"I can't believe we made it!" Essence exclaims as we get off the plane. "Rebellion crew, let's kill it!"

"Whoo!" Echo, Axel, Chance, and Bryce chorus as I laugh at the weird glances people give us. I pull my red brown layered long hair up into a ponytail as we tug our suitcases out to the pick up area. We're all wearing our normal casual clothes for once instead of out dance clothes, we lived and breathed dance. Echo has her short pixie cut sticking out in every direction as usual as she pushes a few orange strands out of her eyes. Essence has her long black hair that hangs in a perfect sheet no matter what you do to it pulled into a fishtail braid.

"Yo, Kay. You coming?" Axel asks me.

"Yeah, I was kind of putting my hair up." I scoff rolling my green-hazel eyes. I had central heterochromia which caused my eyes to be two-toned.

He shrugs as we walk to the pick up area. A large black Yukon XL Denali picks us up. We throw our bags into the trunk and pile into the SUV. "Hey guys look!" Axel says picking up a white Samsung Note. It flicks on and Mario Lopez's face appears.

"Rebellion Crew! You're known for having energy, the ability to do crazy stunts. Yes I'm talking to the gymnasts, the cheerleader and the formal dancers." He says and I blush. "Your challenge for debut week is to show the whorl how daring you really are. You'll be dancing to Wide Awake by Katy Perry!" He concludes and the screen goes black again.

"Got called out ChuChi." Essence laughs. ChuChi was a nickname my family had given me.

"Whatever. Let's just figure out our routine." I say as I pull out my Iphone. I search the song's lyrics as Bryce plays the song. "I'm wide awake and it repeats three times."

"We could use it for you three to do your gymnastics thing." Chance says gesturing to Echo, Essence and I.

"We could do a triple back." I murmur and they smack me on the arm. "Hey!"

"We can't do that!" They yell in harmony.

"Fine." I pout.

"I have an idea!" Chance chirps. "Why don't Echo and Essence do their back whatever and Kayleigh do her triple back?"

"It wouldn't be even. And it's called a back quad full." Echo says.

"I guess we'll do the back quad full." I murmur.

"And we can be dancing in slow-mo bend you guys!" Axel exclaims.

"Yeah I was in the dark, I was falling hard." I read. "If we time it right, Echo, Es, and I will be landing at that point." We plan as much as we can in the car. Most of our routine consist of flips, tutting and b-boying.

As we pull up to the studio L.A. studio we put the finishing touches on our performance's stunts, flair with 1/1 spindle inside of two flairs continued into a handstand and back to a flair. "So that's all of us right?" I ask.

"Yep." Echo smiles. "So, we check into our dorms and then head to the stage."

I groan, I had jet lag and I barley slept the night before. All I wanted to do was crawl into a bed and sleep. "Can I nap first?" I ask as we get out of the car.

"No ma'am." Echo smiles. "Now go change into dance clothes."

I grumble and grab my bags and follow everyone into a large building. We walk until we find a room labeled 'Rebellion Crew'.


"Come on Cade!" Jade yells as we walk to the stage. I trailed behind her, Angelique, Karsen, James, and Drew. I groan and cross my arms over my chest. I was grumpy due to the fact I found out we had to dance to Boyfriend by Justin Bieber. We walk into the dome and towards the stage. We take a seat on the polished floor as we wait for the other crews to arrive. I notice on girl walk in. She had layered reddish brown hair tied into a ponytail with a few hairs sticking because they were to short, green eyes with brown centers, and a somewhat adorable smile. She was give out take 5'3 at most and a matching petite frame. I smile at her outfit, a blink cropped top with a white under shirt, black capri sweat pants.

"Cade, what's up my man?" Someone says and I tear my eyes away from the dancer. I turn to see Axel.

"My man, Axe. I've been dancing here and there. How are things at the Studio?" I ask.

"Pretty good. You should see the new girls we recruited." He chuckles and I smirk.

"They aren't as good as me," I say cockily.

"ChuChi is actually pretty good." He says and I try to stop from laughing.

"ChuChi? What is he prissy?" I ask.

"She and she' had that nickname since forever and it just stuck." He shrugs. "She's the girl with the red-brown hair." He says pointing to the girl from before.

"So she's actually good." I say.

"She's experienced and chicks definitely a dare devil." He says sitting down.

"Really? You'd think she was fragile." I mutter.

"She's an elite gymnast and an elite cheerleader." He shrugs. "No that I wouldn't mind seeing that in a leotard or a cheerleader uniform."

I laugh bitterly, "Well, looks like I do have competition."

Mario Lopez walks in and Axel gets up to go sit with his crew. I watch him from my spot, he whispers something in ChuChi's ear and she tosses her head back laughing."Okay!" Mario says loudly and everyone gets quiet. "Let's get to know each other. First up, Crash Course Crew!" I don't pay them any attention until it's out turn. "Matrix!"

I stand up with my crew, "Sup, I'm Drew McCarter. I'm 19, and one random fact? I have One Direction Infection! Just kidding! My favorite style of dance is b-boying."

"Hey, I'm Jade Pentesque. I'm 18 and I have One Direction Infection!" Jade says.

"Sup, I'm Boulder. James Boulder. I'm 18 and I work in an auto shop in my free time." James says and the girl swoon, including the red-brown haired girl.

"Yo, I'm Karsen LeBlanc. I'm 17 and I have ADHD."

"Hi, I'm Angelique Russo. You can call me Angel. I'm 19 and I love to eat." Angel chirps.

"Aye, I'm Cade Fields. I'm 18 and if you call me Caden I will murder you." I murmur.

"Okay, thank you Matrix." Mario smiles. "Finally for the last crew of the night Rebellion Crew."

I watch all of them stand up. "Hey, I'm Gina Ferrari, I'm 17 and you can call me Echo cause I repeat myself a lot." She giggles playing with a small short strand of hair.

"Hi, I'm Essence Thibault. I'm 16 and I used to do gymnastics." She has long black hair that hangs behind her in a smooth silky curtain, a somewhat petite frame she towers over the other two girls though.

"Hi everybody!" The girl smiles sweetly. "I'm Kayleigh Montgomery and that's spelled K-A-Y-L-E-I-G-H. I'm 16 and you can call me ChuChi." Everyone laughs at how adorable she is. She has amazing two-toned eyes that captivate me.

"Kayleigh." I murmur quietly.

"Bro, I'm Axel Moreno. I'm 19 and if you mess with these three girls. You've got a world of pain coming."

"I'm Chance Harbor. I'm 17 and I like to watch Kayleigh try to tell jokes."

Everyone laughs and she glares at him. I let a small chuckle escape my lips.

"I'm Bryce Brinlee. I'm 18 and I am a gentleman. Forget being a douche to girls." He says and the girls in the room swoon over him. A few even faint.

"Man whore." Kayleigh coughs into her hand and everyone laughs hard.

Bryce glares at her and she laughs musically. "Alright, you can go eat, sleep, rehearse, whatever you need to do." Mario says before leaving.

I get up to go talk to Kayleigh but Jade grabs my arm. "Cade, where are you going?"

"To go talk to people." I shrug, "Why?"

"Cause I don't want you too!" She whines. Jade was one of those clingy jealous ex girlfriends minus the ex girlfriend part.

"Jade, let go. Go back to the dorms with Angel or Karsen or something." I shrugs off her hand and walk towards Axel. "Hey, introduce me to Kayleigh?"

"Alright," He smiles. "Yo Chuch. Come here."

She sighs and walks over to us clearly annoyed and tired. "What Bubba? I have jet lag. All I wanna do is sleep."

"Kay, this is my good friend Cade Fields. Cade this is Kayleigh Montgomery." He introduces.

"Hi," She smiles offering a small petite manicured hand.

"Hey," I smile back shaking her hand. It was soft and warm. "You're the infamous ChuChi I've heard so much about."

"People have been talking?" She asks knitting her eyebrows together and cocks her head to the side.

"Enough, I hear you're a daredevil." I say.

"Enough, I'm used to being thrown into the air or doing flips that could seriously hurt me if I'm just a little off." She shrugs.

"So I do have competition." I say with a cheeky smile.

"Cocky now, are we?" She says. "I wouldn't plan on taking home that trophy."

"You wouldn't. But I do." I say and she makes a face.

"ChuChi! Let's go. We've got stuff to do before we go to get food!" Axel yells.

"Alright." She yells back. "See yah, C.B."

"What's that?" I ask.

"You'll find out." She says before jogging over to her Crew and leaving the Stadium.

"C.B?" I murmur to myself. "What does that mean? Cade and something else?" I groan and join Drew as he walks back to the dorms. Everyone else from our crew was already gone.

"Yo Drew, what does C.B. mean?"

"I don't know, why?" He asks.

"No reason, I just heard some girl say it and I was curious." I shrug as we walk past one of the rehearsal studios and I hear music playing.

"Kay are you sure you want us to do a basket toss?"

"Axe, I'm an All-Star cheerleader. I've been thrown in the air multiple times."

I'm tempted to peek inside but decide against it. I walk over towards the dorms and into the guy's room. I hear crying in the girl's room and groan. "Caden Landon Fields Junior!"

"What?" I ask coming out into the main living room.

"You're such a douche bag sometimes. You know that?" Karsen snaps at me.

"Cause I don't like her like that?" I snap back at the girl.

"You are- ugh!" She groans throwing her hands up.

I shrug, "She's not my type."

"What is your type then?" She snaps at me. I think about Kayleigh.

"About 5'3. Brunets with red tints. Two colored eyes. Cheerleader and gymnast and dancer tied into one. Petite frame," I shrug.

"So that Kayleigh chick." Karsen says. I shrug and go back into my room.