I stare at you, you stare at me,

Our eyes say what our mouths can't speak.

My heart aches, longing to cross the space

But I stand still, for I know my place.

Your gaze is cold, nothing I've known

I can't feel the love, nor the kindness you've shown

I watch you as you turn away

Into another's arms you stay.

I shudder, and hold in the burgeoning tears,

I won't let you see this, your decision is clear.

I square my shoulders, I hold my head high

And again I look you dead in the eye.

Your expression wavers, flicker of surprise

To see the determination in my eyes.

I now am the one to avert my gaze

You aren't worth the trouble, not one more day.

Now I've got the power, for as they all say,

"Unless you let them hurt you, you'll be okay."

AN: Not the best I've come up with, but I've been a little taken with AABB rhyme lately :) Please review, input is welcome!