Chapter Seven: You Will Pay For This.

I looked up from my sitting position to see my exboyfriend Spencer.

"Spencer," I breathed

I stood up as Spencer said,


He looks like he's shocked

"What are you doing here?" I spat

"I heard about Tristan and Taylor." Spencer explained

Spencer and Austin are brothers. I was with Spencer before I was with Austin. I would still be with Spencer today if it weren't for Austin. I remember the day that Spencer nearly ended my life, that was also the day Austin and me got together.

Five years earlier!

I had just turned fifteen and Austin was about to turn sixteen. Spencer was an abusive boyfriend; if he had failed a test or missed a pass in a football game, he would hit me for it. I had grown sick of it and went to Austin for help; he helped me break up with him. I was skeptical about breaking up with him but, Austin convinced me he would protect me.

After I broke up with Spencer; Austin and I started walking in the park.

"Thank you for helping me, Austin." I smiled at him

"It's no problem Steph, in fact I like being your hero." Austin looked down at me

"Stephanie, I know you probably don't want to be in a relationship right now but…." Austin trailed off

"Are you asking me out?" I asked

Austin looked towards the ground and shut his eyes tightly.

"I love you," Austin stated

"You do?" I questioned

Austin opened his eyes and looked at me.

"Yes," Austin said

I wrapped my arms around his neck and put my lips to his.

Austin immediately reacted and started kissing me back.

I felt a hand go around my throat.

Austin's hands were on my waist.

"So this is why you broke up with me, you little whore." Spencer whispered harshly in my ear

I felt a sharp pain in my back.

Spencer let go of my throat and I heard him run off.

I pulled away from Austin and saw that Spencer stabbed me.

"Austin," I started to cry as I looked at him

"H-H-He," I started coughing "Stabbed m-m-m-me," I started to fall but Austin caught me

"Come on let's get you to the hospital." Austin said as he started to carry me to his car

I slowly started closing my eyes, the world getting darker and darker by the second.

"You can make it baby," I heard Austin's voice as everything went dark

The next thing I knew, I was in a hospital bed listening to the heart monitor steadily go at a slow pace.

The doctors told me I was lucky because if Spencer had stabbed an inch over he would have hit a major artery and I would be dead.

End of flashback!

I pressed charges on Spencer. He was charged with attempted murder, he got six years because they did not have enough evidence. He is probably on parole.

"You may be Tristan's friend but just know this; I'm not scared of you anymore. In fact if Tristan knew what you did he'd beat the living daylights out of you and I'd let him." I got right up in his face

"Yeah right! You and Tristan hate each other!" Spencer exclaimed

"Austin didn't tell you did he?" I questioned, a smirk slowly appearing on my face

"Tell me what?" Spencer asked

"That Tristan and I are crazy about each other. How I broke up with Austin, you know details that brothers usually tell each other." I said

"You little-"Spencer started to yell but I cut him off

"Uh, uh, uh," I waved my finger side to side with each word

"Wouldn't want to upset your parole officer now would you?" I questioned deviously

"Well I guess I'll see you later Steph," Spencer said through his teeth

I can tell he is angry.

"Just gonna give you a hug first." Spencer commented as he hugged me forcefully

"Just so you know, you little slut, you will pay for this." He whispered harshly in my ear

My eyes widened.

Spencer pulled away; smiling like nothing had just happened, while I stood there with a scared expression on my face.

"So much for not being scared eh, Steph?" Spencer asked as he walked away

"Yeah, so much for that," I whispered

I regained my composure and walked back into the waiting room.

I sat down next to Nicole. I saw that both Ryan and Paige are asleep next to each other, as are Isabella and Michael. Brooke, Matt, and Dad are nowhere to be found though.

"Nicole, where are Brooke, Matt, and my Dad?" I asked

"Brooke and Matt are with Taylor and your Dad never came back to his seat after he went to see your stepmom," Nicole explained

"Oh," I responded

"What happened?" Nicole asked

"Nothing," I lied

"You know I'm like Tristan, I can see right through people when they lie. Now tell me the truth, what happened?" Nicole saw right through me

"Do you know who Spencer is?" I asked

"Austin's brother who went to jail for stabbing you." Nicole said it as if it were the most obvious thing in the world

My mouth dropped.

"How did you know that?" I asked

"Austin." Nicole stated

"He didn't tell Tristan did he?" I questioned

"Do you think if either of us told him that Spencer would be alive right now?" Nicole asked

"Good point." I told her

"So what happened with Spencer?" Nicole questioned

"He's out of jail." I said

"Parole?" Nicole asked

"Yeah," I nodded

"He came here," I explained shortly

"What happened?" Nicole wondered

"He saw me and I told him that I broke up with Austin for Tristan and when I did, he started to yell but I stopped him and he hugged me and…." I trailed off

"And?" Nicole said

"He c-c-called me a s-s-slut and t-t-told me I would p-p-p-pay," I stuttered as I started to cry

Nicole wrapped her arms around me and said,

"It's gonna be okay. Just don't go anywhere without someone else okay?"

I nodded.

"Now sit up and wipe away your tears everything will be okay," Nicole told me

I sat up and started wiping away my tears as Brooke and Matt came out.

"Hey Steph, wanna go see Taylor?" Brooke asked

"Sure." I smiled

Brooke and I walked back to Taylor's room where she is laying on the bed. Hmm… I can see her baby bump.

I sat down next to her and said,

"Are you okay Taylor?"

"I told you I'm fine." Taylor smiled

"Good," I said

"Brooke can you give us a minute?" Taylor asked

"Sure," Brooke replied as she walked out

"Do you want to know who ran into Tristan and me?" Taylor questioned

I nodded.

"It was Austin," Taylor explained

"That little-"I started but Taylor cut me off

"Calm down. You'll never guess who I saw with him," Taylor told me

"Spencer," I said

Taylor's jaw dropped.

"How did you?" She asked

"I ran into him in the hallway and when I told him Tristan and me are together he called me a slut and told me I would pay," I explained to her

"Don't go anywhere alone." Taylor said

"I won't. Nicole has already told me not to," I smiled slightly

"Good." Taylor stated

"Hey guys I got us some coffee and chips!" Brooke exclaimed as she walked back in the room

"I can't drink coffee I'm pregnant," Taylor laughed

"That is why I got you a sprite little miss," Brooke giggled

"Where is my girlfriend?" Someone yelled

"Brandon?" Taylor looked shocked

"I demand to know what room my girlfriend is in! She has been in a serious car accident!" Brandon yelled

"I'll be right back." I laughed

I walked out and saw Brandon trying to get through the medical staff.

"Brandon!" I yelled

"Stephanie?" Brandon looked confused

"I'm sorry Sir; we can only allow family back." A member of the medical staff told Brandon

I ran over to Brandon, stood next to him and said,

"He means fiancé. He is so used to saying girlfriend he is my little sister's fiancé please let him come back," I explained

"He's your sister's fiancé?" The member asked me

"Yes. Now can he please come back?" I questioned

"Fine, he can go back." The member said

"Come on Brandon!" I yelled

Brandon and I nearly ran back to Taylor's room.

"Brandon!" Taylor exclaimed, scooting up in her bed

"Taylor!" Brandon yelled as he hugged her

"You scared me." Brandon kissed her

"I'm okay Brandon," Taylor said as they pulled away

"Don't ever do that again okay? I couldn't bear the thought of losing you." Brandon asked as he sat down next to her

"Brandon, I'm okay, really." Taylor smiled

"Baby, can I tell you something?" Taylor asked Brandon

"Of course Honey, you can tell me anything." Brandon told her

"Brandon, I'm pregnant." Taylor stated

"You're pregnant?" Brandon asked a small smile appearing on his face

"Yes," Taylor said

"I'm gonna be a Dad?" Brandon questioned, tears visible in his eyes

"Yeah, and I'm gonna be a Mom." Taylor grinned

"This is wonderful!" Brandon exclaimed as he hugged Taylor once again

They pulled away as I said,

"Brandon, can I speak to you for a moment?"

"Sure," Brandon said as he stood up and followed me out into the hall

"What's on your mind Steph?" Brandon asked

"Are you going to marry Taylor?" I questioned

"Yes, I've already got an idea on how to propose." Brandon smiled

"How?" I asked

"I want to take both of our families out for dinner at this fancy restaurant where they play live music. I know a few people that can hook me up, I will ask her Dad before I do so if I can marry her and I'm hoping he says 'yes' because I truly love her and I was actually planning this before I found out she was pregnant." Brandon rambled

"Are you in love with her?" I questioned

"Yes." Brandon replied

"I was wrong about you Brandon. You're a sweet kid." I told him

"Thank you Steph," Brandon grinned

"I can guarantee that my Dad will let you marry her." I said

"Really?" Brandon asked

"Yeah," I smiled at his eagerness

"Anyway I'll propose on stage to Taylor." Brandon explained

"That is adorable!" I exclaimed

Brandon just smiled and walked back into the room with me right behind him.

"I'll see you later Taylor," I said as I hugged her

"Bye sis," Taylor said as we pulled away

Brooke hugged Taylor and we started walking back to the waiting room.

"I've got to go. Tell Dad and the guys that I love him and I'll see them tomorrow." Brooke explained

"Okay, I'll see you later." I said as I hugged Brooke

After we pulled away, I walked back to the waiting room and sat next to Nicole.

"Any news on Tristan?" I asked

"He's out of surgery and he's doing fine." Nicole smiled slightly

"Good," I said

A few minutes passed when my stomach growled.

"Hey I'm gonna go out to my brothers car to get my purse real quick." I told Nicole

"I'll come with you," Nicole replied, standing up

We walked out to Matt's car together.

Once we got to his car, I opened the door and started looking for my purse.

"I know it's in here somewhere." I said to Nicole

"Stephanie," Nicole sounds like she is frightened

"What?" I asked

Nicole started tapping my shoulder repeatedly.

I stood up straight from my bent over position and looked at Nicole.

I was just about to say something when Austin grabbed Nicole's arms.

"Let her go!" I yelled

I started trying to pry his hands off Nicole.

Suddenly someone closed the car door behind me.

I started to turn around when someone slammed me face first into the car.

I screamed.

"I told you that you would pay you little slut!" Spencer whispered harshly in my ear

Spencer covered my mouth with a piece of duct tape and started tying my hands behind my back.

I looked over slightly at Nicole and saw Austin doing the same to her.

"Let us-"Nicole started to scream but Austin put the duct tape over her mouth

After Austin and Spencer tied our hands behind our backs, Austin grabbed Nicole's and my shirt and started dragging us towards a car.

"Put them in the back seat." Spencer commanded

Austin threw Nicole and me in the back seat and slid in the front.

"Now it's time for payback." Spencer commented evilly as he started the car

This isn't good!

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