I hear the voices talking about me
I can feel the pain

[but they don't know that]

I feel them slicing
I try to scream

((but nothing comes out))

open your eyes
try so hard

{they just won't budge}

Slowly fading in and out
getting tired, so tired

[[and the monitors start beeping]]

Coming back
back to the searing pain

((please, stop! It hurts!))

yelling, why yelling?
My name? Are they yelling my name?

{Mariah! She's back! Start again}

the searing pain comes back
and I die all over again

[ her pulse dropped, five pumps of OC please]

and then sweet, sweet release
and I wake up broken
in a room only gray
and im outspoken

I cant think,
I cant scream
im telling myself
it's all a dream.

Please, please
just be a dream

(I wake up to find it's no dream. I'm broken.)