I wake up in a hospital bed,
and find everything's red.
Even in my head,
[I'm restricted by a chain]

No, not dead, but not alive.
Did I really want to survive?
I guess my strength went in overdrive,
[which really drives me insane]

But now that I'm broken,
I'm going to be outspoken,
I have life as a token
[of my pain]

I feel so strange,
so I try to change,
but okay is far out of my range
[my attempts were clearly in vain]

Bound to my room,
not leaving any time soon,
I'm full of doom
[as I listen to the rain]

Slowly I fade into the dark,
death trying to leave his mark,
this is no walk in the park.
[from giving in, I can't refrain]

(and the monitors start to beep)
((it's a good thing this sleep is deep))