Hi, so this is nothing short of a random piece of junk to waste a couple of insert time here on, It will vaguely be composed of authors notes and may or may not have an actual plot... First we start with an A/N.

Hugs6: Hi I'm author 1

T: No I'm author 1 you're my co-author thingy.

Hugs6: You realize this is my acount right?

T: You realize I'm ten days older and I'm the one that always comes up with funny things to add to your story like everything.

Hugs6: What's that supposed to mean? And you should hear Andrew and I talk, it mainly consists of random and funny things. (Hmmph.)

T: I don't know Anrew, andI don't know what it means I'm the funny one not the smart one!

Hugs6: I can agree with that...

T: Hay (not the kind for horses)!

Once there was a purple duck. It was purple, hey I'm really stuck here, Um, hello, I never promised you guys a plot! Now would be a great time to be attacked by pirates.

"ARGGH!" Ugly Pirate Numero Uno scowled.

"You know, this kind of thing always happens to me! It, like, SO ruffles my feathers!" The Purple duck (I may or may not call her bianca) quacked.

"Yo." Said The aforementioned Suicidal motorcycle (Hint It's Andrew, Vote (This means you T) if you wanna see the Alligator of doom.) said cooly.

"Now is not the time for yoing."

I'm not erasing T! Never! I'll write what you call a, "Real story" later! At least let Purple Duck defeat the pirates! (She says, Okay, if they (whose they, Andrew's just gonna go and try to kill himself- not a real characteristic of the real andy...) do it fast.)

"Die pirates pie! Oops I mean Die!"

Suddenly all the pirates dropped dead because they overused their pea sized brains thinking about Pie.

Now I'm going to try to do a "Real story" with a back seat writer interupting all the time! Note, the keyword is "try". Wish me luck.

I call this story:

Pizza guy (No, not kidding hear me out, it should be really good! And maybe you'll get free pizza...) (T says Yay.):


Everybody has a secret, some people secretly are Bieber fans (NOT ME! OR T!), some have the personality of a Barbie (But that's easier to figure out. ) and some boys are obsessed with all things pink (It's manly!). Raise your hand if your secret is that you are (secretly) a ninja. Oh charming, no hands, T YOU DON'T COUNT EVERYBODY ALREADY KNEW THAT! I mean, the only one who doesn't know that is your boyfriend, and he's oblivious to everything... Okay, how many are spies? Yes, I did raise my hand, I'm also an elf, and the aforementioned purple duck, and own many minions, including lelephant ones (HA! I bet you don't have that!). Back to the story... Wait, do we even have a plot yet? Uh... No... Okay, it's nineteen seventy two and a pizza guy comes to your house and blows it up! No, I'm kidding, well T is, I'm just the one forced to type all this...

Ding dong. You'd assume this is just a pizza guy.

It is.

His name is Nolan, and he's planning your death.

You may not want to touch pepperoni pizza...

T: Wow good thing I don't like pepperoni or I would be dead at like age 0 I LOVE pizza!

Hugs6: Me too! Anyway, Nolan's our friend remember! That's why we have him tied to that lovely lazy boy...

T: I thought our friend was Bob not Nolan, didn't he try to kill you?

Hugs6: Yeah, I'm never gonna forgive you Bob!

T: but i thought NOLAN tried to kill you?

Hugs6: Oh yeah but he used lasers so it's okay, Bob came at me with a chainsaw.

T: But he's our gardener.

Hugs6: We have a garden?

T: No? Yes? No? Yes? Maybe?~!

Hugs6: Kill Bob! Wait, it may have been a garden hose... Review to get fake pizza!