author note: soo, i know that this "smut" like story isnt as good as I wished to make it, buuuuut with my fiancee reading over my shoulder and giving me odd looks, I kind of had to "fix" it up a bit. So, sorry for not enough detail :l but hopefully it will still satisfy your naughty curiosity :P

Rain pounded upon the windows, creating a deafining rhythm all around the house. Thunder struck a couple miles away and lightning lit the dark room with purple light. She woke from her deep sleep with a sigh, hating the storm for taking away the sweet dream of her older sisters boyfriend. Ooh, the dreams she had about him, she thought, her body tingling with the recent naughty dream of the sexy, masculine man.

Laura played with a lock of her brown hair, staring up at the ceiling. Max was tall and slim, his hair dark and his skin pale, rippling with tight muscles beneath his flesh. She shuddered with lust. She felt no guilt as she lay alone many nights, masturbating to the image of his naked body. Oh, what she would do to get some of that. With that thought she giggled and bit her lip.

Then she remembered, just half an hour before she fell asleep, she heard them fighting downstairs, heard her sister yell profanity and stomp her way out of the house, the door slamming harshly behind her. Laura quickly looked at the alarm clock resting on the night stand beside the bed.


Its only been 40 minutes, she thought quickly, rising out of bed and stripping off her pajama pants and tank top. She rummaged through the top drawer of her dresser, letting out an "ahhh" when she found her sexy black lace nighty. Slipping it on over her curvy body, she grew wet just thinking about what was going to happen. Throwing a robe on, she composed herself, and walked downstairs, the thrill rising when she found him sitting on the couch in his boxers and a white tank, his hair ruffled.

Max looked up when she came down the stairs, a slight gleam brightened his eyes. "What are you doing up so early?"

She gave a casual shrug, "I thought I'd come see if your ok."

"Oh," he emptied the beer bottle and set it on the coffee table. "Who cares? People fight."

"Do you know when she'll be back?" Laura grew closer toying with her sash.

"Knowing her, not until tomorrow night. Probably going off to screw her lover." His voice was full of spite.

Shock left her speechless for a moment, "I- I didnt realize she cheated on you."

"She doesnt know I know," he looked up at her, his eyes analizing, then widening. "What are you really doing down here."

Laura heard the demand in his voice, and knew he knew now what she was up to. What she wanted. She crossed the room to stand in front of him, his legs opening to let her stand between them. She noticed his eyes darken and felt another shiver of lust consume her body. "I want you..." she murmured, "Do you want me?"

His large hands ran up her smooth legs slowly, climbing beneath the robe, clenching onto her hips. He pulled her down on top of him, their lips locking. She kissed him deeply, her arms snaking around his neck, becoming wetter at his low moan. He tore open her robe, throwing it aside, and gave a lustful kiss to the tops of each breasts. Laura felt him grow hard, and she desperately reached into his shorts, her hand grasping his thick cock.

As his hands groped her breasts, she impaled herself on him, a delightful sigh escaping her lips, and she threw back her head, her hips undulating upon him. Max groaned and closed his eyes, head resting on the back of the couch, hands on her hips to make her grind on him faster and harder. Her nipples grew hard as the pleasure wracked her body in wave after wave, her orgasm coming soon. She leaned forward and grabbed his shoulders, using the momentum to allow him deeper penetration, and just as she thought it wouldnt come, Max forced her down upon him, thrusting hard and deep, and she let out a gasping cry of pleasure, her body nearly twitching as her orgasm washed over her. He groaned and shuddered, and she felt his warm liquids fill her.

They sat there for a moment, still together, trying to regain a complete thought. She gave him a coy and climbed off him. He stood and with a grin, squeezed her butt and headed upstairs. Just as she was trying to figure out what that was about, his voice floated down the stairs, "Why dont you and I clean off now?"

The shower turned on.

Laura bit her lip and headed upstairs, her naughtiest fantasies coming true.