On the beach writing suicide notes

They were laughing

And the waves danced around them

And the paper got wet and they didn't care

And they threw their pencils into the water

They went swimming to find them

And in the waves they opened their eyes

For a few clear seconds before they started to sting

They saw each other for the first time

And in the blue of the morning

They fell in love in the waves

But they never found their pencils

So they picked up sticks

And they wrote in the sand

And they wouldn't stop laughing

About this that and the other

And whatshisname and whatsherface

And other words they didn't know

And they couldn't define what they were feeling

So they just laughed anyways

Because nothing else matters

The ashes from the burned up photographs were their canvas now

And they got to write the plot

In the love story they were supposed to have

From six years old

All the things their parents said

And the silly things they did

But that was before

And they kept laughing and laughing

Because before was not now

On the sunrise beach

It didn't exist because now existed

Tomorrow was a made up word

The past was as long gone as the tide

And the sun glinted off the waves and in their eyes

And they were smiling

And they were laughing

And she was happy so she kept on writing

And she told the sand everything

She whispered and she shouted and she danced and she swirled

And the stick followed her to record it all

And he watched her laughing

He jumped around and kept dropping the stick

So there were gaps where he had nothing to write with

And footprints from where he had to go retrieve it

And she told him that wasn't how you do it

And she tried to show him how

But he didn't listen

And she thought about the love letters she threw away

She burnt the one's she'd kept with the photographs

And she burnt everything else too

He just slept the whole time

He hadn't done anything to help her

But it was ok because he might have asked

And then she would have had to tell him

Because she couldn't lie to him

Even though he was breaking her down

But she burnt all the feelings with the photographs

And the letters

And she was just a bag of sand

And she poked holes in herself to be an eraser

To hide the things they shouldn't see

And she skipped over to him

And kissed him on the cheek

And he shoved her and she fell in giddy twirling

Laughing and rubbing out part of the letter

Without even knowing

Just trying to find her soul somewhere in that overcrowded body

Buried in the sand and written on the pages

And immortalized in Jesus' name

Because the stars in the sky are unidentifiable

And intergalactic waste is in our blood

Coursing through our veins

And injected into our heart chambers

They're made of gold and rusted steel and pieces of fallen sky

Starlight is our water underneath the bright red sun

The haunting melody of zero

And we don't really know why anyways

And neither do they

So they spent yesterday morning

On the beach writing suicide notes