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SUMMARY: You can never escape your roots. No matter how much you want to. The more you try, the faster the shadow gets.


The hallway was dark as his hope of escaping – still, he ran. He had to run, he had to find an exit from this maze, he didn't have a life to lose, he had a soul – his own being, the thing he judged when it concerned others. He ran, glancing back to see how far behind the shadow was. It didn't slow down; it was still right there, two steps behind him.

He changed his shape again in hope he could run faster in it. The never-ending hallway from nightmares – not his, others' - didn't seem to get any less dark.

This place wasn't from his nightmare or dream, it was from his memory. How he ended up here, he didn't know. Maybe it was some sort of punishment, maybe it was fate, maybe it was the darkness, or maybe it was just his time.

The sound reached his ear-holes under the membrane of his face. It was a disgusting sound – a laugh, a crackle, a sound of choking, a sound of first intake of breath and last exhale. It sounded something like, "Crawl, crawl, crawl, little snake. There's no hole to hide from my wake."

He sped up and slid around the corner, his tail smashing on the wall in the process. For that second that he couldn't see the shadow, he managed to put all his strength into moving. Something scratched the wall behind him – slowly, gently. It sounded metallic. The cold reached him and it burned, it burned like the forced sin on one's soul.

The shadow slowed down, tasting the air, his fear, his knowledge.

He slid forward, but the cold still followed his being. He reached the last room and jumped with all his might, changing shapes, grabbing onto the bars that covered the window. Outside was blinding, the light so strong it would burn if he touched it, but he would endure it if it meant being away from the hunter. He put all his strength into pulling at least one bar out. It didn't budge. It was as if it was melted with the wall, one with it, unmoving like time in here.

He pulled and forced and jerked, but it was no use.

The shadow slid into the room and chuckled behind him. "Outside isn't for you, little one. With your soul and blood tainted."

He closed his eyes in defeat and dropped to the floor, turning around to face what was to come. Death wasn't so bad; he was dealing with it every day. How horrible could it be to be on the other side of the table? He faced it once; he could do it again. The outcome didn't matter, his soul did.

He changed into his real form – long snake body of the faceless that he was, wings and all. He looked up into the light and said a little prayer to no one really. His gods were long dead, his hope non-existent; he did it anyways, it felt like he should.

The light glimmered in the darkness, throwing its shape on the wall. In its presence the darkness gained shape.

He was the same, only bigger, more vicious, more real. Body of a snake and man; eyes ever changing – from fiery to deep black holes. Mouth was there, filled with sharp teeth, always grinning mockingly. Fingers of hands were …

He gasped as ten needles pierced his form. His wings twitched in response to the shock. The thing embraced him closer as the ends of his fingers dug into his bony flesh. The mocking voice sounded concerned. "No, no … Don't die yet, don't die. Shhh …" it comforted him as the life started pouring out of him.

He managed another gasp as he gazed into the light on the wall, reaching for something that wasn't there.

"Hey, you're my son. I wouldn't do that to my son. I wouldn't let my son leave just like that." The form shifted, holding his body up as the dying started to slide to the floor. "That was unwise of you, running away without a word. Joined the Judges have you? One of the Faceless? You thought I wouldn't find you? You thought I would be okay with what you do? I am your father. Me and your mother were great Angels at some point. I'm still great, though. Not an Angel, but great nonetheless. And you decide to judge the dead."

His eyes blinked as the life dripped on the floor.

"I'm sorry I pierced you, I'm sorry," the father sobbed. "But I had to, you see. You've disappointed me. You disappeared on me. But I found you," it giggled, "yes, I found you and now here we are."

The son gasped and coughed as light threw a bigger shape on the wall. The ray almost touched him and his father in their embrace.

"Oh, are you trying to say something?" the father asked. "Are you trying to talk your way out of this? The damage is done, son, you can't escape. These claws of mine are pretty sharp. Long and sharp, yes. I've got you and I'm not letting you go. What awaits for you, I wonder? Abyss where our world was? Nothing? Hmm ..."

The darkness started humming a random song. The sound was beautiful and horrifying at the same time. He moved with it, taking his embraced son with him. "Together! Together! Together forever!" he sang along.

The bony finger of the hand that was reaching up touched the light as they moved. It shone, lightening up the whole black room like a lighthouse.

"What -?" started the father as he stared at his lighting-up son. From the wounds inside which his claws still rested, the light rays leaked out of the body.

A yell, repressed by the lack of mouth, was heard as a moan as it escaped the figure that was filling with light.

"No!" the father yelled and embraced his lost son tighter. "NO! I just found you! You won't escape again! Together forever! Together …" He opened his mouth until his jaw dislocated and drove his many long sharp teeth into the flesh of the neck.

Yell became louder as light enveloped the whole body of the Faceless and took him into the world he didn't know for the longest of times – into one of the worlds from where souls came. The body that was leached onto him stayed with him through the whole way.

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