One Dance

Aiden Rose

Shaking all the way home,

I still can't seem to breathe,

Or believe that you went through all that trouble

Just for one dance with me.

I'm sure I would be dreaming of you,

But I know I won't get any sleep,

That's how I can tell I've fallen,

I've fallen fast, hard and deep.

I'm feeling too much to be put into words,

But writing seems to be all I can do,

Other than stay up all night hoping

That you're feeling this much, too.

A/N: I realize this isn't my best work (read that last stanza one more time), but I'm posting it anyway, because the title is "Lovestruck" for a reason.

~Aiden Rose

EDIT: Sorry for any confusion (for the one person who favorited this), but I had to change the title because Lovestruck makes more sense as the title of another poem I will be posting soon (sometime in the next two weeks). I actually kind of hate this new one, but I couldn't come up with anything else, so I went with it anyway.