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Chapter One: Fangirls/Gab

I had a belief that there are four people to love in one person's life: the greatest love, the true love, the first love and the right love. And I also believe that it is never the same person. You had to have a first love, the one who'd always have that special place in your heart. Then there has to be the greatest love, the one you love so much but you couldn't ever make to stay forever no matter how hard you try. Then comes Mr. Right, that guy who has met all of your standards, the perfect person but then again, you could have him but he wouldn't stay forever. Lastly, there's the true love. That one person who may not have met your standards, the one who may not have all those superb qualities, the one who isn't the first guy you'd meet, the one isn't the one you loved so much. I never really believed I would consider one guy all that until I found him.

"Hey, Gab, hurry up. We are gonna be late!" My best friend in the entire world, Isabel, nearly screamed at my ears. It was a good thing she did that because I was daydreaming again.

Right. I nearly forgot that today was the day we are gonna meet Joseph Adam Jonas, a.k.a., Isabel's first love, for the very first time. She's obviously just nervous and excited at the same time that's why she's so cranky today. See, we live in Narnia that's why an opportunity like this is something we should really grab without even thinking it through.

"GAAAAB!" She shouted again, making me jump off the bed.

I don't quite understand why she is so worried that we might be late for the mall show. I mean, no matter how late we'll be, we'd still have our seats. No matter how late we'd arrive, we'd still meet Joe. And why is that? See, Isabel's aunt married this guy who's related to the Jonas Brothers. It practically means that she's entitled to every awesome Jonas privilege: VIP passes, meet and greet passes, front row seats… you name it. She hasn't actually used a single of this advantage until now because, well, we live in Narnia, and they never came to Narnia. But that's all about to change today.

A month ago, I wasn't like this with the Jonas Brothers. Sure a year ago I would still be screaming when they're on my TV but in November, a new boyband, a British one, rose to fame and claimed my heart. I never got the chance to be immensely in love with the Jonas Brothers again. But today, February 25, everything is going to change.

Upon arriving at the mall where Mr. Jonas was having a show, Isabel and I were stunned at the number of people, mostly from the female species, filling out the covered concert area. Joe's songs were playing as well, setting the mood of the afternoon. Usually, Isabel and I would be automatically singing to the songs but right now we just stood outside the barred area, frozen, as the screen in front showed a picture of Joe. We couldn't move, for some reason I couldn't determine myself. My mind was screaming at all my nerves, willing them to move. It was commanding me to run to the dressing room behind the makeshift stage. But my body wasn't responding at all. It was glued to where I was now, so far away from Joe. A hundred meters lined with girls separating me from my brother-in-law. I believe the same things are going through Isabel's head.

"ISABEL!" I heard Isabel's aunt shout. If it weren't for her, we would be stuck there, outside the concert area. We would have completely forgotten we were supposed to be backstage. "Isabel! Come with me! Where have you been? Why are you so late? Aaaaackk. How are you gonna meet Joe if you're not early? Come on, hurry up! You've only got 10 minutes left before he performs onstage! Hurry!"

But we couldn't hurry up. We were still star-struck. Our lips were curled up into smiles. Our eyes dreaming. Our bodies paralyzed. Luckily, Isabel's aunt was with two bouncers; they dragged us backstage. I didn't even feel their hands pulling my arms. Were they even pulling me? Or were they carrying Isabel and me? I don't know. I don't know much at this moment. All I know is that, I feel like flying.

When we got to the backstage dressing room, I thought this star-struck feeling would simply go away. I thought I could calm myself because Joe is scared of screaming fangirls, which, by the way, is my normal identity. Isabel was beside me and I was glad she spoke. Because if she didn't, I wouldn't be able to talk at all when Joe's in front of me in a little while.

"Oh my, Gab, what do you think he looks like in person?" she squealed with a wide grin. "How does his voice sound like? OMJ. Someone said his torso was really hard! OMJ, abs! Can we hug him? I hope I'd get the chance!" I should have known she would start fangirling. Soon, I'll be joining her. But we can't. Joe will get scared.

"Is, calm down. We can't be scary in front of Joe," I serenely told her. Surprisingly. I don't know if I would obey myself. I mean, what kind of fangirl wouldn't freak out when Joe freakin' Jonas is right in front of her? Being calm in front of him is nearly impossible.

"Isabel, Gab, Joe," Isabel's aunt voice came from behind us. I felt my heart beating faster, so rapid that I thought it was going to explode. I slowly turned around, at the same rate Isabel did. And he was there. Right in front of us. And we were just staring at him. He was so gorgeous, even with facial hair and all. He was so tall. Luckily, I was wearing heels. I wasn't that small.

"Hi!" Joe said in his amazing voice with a smile. The kind of smile that showed his perfect teeth. Oh my gawd. I think I'm dying. I think Isabel's feeling the same. Her jaws dropped and she was just staring at Joe, her eyes smiling. Oh my goodness. Is this the real life? Or it's just fantasy?

"Ahem, ahem." Again, Isabel's aunt saved us from making a total fool of ourselves no matter how stupid we might have already looked in front of Joe.

"I love you!" Isabel said, not moving a single bit. Her eyes were still wide, smiling, star-struck. She was looking at him like he was some piece of art that was so extremely lovely. Indeed, he is.

"I love you more," said Joe as he extended out his arms. Oh my gawd. He's like asking her to hug him! And Isabel will! Oh my gawd!

And Isabel did hug him. For a while. And it seemed to take on forever. "Can I have a picture with you?" she asked, quite calmly this time. She gestured to me and it took me seconds before I even found out what it meant. I took out her camera with shaking hands and tried to take it but I botched the one thing that she asked me to do today.

"I'm sorry," I mouthed, still shaking. It was impossible not to tremble when Joseph Jonas is right in front of me.

Fortunately, Isabel's aunt, Lea meddled. "Gab, join them. I'll take the picture!" Leo offered, grabbing the camera from me. "Smile!"

Thank God, again, for Isabel's aunt. She's an angel. She took a lot of pictures. Good pictures.

"Hi, Joe!" I managed to say in a straight happy tone. "I'm Gab. I've been a fan for years. I love you so much. Please tell Nick and Joe, I mean! Tell Nick and Kevin I love them too!" I nearly screamed before I hugged him. What. Happened. To. Calming. Down.

"Sure, Gab," he said, looking at me. "I love you, too," he smiled, squeezing my shoulders. Gaaah. I wouldn't ever wash this shirt again. I will have it framed and displayed in my room. Swear.

"Joe, Joe, Joe," Isabel poked him repeatedly. "I'm Isabel. I'm Lea's niece. Don't forget me please?" Isabel stated, smiling again. Joe wouldn't ever forget her for her silly annoyingness. Never.

"I wouldn't forget you, Izzy and Gabby," he said. Awww. We have new nicknames! Right then and there, I thought I was literally melting into nothingness. I really did feel like dying at that moment. I just couldn't believe we just met Joe Jonas. I know Joe Jonas isn't my favorite Jonas—it's Kevin, by the way—and I have always considered him my least favorite Jonas but today, everything that I bore in mind seem to erase. I like Joe so much now. I don't know why I even disliked him before.

"Can we just hug you one last time?" Isabel asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Sure!" said Joe, beaming as he spread out his muscular arms once more. We immediately embraced him back like little kids, sniffing his very fragrant body. Can we just not move now? Can we stay like this forever?

Of course we couldn't. Everything had an end. We had to let go of Joe so others can enjoy watching him perform onstage. We had to let go of him so others can also fangirl. But, I wouldn't ever forget this day, February 25. When we first met Joe Jonas. I still cannot believe I just spoke to him. I couldn't believe he hugged me. I couldn't believe we posed together with my best friend in front of the camera. Everything seemed to be a dream.

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