Memories of death


There was no answer from the other line.

"Who is this on the phone?"

"Your pain…"

"Is this some kind of a prank or somethin'?"


"Then step out of it Bryan!"

There was a laugh on the other line. I knew it. It was Bryan all along. He used to play pranks to me all the time, even though I'm his best friend.

"6 pm later ok? Don't be late!", Bryan snorted.

"Alright. But where are you exactly taking me?", I blurted.

"It's a secret. Bye!"

"Wait!", I tried to stop him but I was too late.

That's Bryan for you. I don't know how I became his best friend. Bryan is what you can call him – A Weird Clown. You can't call him normal. Oh no. But there's something about him that I really wanted to have. A NORMAL LIFE. Yeah.. I don't have one. Well it's not really about my Family or my state in my life, neither because of what I look.

It's just… Sometimes I can feel like something bad has happened to me back then.. But I can't remember. I can see ghosts and apparitions. I never got hurt when I got scars or injuries. I can see everything behind me like I have a pair of eyes on my back. I can hear noises from afar.

Weird, huh? It's okay. I consider myself as one anyways.

I tried asking my parents about my past. But all they answer is – "You don't have to remember anything" – and all I can always answer was – "Okaaaayyy.." –

Why can't I remember anything from my past..? Amnesia? I don't think so. If it's amnesia there should've been someone who knew me when before. But no, I waited for them.. for people who can tell me who I really am.. But no one came. That was when I met Bryan.

I know my parents were trying to hide something from me.. but no secrets are kept hidden forever. One day.. I know I can uncover the truth about myself…. For now, I have to wait.

Chapter 1

~~~- a piece of the past -

It was almost 5:30 PM when I finished all of my Home works from school. I looked at the clock and remembered that Bryan will fetch me in about 30 minutes. I rushed on my closet to find some suitable clothing for hanging out.

I really don't know what to wear. Bryan didn't say anything about the place we're going (I have a bad feeling about that) so I decided to wear casual clothing.

I was going through my closet when I suddenly felt something hard touched my hand. I was curious of what was it so I crumbled some of my clothes out.


I grab the small hard thing. I was slowly opening my hand when a tiny flash of light came out of it. It grew bigger and bigger as I open my hand halfway through.

What could this thing be? Why is it glowing..? I'm going to open my hand all the way through on the count of three…




"Kyle, Bryan is here!"

I threw the glittering stone. The voice of my mom surprised me. I tried to catch the thing as it went through the air. A slow motion occurred. My eyes were clearly focused on the stone. I caught it with both of my hands when the door burst and Bryan's voice came over.

"C'mon Dude!"

For the second time.. The stone slipped out of my hands and all I can do was to stare at it as it slide across the room and.. SHOOT! It went under my bed!

"uh… Kyle..? What exactly are you doing?", Bryan burst out laughing.

I was in my most embarrassing post.

"Bryan, you jerk!", I shouted.

"… and Why exactly?", He said with a smile on his face.

"Uhh! I was so close!", I put on my trying hard face.

"What do you mean so close?"

"Nothing never mind that..", I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever you're doing I'll help you out later, okay?", Bryan laughed," For now you must accompany me."

"Tell me where and I'll go with you."

"You'll know it when we get there.", He snorted, "Believe me it'll be fun!"

"Aright alright! But please knock on the door next time before coming in.", I Got up on my feet.

"I don't need to.", He whispered with a big evil smile.

I looked at him confused, "… and whyyyy?"

"…Because I'm your best friend!"

I was surprised when he suddenly jumped at me and knocked me down the floor.

"Bryan! Hey wait! Let go!", I screamed as he started breaking my bones.

He responded with a laugh.

"You freak!", I screamed at him once more.

"..The time dude! ..The time!", Bryan stopped.

"We're gonna be late!", He let go of my arms and stood up really fast then he waved his hand on my head and said, "C'mon I'll help you up whimp!"


"So this is what you meant by FUN?", I jotted.

We were standing in front of a two storey abandoned house just a few miles from my own. I get it now. He invited me to come with him because he wants to go Ghost Hunting. Remember when I told you that I can see ghosts? Well obviously he knows all of my secrets.

"We'll enter when you're ready.", Bryan whispered as his eyes were seemed to be hypnotized by the abandoned house in front of us.

" what the heck?", I gave him a forceful look.

"What? This is the perfect place to harness your power!", a smile glinted across his face.

"Harness my- what?," I stumbled in front of him, "I don't have any power!"

"No! You can see ghosts right? You can even see from your back!", He held my shoulders with both of his hands and started shaking it.

"I can! I can! But.. you can't just proclaim it as a power or anything!", I broke free from his grasp.

"If it wasn't some kind of a power.. then what can you call it?", He shouted.

"You planned this for your own good right?" I looked at his eyes.

There was a minute of silence as our eyes tented to meet each other but Bryan's eyes continued to jerk off from my gaze.

"Alright! You got me!", He yelled with his hands on his head.

"That's it! I'm going home!", I blurted out.

I walked away from Bryan. Bye bye Bryan!

"No! Please just this one night! Please!", He hugged my left foot with both of his hands tightly.

"No.", was my response as I struggle to break free.

"Please.. I'll never bug you about this anymore! Please!", He shouted.

"Are you sure?", I smiled.

"Yes! Please!", He looked at me.

"Okay.. but only this time.", I sighed.

"Kyle! You are one good fella!", He broke free from my legs, stood up, and held my face, "Here, let me kiss you! Muuuuuaaaaaaa!"

"Gross! Get away!", I struggled.

"Okay, if you say so!", he muttered.

He took a 360 jump and faced the house once more.

"The Ghost Hunting Begins..", He pointed his finger at the house, "..Now!"


There was a loud creak when I pushed the large barred door. It was heavy as expected. But it was only I who pushed it. Bryan didn't even help a bit.

I entered the house first while Bryan is cowering on my back. A sudden cold air passes along my body and it made the hairs on my skin rise. I looked around. I can't see anything at first but after a second or two my eyes adjusted itself on the darkness to make me see.

There was nothing inside. There were only webs and pure dusts. It was only a four-pointed room, like a big square which has a staircase at one of the side.

"Would you mind if I borrow a flashlight..?", I said without turning back.

But there was no response from him.

"Bryan? So you're scared now?", I joked.

"I-I-I have no f-flashlight…", He murmured.

"Cool. Good thing there's moonlight coming from the windows…", I rolled my eyes.

"S-so…can you see anything..?"


You can't expect Bryan to enjoy this. I thought he said this will be fun? How can it be fun when he's cowering in my back with his eyes closed? Now I know his weakness – The Darkness.

"R-really?", He asked.

"Spider webs, the floor, the Ceiling.", A tiny smile glinted on my face.

"S-stop joking around!..", He shouted, "I mean ghosts!"

"Come on let's check the second floor.", I nudged him.

"O-okay.. You go first.", He ordered.

"Alright, your majesty!"

Alright! Let's check the second floor! This excites me a little! I think I'm the one who's having fun now. Wait. Did Bryan really know what would I like..? I think so. Because ever since we became friends he knew that I love seeing ghosts. It's not creepy to me anymore since I can see them almost every day on the streets, especially on our school. I can even communicate with them.

Even though Bryan knew I would back out from the start, he knew that I will still enjoy it once we're inside, and for that, Thank you Buddy!

There was nothing really unusual about the second floor. It was almost like the first one but I can feel something strange when I first stepped on it. There was something that seems to be pulling me closer… and closer… But there was nothing.

It was like I was being hypnotized. The wall seemed to be clenching me… My head hurts every step I take. The pain started to grow…. It made it to the point that I stopped from walking and kneeled at the ground.

My knees growled as soon as it landed on the dusty floor. I place both of my hands on my head as I scream in agony.

"Kyle! Kyle! What's happening to you!," Bryan panicked, "KYLE? KYLE!"

"Pain! Auuugghh! There's.. so much.. pain.. in my.. Head…", I continued to rub the top of my head with my hands.

"Why is this happening! Is it because of this house?", Bryan shouted back. He helped me to stand by pulling up my shoulders.

I was halfway through my feet when I collapse at the floor. Something was pulling me down… It's breaking my Head! I can't take it!

"Kyle! I'll carry you!", Bryan shouted.

"Gaaaahhh! Help me! It's breaking meeeee!", I Screamed at the top of my lungs.

"Hold on!"

Then it was completely white. The pain is gone… There's nothing around me.. There's nothing except for endless whiteness.. It was like I was in an endless room..

Then images started to play on my mind.. I don't know any of it.. But I felt like it was hiding inside my brain… like it didn't want me to remember anything… Hidden Memories of.. my past..

There were people around me… People who are wearing white robes.. Someone was sleeping on a bed.. But I couldn't see it's face.. even the people wearing white robes.. all of them… They have a blurred face. They were doing something at the sleeping man.

The place looks like some kind of a small house. There were computers everywhere I look. Machines that I don't even know. The bed where the man was sleeping was full of wires attached to it.

It was like a hospital… but it's kinda different… I can't even move, like the only part of me was my eyes..

After a few seconds of silence, my vision started to fade… until it was only black…

After that, I lost my consciousness.

... to be continued ...