I woke up bright and early before everyone else and shower quickly before grabbing my cheer uniform, a teal, black, and sparkly white crop top with an asymmetrical neck, long sleeves, and teal blue designs. A teal X going across the front of it. I pull on my matching v waist cheer skirt with wrapping bands that meet at the front. I pull my hair into a ponytail and top it off with a matching two layered bow. I put on my makeup and walk back into my dorm to grab my bag. Echo and Essence are gone. I slip on my socks and Nike Spirit cheer shoes before grabbing my bag and going out into the main room. "SURPRISE!"

I scream at the top of my lungs. "Didn't think I'd let you go to a competition without a good surprise good luck party now, did you?" Axel asks as I hold my heart.

"There are days where I could just kill you." I grumble as he hugs me.

"Good luck. We'll come watch our little ChuChi cheer her butt off." Essence smiles hugging me next. Then it's Echo's turn followed by Bryce and Chance. The other crews are here too.

"Okay, as much as I'd love to hug you all. I'm going to be late if I don't leave now." I say fixing my hair. I turn to leave and shoulder my bag. I'm a good 20 yards from the dorm when someone else stops me. "What now?" I whine.

"Sorry grumpy puss." Cade says smiling. "I was thinking you need a ride."

"Oh, you're right." I mumble and he leads me out to his car. "Thanks."

"No problem." He shrugs. "We were all going to come out and support anyways."

"Really? Great more things to drive me to perfection." I smile and he laughs.

"We're there for support." He smiles as we move down Hollywood's early morning streets. He drops me off and heads to get breakfast to meet up with the others as I go inside.

"Ahh, ChuChi! We saw you yesterday, amazing!" Erica, my best friend since I joined the CEA, exclaims bear hugging me. We stretch and get ready while they set up the stage and everything.

"Kayleigh!" Someone squeals and I turn to be tackled in a hug by Taylor from the Maryland Twisters, my old all-star team from before I moved.

"Taylor!" I hug her back. "I missed you girl!"

"Missed you too ChuChi. Now spill on you and Cade Fields." She gushes.

"He's a friend?" I say a little confused.

"Don't give me that Kayleigh! I saw you hug him last night on ABDC," She says clapping her hands together.

"Cause he found my phone!" I exclaim throwing my hands up.

"He's pretty cute." Taylor shrugs as her mom comes over.

"Oh! Kayleigh I saw you and that cute boy!" She smiles. "Picture?"

"Fine mom." Taylor grumbles and we pose for a picture.

After I finish talking to Taylor I go back to the rest of Cheer Extreme. I sit down with them and we talk as we hear people start to arrive. "Ready?"

I take a deep breath, "Yeah. I'm being thrown into the air. No biggie." I joke around with Erica and she laughs.

"So, you can Cade huh?" She asks and I turn to her wide-eyed.

"No! It was just a hug!" I exasperate. "And how do you know Cade?"

"He used to live next door to me."

"He used to live in North Carolina?" I ask.

"Yeah, then he moved away." She shrugs.

"I find it hard to believe. He doesn't look like an North Carolina boy." I murmur. He didn't look like anyone from Kenersville either.

"Well, probably cause you used to live in Maryland." She smiles, "Not to mention, you used to cheer with the Maryland Twisters."

"Yeah, I kinda miss them." I murmur. "But I have you guys now." I smile as they begin the competition.

It's almost our turn and I turn to my stunt group. "Ready?" They ask me.

"Yeah, just promise me you won't drop me." I say with a week smile.

"Promise ChuChi." They smile hugging me.

"Cheer Extreme, you're on deck." Someone says and Coach motions for us to join him.

"Ladies, let's give it our all today. I don't care who you beat. I want first and I'm willing to settle for second." He says. "Alright, Extreme on three. One, two, three!"


After waiting backstage for a few minutes it's our turn to take the floor. "Cheer Extreme All-Stars, take the floor." We smile and wave as we walkout.

I take my position and of course everyone from America's Best Dance Crew is sitting there, right in front of us. "Whoo! Go ChuChi!"

It starts and we go up into our team heel stretch. I'm thrown into the air and twist coming down. As soon as they let me down I run to the front before turning around to do my flips.


I watch as she does her flips. No wonder she was considered the dare devil of Rebellion. They do a team bow and arrow. They drop only to be throw up again and go from a scorpion to scales to an arabesque. They drop and go to toe touches. Then a back flip the to hurdlers back to toe touches. She goes into a series of flips across the floor before stopping, turning and then flipping again. Before she lands, they catch her and move towards the center. Kayleigh does a kick basket toss with 5 twists before going down and being carried towards the middle. They do a pyramid and she flips backwards. "WHOO! Go ChuChi!" Axel yells and we all chorus. She grabs the back of a girls leg and flips her. They drop to the ground and go into a dance. The most provocative dance I've seen Kayleigh perform so far. They finish and ChuChi jumps up and hugs her friend.

"Oh my god. I need to do cheer again!" Essence exclaims and I chuckle as she runs back stage.

A few minutes later she comes out wearing a jacket over her cheer uniform. "Hey!" She chirps hugging everyone.

"Good job." Axel smiles at his step-sister.

"Kayleigh! Coach needs to talk with us." Some girl says. She gives Axel a shy smile before pulling Kayleigh away.

"So, who was that?" I ask Axel.

He turns a flushed pink as he mumbles a name. "Erica. She's a sophomore this year."

"You like her don't you." I smile leaning back.

"She''s Kayleigh's best friend!" He exclaims. "They knew each other before Kayleigh even moved to North Carolina." He grumbles and I laugh.

"Lucky for you, I'm a good wingman." I chuckle and he glares at me, "Wait, she's not from Kernersville?"

"No, she's from Maryland." He murmurs.

"Wow," I murmur.

"She used to cheer for that team." He points to the team performing. "The Maryland Twisters."

"Why would she move to North Carolina then?" I ask confused. I did everything I could to escape North Carolina.

"Her dad got a job here."

"Oh." I say quietly.

"But she knew some people here from cheer so it wasn't too bad for her." He shrugs as they finish the cheer portion.

"Alright, on to our best standing scorpion competition." The announcer smiles and a stunt group from every team comes out.

"ChuChi isn't doing this one?" I ask as I scan the crowd of girls.

"No, she does the basset toss." Echo says and I nod understandingly. I watch them as they do their scorpions and watch as Axel stares at Erica doing her scorpion. She holds it perfectly over her head and I glance and Axel. He stares intently at her.

"Axe, you look like a world class creep." I sigh shaking my head. He glares at me as they finish and announce the winners. We sit through countless competitions before it's basket toss. Kayleigh and her stunt group cpm come out, smiling as always. They line up and do their basket toss and are slowly narrowed down to three groups. Cheer Extreme goes first, they throw Kayleigh up and she does a kick full. She lands and her team lets her down. I notice her wince as her feet touch the ground.

"Kay's hurt guys." Axel says as they walk back to their spot. Kayleigh lowers herself to the ground being cautious of her leg as Axel grips my arm.

"Easy bro. I think you're tearing skin." I say removing his hand. Jasmine comes over to us and pulls Axel away. I see them walk behind the stage. My eyes flitter back to the petite girl with reddish brown hair. She's leaning against her teammates for support and has ice wrapped around her ankle now. Her foot is lifted off the ground and they quickly finish the competition.

"Third place, Rage. Second, Maryland Twisters. First, Cheer Extreme!"

I blink and next thing I know Kayleigh is jumping up and down on her one leg and jumps on one of her friends. "Ah!" They scream hugging each other. She was adorable as she bounced around. This morning when she was in the car with me, her hair pulled into a pony tail with a slight poof, her cheer uniform, how small she looked compared to her bag. She smelled as if she just walked through a tropical island. The way she lit up when she saw Erica sitting out in front of the stadium. She has no clue the effect she has on people.

"Now, for rankings. Third place All-Star Rebel Rockstarz. Second place Maryland Twisters Weather. And your National Champions, Cheer Extreme Junior Elite!"

I just hear screaming and flashes of teal running back and forth hugging each other. Kayleigh has people hugging her left and right, trying to stay balanced on her crutches. "What's wrong with her ankle?" I ask Axel when he comes back over to us.

"She sprained it. She'll be up and crazy again soon." He chuckles and Kayleigh crutches over to us.

"ChuChi!" Echo and Essence scream in harmony. "We're so proud!"

"ChuChi, better kick butt at worlds then." Bryce says bear hugging her.

"ChuChi!" Chance screams giving her a feet off the ground, swing her around like a rag doll kind of hug.

"Okay! Okay! I get it Chance! You're proud. Please put me down." She exclaims and he sets her down before picking up her crutches. He hands them to her as she looks over at me before she crutches over to me. "Hey." She smiles at me.

"Hey, good job." I smile at her.

"Thanks. It'd be a lot better if I didn't have this." She says holding up her leg. Her shoe is off and her ankle is wrapped in a compression wrap.

"Yeah, did you sprain it?" I ask.

"That's what they think." She shrugs taking a seat. "But it's not that bad."

"You sure? You can't dance for a while." I murmur and she giggles.

"I know, but I can finally get enough sleep." She smiles and I laugh.

"That's one thing." I smile and Maddie, I only remember her because I used to like her, comes over.

"Hey ChuChi, you're needed for pictures." She smiles and looks at me. "Hey Cade."

"Hey Maddie." I wave awkwardly as Kayleigh crutches away. "Oh, Kayleigh one more thing?"

"Huh?" She says turning around.

"Hold on to your phone." I smile and she blushes.

"It's in my bag!" She yells back and I chuckle. God, I was supposed to grab her a kiss her long and hard. Why'd I chicken out?