a long time." Tristan admitted

Tristan pulled something out from his back pocket.

Tristan knelt down on one knee, my hand firmly in his grip.

"Stephanie, will you marry me?" Tristan asked

I smiled.

"Yes!" I yelled "Yes of course I'll marry you!" I exclaimed

Tristan slid the ring on my finger, got off of his knee and kissed me.

"I love you," I smiled through tears of joy

"I love you too," Tristan smiled

"Now go hug your brother," Tristan commanded

"Before I do I have to tell you something first," I told him

"What is that?" Tristan questioned

"Baby," I started "I'm pregnant," I said, scared of his reaction

Tristan gaped for a moment.

"That's wonderful!" Tristan exclaimed

Tristan picked me up spinning me around, kissing me and grabbing my butt.

Tristan put me down and hugged me tightly.

"I love you," Tristan said excitedly

"I love you too," I hugged him

"Go hug your brother." Tristan demanded

"You better keep your promise. If you die, I will kill you." I glared

"That makes no sense," Tristan looked confused

"I don't make sense," I laughed

I walked over to Ryan and hugged him tightly.

"I'm gonna be okay Steph," Ryan told me

"Just know if you die, I will kill you." I told him the exact same thing I told Tristan

"I'm scared now." Ryan laughed

"I love you Ryan," I said, hugging him tighter

"I love you to Steph," Ryan replied

"The plane is boarding!" Someone yelled

"I've got to go." Ryan told me

"Be careful," I commanded

"I will." Ryan smiled as he saluted me

I saluted.

I ran over and hugged Tristan tightly.

"Be careful!" I told him

"Don't worry, I'll be okay." Tristan kissed me "I love you." Tristan said

"I love you too," I said as he boarded the plane


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