The Adventures of Meg and Me:


"What should we do today Meg?" I asked.

"Let's play a new game Gabrielle," she said, "It's called Indians." Meg would know, she is half Crow Indian. She goes to her dad's every summer to the big powwow.

"How do we play?"

"First we pick names, I will be Anoxoonamoon and it will mean runs-with-wolves." She said proudly.

"Hmm…I will be Keyanasta and it will mean princess-of-the-stars."

"Angela, Jade, and Tanner will want to play." Tanner was Meg's younger brother and Angela and Jade were my little sisters.

"They can be the captors!"


"Yes, we will have powers that happen at night. I will turn into a wolf and you will become a star in the sky. But one morning we wake up and we were captured by circus people."

"Okay." We explained the game to the others and began to play.

We woke up with our wrists bound and we were tied to horses not our own.

"Anoxoonamoon what's going on?" I asked but she didn't answer.

"Be quiet!" and angry voice yelled.

"Who are you?"

"Hush sister!" Anoxoonamoon said. So I was silent. I soon learned that we had been captured by two women who could speak our language and a man who could not.

"Our father , the chief, will not allow this!" I said.

"Be silent girl." The older of the two women said. They were taking us towards a large tent. They said we were to learn 3 things; English, manners, and a routine. They tied us to a tree and the two women would say something in our language then in English to try to teach us. When we didn't repeat it they hit us. At sunset we were put in a tent guarded by the man and two others.

"We must escape." Anoxoonamoon said.


"I as a wolf and you as a star. When the moon comes up you will become a star and burn a hole in the tent so we can escape and lead us home.

"Okay." We escaped, scaring the men and women of the circus and ran home as fast as we could. We were greeted by many happy faces and a great feast.

"That was a fun game Meg." She smiled and we ran back to the house for supper, done playing until tomorrow.