I truly need to tell you,

What I have to say,

And please just take a minute,

Don't just laugh and turn away,

I'm hurting here,

I really am,

And what you think is just a silly joke,

Might end up being my very last stand.

Let's start off with my hair,

Yes, I know that it is bad,

But just because it's bushy,

Doesn't mean that I don't give a crap.

I know that this is getting old and dry,

But please, let's just move onto my eyes.

Please don't take a moment's notice,

If they're welling up with tears,

I'm sure you've better things to do,

You have throughout the years,

Than sit and stare and criticize,

My large, green-hazel flaws,

And not realize that your words,

Have deadly, shameful claws.

Yes, I saw my clothes today,

Before I threw my shirt over my head,

But have some patience with what you want,

Now we'll do attitude instead.

I'm annoying, you say?

I whole-heartedly agree,

But only just because of,

What a popular topic it seems to be.

Now onto the shirts and shoes,

The jean shorts and the linings,

My T-shirt is fine,

I even happen to think,

That the Hockey logo on it,

Is exciting.

So lastly,

Please shut up as I say,

Don't spend your precious time,

Picking on me,

For my life is much too far away.