Full Summary: The world isn't how it should be. Humans live in domes that they can never leave while mythical creatures run the world. Its been that way since vampires won the war humans started. Humans have been taught by their government to be afraid of them and the outside world. Hanavidel (Hana-VI-del) , despite everything she has been told to believe, has snuck out into the woods since she found a hidden door behind her TV leading there when she was 9. Its been 5 years and she meets someone out there who is someone she never thought she'd meet: a vampire.

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I kept running, trying not to cry. I ran out of the dining room as Sissy stared apologetically after me. I ran to my room and locked the door. I headed to my TV, pushed it aside, and ran out the hidden door.

As I ran outside, tears streaked down my face. Mother just had to bring it up, just had to make me cry. She just had to get us both angry. I stopped when I made it to my favorite tree and sat on its roots. I had always loved that tree because its wider and taller then all the others. It's different than the others.

I sat there, crying and still angry over what just happened. How it has happened a million times before.

I had just got back from my best friend Kali's and found my mom and Sis eating dinner, not even bothering to wait for me.

Each day, my mom would try to send me to school in clothes she said were for "respectable women". This morning, she tried to send me in a pale pink, knee length dress with a thin white jacket.

When I got to Kali's this morning before school, like every morning, we cut and dyed it. We turned it into a bold, dark violet v-neck blouse with a gemmed red rose with black vines on it with a black mini skirt. It was one of our best works. So I had that outfit, a little bit of black eyeliner (which I knew Mom hated), and my medium blue crescent moon necklace with a black jacket. My necklace always looked good with my eyes, also medium blue and their color always seemed so bright no matter what I wore.

Well, like she always did, Mom started yelling. She would go on about the usual. About me ruining perfectly good clothes, how I'm not grateful for anything she does for me, how all I do is cause trouble. She got even louder when she talked about Sissy. Saying

"Grace never gives me so much trouble." and "Grace listens to me. Why can't you?" and her favorite: "Why can't you be more like Grace? She actually acts like my daughter."

That was when I snapped. I normally just stand there and take it because doing anything back just makes things worse. But I snapped.

"To you, I could only be your daughter if I wear what you want me to wear and act how you want me to. To be your daughter, I'd have to give up the people that actually do care about me to be with people you approve of. So I'm not your daughter and I don't want to be!" I screamed at her.

That was when I ran out of the room and ended up under my tree in my Forbidden World.