I smile as I take the stage again in a week. I push through the pain and execute a roundoff backflip at the end of Rebellion's dance. Even if it's a small part at the end, it's enough for now. I'll slowly make my way back into dancing the whole routine. They pick me up and we strike our finishing pose. They gently set me down gently as Axel grabs my crutches. I balance myself on them as Cade smiles at me from the side lines. "D-Trix!" Mario smiles.

"Rebellion, y'all one of my favorite crews to ever step foot on this stage! Man, y'all kill every challenge we throw at you. No, you guys murder it. Chuchi, after injuring your ankle you manage to pull through with this backflip. I always expect something but y'all always come through with everything. Keep it up." D-Trix smiles and we laugh.

"Lil' Mama."

"Hold up! Did this injured girl just pull off a backflip and land it perfectly?" She asks in disbelief and I laugh. "Rebellion, you guys never cease to blow my mind! Mm, man I look forward to this crew everyday. Oh and Kayleigh, we know all about you little relationship with Cade," She smiles and I blush as I hang my head to smile at the ground.

"JC?" Mario says.

"Honestly, it was a little messy but seeing you guys pull it together at the end with Kayleigh's flip and the poses. I'd love to see that through out the routine. Other than that it was great, keep up the good work." He smiles and we crutch off the stage. Cade pulls me, crutches and all, into his arms before kissing my nose.

"Hey," I smile and he chuckles.

"Hey yourself," He smiles before dipping his head and kissing my lips gently. I pull away and blush when I realize everyone is watching us.

"Woo! Get some!" One guy yells and my face flushes red.

"Ignore them," He murmurs pulling me back. He kisses me one more time and I bury my face in his chest.

"I hate that you're like 7 feet tall." I muse and he laughs.

"I'm 6'7." He corrects and I glare at him.

"I'm like 5'5." I say and he laughs.

"You are adorable." He smiles.

"Am not!" I scoff before Echo pulls me away.

"We've gotta go change." She says and I nod.

"See you later," I smile at Cade before crutching off. In the dressing room I strip down before pulling on a t-shirt and Sophee shorts. I pull my curly hair into a ponytail and pull on my flip flops. I crutch outside and head back to the dorms. I find Axel on the phone and he's frowning. I take a seat and wait for him to finish. He finally hangs up, "Well? Why do you have such a sad look on your face?"

"Nana just passed." He murmurs and my eyes go wide.

"Axel, go back home and get your dad get through this."

"I can't! The crew needs me."

"I'll handle it. I promise, now go!" I exclaim. He was close to tears, his Nana was his favorite person next to Miranda Kerr.

"Kayleigh, are you sure?"

"I got this." I chirp and he nods and goes into his room.

He hugs me before leaving with his suitcase. "Hey where's Axe going?" Essence asks as she walks through the door.

"His Nana passed. We're going to work on the routine while he's gone." I murmur as Echo, Chance and Bryce sweep into the room. They look at me and take a seat.

"Spill it."


My crew and I sit in our dorm and chat until Angel burst through the door. "Axel just left," She pants and I look up.

"What? Why?" I ask standing up.

"I don't know." She says and I push out of the room towards Kayleigh. I knock on the door and Essence comes to the door.

"Where's Kayleigh?"

"Chuchi! Cade's at the door!" She yells and Kayleigh crutches towards the door. I place a hand on the small of her back and lead her outside.

"Hey, what's up?" She asks a smile gracing her angelic face.

"I heard Axe left, why?"

"His Nana passed. So, he's gonna attend her funeral." She says as we sit on the benches. I lean her crutches on the other side of me and pull her close.

"So I don't have to worry about him getting all big brother if I do this?" I ask and lean in. I capture her soft pink lips in my mouth and she smiles as I pull her closer.

"What is it with you? Do you have to rub it in my face?" Someone asks and she pulls back. I scowl and turn to face Jade.

"Is that the reason you felt the need to steal our Tablet? Cause I can kiss Cade?" Kayleigh asks slightly annoyed. I frown at Jade as she opens her mouth to shot her own snarky retort.

"Look, you think you're all that because you're a gymnast and a cheerleader or whatever and you have Cade but just to let you know, Cade doesn't stick around for long hun." She sneers and I scowl at her.

"You don't know anything about me." I hiss as Kayleigh looks between us.

"Don't lie Caden, I know you dump girls when you get tired of them."

"One, do not call me Caden. Two, I don't think it's possible to get tired of Kayleigh. She does too much for me to every be tired of her." I snap and Jade stomps off. Kayleigh looks at me.

"So theres a chance of you getting tired of me."

"No! Never!" I exclaim.

She pouts and I lean in to kiss her. "I'm tired. I have to help with the routine now that Axel's gone until after the funeral."

I chuckle, "Let's get you to bed then." I walk her back to her dorm and kiss her goodnight before walking back to my dorm. My phone rings and I answer it. "Hello?"

"Ciao mio figlio, So, when do I get to meet Kayleigh?"

"I don't know mamma. I do know I want to move back to Kernersville for her."

"So, when do I need to start packing?"

"I don't know mamma. Anytime you want."

"I'll give Andy a call." She smiles, I knew she missed Andy, Axel's mom.

"Alright, I'm gonna go to sleep now. Long night."

"Buona notte mio figlio."

"Buona note mamma." I say before she hangs up.