And well,

Fuck, I'm here again

I'll just never GIVE IN

Living in so much fear

I shouldn't feel this much fear

But you bring me here AGAIN AND AGAIN

This disease I cannot fucking shake

If only I'd really want to be rid of it

But it has to be so TEMPTING

But never enough to get through me,

Are You?

It just can't fucking WIN

Take control already!

Do what you will -

All you ever do is TAUNT ME

But shit,

I hate this! It's has to end

But that's the HELL of it

It might never end

Don't you see that's what destroys me?

We can keep this stupid GAME up forever

How much time I've wasted for you!

How much time I'd love to waste for you...

Enough to degrade myself to BEGGING

Well, you haven't won yet

Please oh god please why can't you win

And I'll never fucking let you win

I know you can, for once let me feel something real

If I wanted, I could destroy you in a heartbeat

We'd really be one that way

You'd better give up, because I'll never stop fighting you

You'd better take control, because this fight has exhausted me

I'm the god you can never be