The keep doors were barely holding on at this point. Every few seconds another loud bang would crash into them as the mob outside made another attempt to break them down. The king's few remaining soldiers, about twenty of them, were in a panicked state, attempting to hold the doors steady at all costs. They knew that if those doors opened, the peasants outside would tear them to pieces, perhaps literally.

"Captain!" one of the younger officers shouted. The man he was attempting to get the attention of was Captain Lazar. The old, rugged looking veteran of the Royal Guard. Lazar looked to the younger man, the grim realization of his coming death on his face. "Captain, why... Why don't we just give up? We've got no hope of holding out... We're the last ones left. There is no ba-" he started to say. Before he could finish his sentence Lazar had driven a short sword through the man's throat.

"Treason will get you the same fate, men! If anyone else would like to give up, speak up now! You wont get many more chances!" he said. Some of the men had paused for a moment to watch, but quickly returned to their task of bracing the door. They knew they would not hold it for long.

Meanwhile, in one of the hidden rooms of the keep, the young Royals had hidden themselves away. Over the past few months, revolution had been sweeping the kingdom. Town after town fell to the rebellion. The capital was the last remaining stronghold under the King's control, and now that had been lost. It was over for the Royal family, and they knew that time was short.

Unfortunately, the Royal Family had been dwindled down to two. Ralda and his wife Kejla. The two had previously been a prince and princess of little importance, other than their positions in the line of succession. As the rebellion grew, the previous Kings had been forced to go and meet the rebels on the battlefield, each one ultimately losing their lives.

Ralda paced back and forth nervously, occasionally glancing at his lovely Queen, softly sobbing where she sat. "Its over... We have nothing left..." she sobbed.

"My father's father's father's kingdom.. It's gone." he said. "And we're going to be killed in a matter of minutes, if we're lucky. Hours if we aren't..." Ralda sighed, taking a seat next to his wife. He put his arm around her and softly held her head against his chest, trying to comfort the young woman.. "Shh, its.. Its going to be alright. We can run... We can make it out of here alive.. I promise you..." he whispered.

The couple were both fairly young, barely in their twenties at this point. She was of average height, perhaps five foot six or five foot seven, with light brown hair that barely passed her shoulders. Her breasts weren't very notable, confined in the dress as they were, however they filled out nicely when in summer clothes or less. As most royals are, they was required to take fairly good care of herself for public appearances, and as a result, she had a very lithe body. The dress she wore complimented her supple heart shaped buttock nicely, making her quite the prize for the young King.

A clattering noise, accompanied by angered shouts, startled them. With haste Ralda dragged his wife from the ground, leading her to the center of the dimly lit room they were in. Reaching for a small, inconspicuous handle on the ground, a trap door was opened. He gently tucked her away underneath the floor, following shortly after.

Moments after the trap door was closed, the narrow door leading to the hidden chamber burst open. A young soldier, part of the royal guard, had a large gash on his forehead and was held from behind by a large man with a knife. The man wore traditional peasants garb with an orange piece of cloth tied around his arm, the 'uniform' of the rebellion.

"N-no! I swear, this is where they were hiding! Honest to the gods! P-please don't kill me!" he said, his voice panicked as the empty room was examined. The King and Queen, tucked under the floor boards, could only heard a gurgling noise and a crash to the floor as the former guard's throat was sliced open.

"Take whatever isn't nailed down, boys! And save the prettiest maiden for me! For liberty! For democracy! Death to the old order!" the large man shouted, thrusting his blade to the air. Footsteps could be heard running from the corridors outside into the rest of the keep. The room became silent once more.

The space under the floor was quite tight. The king's body pressed into the queen's firmly, their lips nearly touching. His arms had found themselves wrapped around her mid section, pulling her close. Despite the pressing situation, Ralda couldn't help his body's reaction to the close quarters. He felt a bulge beginning to form in his trousers, bumping against her pelvic area slightly. A soft gasp left her lips, which he quickly sealed with a short kiss.

"Quiet, my Queen... You don't want them to hear us, do you?" he whispered softly, a grin forming.

"R-Ralda... this.. isn't really the best time for this..." she whispered back, almost sobbing.

"And why not? If we're about to be burned to death, we might as well enjoy our last moments together." he said, a short, grim laugh following his words. She remained silent, but slowly began grinding her hips into him, his rock now pressing firmly against her.

His lips once again pressed into her, his hands moving up her dress, fingers hooking around the collar. Gently his hands pulled the top of the outfit, slowly sliding it down below her breasts. The cool air flowing against the now exposed globes of flesh hardened her pert nipples and caused a shiver to run up Kejla's spine. Ralda's lips left hers, leaving a trail of kisses down from her neck, across her collar bone, and finally to one of her erect nipples. The tongue lapping at her bosom elicited a groan from her, which she quickly stifled, clamping her teeth down on her tongue.

Her own hands were fast at work down below, pulling the hem of her dress, and the chemise below it, up above her waist, exposing her nethers to him. Her bare skin brushed against his bulging pants, a bit of her wetness glistening in the dim light. Once her clothes were secured above her waist, her hands set to work on his member. Her agile fingers quickly finished the job of undoing the leather belt and untying the straps holding the pants in place. Her hands almost acted on they own as they pulled the article down.

As soon as the member sprung out of the cloth prison a feminine hand wrapped around it, giving it a few short pumps. The tip nudged softly against the nub above her slit, leaking a small amount of his fluid onto her. The sensation produced a small groan from her that was soon silenced by Ralda's lips as they returned to hers.

His hips bucked slightly into her, sliding his member in between her legs, pushing the head slightly past her moist lips. Moaning into his lips, she looped her leg around his, pulling herself closer to him. His shaft continued to slide into her velvet depths, sending vibrations of pleasure up her spine. As her pelvis made contact with his, she wrapped her arms around him tightly. Tears slowly rolled down her face, though she hid them from view when she buried her face in his chest.

Slowly he began gyrating his hips, gently thrusting in and out of her, allowing her natural juices to provide lubricant. Steadily he worked his pace up until a steady rhythm was established. He could feel a slight damp spot forming on his shirt. He assumed it was from her teeth biting down on the cloth to suppress the pleasure she felt.

The two lovers wrestled beneath the floor boards for several minutes, the hustle and bustle going on outside distant and unconcerning. The heat rising in Kejla's abdomen was all that mattered to her, the constant, uncontrollable thrusting inciting a fire in her that she didn't often feel. The mix of emotions, the most prominent being terror at the situation and the comfort of her lover's embrace, was a powerful combination. The confusion this mixture caused brought her closer and closer to release.

Ralda felt himself nearing his climax as well, the now hot, humid air of the tight crawlspace adding to the excitement of the circumstances. Perhaps it was a result of his youth, but the prospect of his inevitable death in a matter of minutes was rather exciting to him.

Soon his thrusting became unbearable to Kejla, and her velvet walls clamped down on him, milking his shaft for all it had. The increased pressure cause Ralda to grunt slightly, but he continued thrusting for a moment, his pace staggering. In one last powerful thrust he buried himself deep inside of her, splashing wave after wave of his seed into her.

The panting couple lay together, bodies pressed in a jumbled, sweaty mess. After a few moments, Ralda chuckled a bit and rolled over, just in time to hear the door up top burst open. A familiar voice could be heard, out of breath and somewhat anxious.

"They've got to be around here somewhere... This is where we put them..." Captain Lazar said. Within seconds a pounding noise could be heard from the floor boards.

"Lazar! We're down here!" Ralda said. A moment later the discrete trap door popped open, and a sweaty Ralda climbed out, the flustered Kejla not far behind.

"My lord, my lady, time is short. The vagrants are ransacking the Keep at this very moment. Quickly, follow us." Lazar said, leaving the room. He had with him two other soldiers, beaten, bloody, and out of breath.

The procession moved swiftly through the corridors of the keep, once in pristine condition, now in a tattered, ruinous state. They encountered little resistance as they headed for one of the exits, a tunnel down to the city sewer system to freedom..