The bell rang. Well damn, I was late for class once again. Third time this week, Mrs. Markson will end up giving me one of her "being late is bad for your education, you could end up missing something important blah blah blah" lectures again, I swear that woman's hobby is to nag the life out of poor unfortunate kids like myself.

Luckily today I didn't have her but I did have Mr. Markson, he was much cooler than Mrs. Markson, as cool as the freezer except he isn't blue...That would be weird. I ran down the long endless corridor that leads to the English department, which is where Mr. Markson's classroom is.

Mum was up early in the morning to go to some record deal signing thing, unfortunately for me she obviously thought I'd be able to get up on perfect time for school. My alarm clock didn't go off because I was being too lazy to set it so when I did finally get up it was 9:30am which meant that first period had started. In a rush I had brushed my hair into a scruffy pony tail and put on miss-matched clothes.

I ran around the corner and finally reached Mr. Markson's classroom door, it was blue and battered in from students pushing each other. Mr. Markson's voice sounded cheerful, thank god that would mean he wouldn't tell Mrs. Markson that I was late. I pulled down the silver handle and rammed my shoulder into the door, the door was old so you had to ram hard into it just to get it open.

Now you were probably thinking that Mr. Markson looked like an 80 year old, pig with a fat round belly. No, no, no. Completely wrong. He's actually 21, strong facial structure, deep brown eyes, and blonde hair with a sweeping fringe. Dark eyebrows with an eyebrow piercing, mmhm he was the hottest teacher around (insert rolls eye here). Well in this school he was, don't worry I'm not one of those girls who fall madly in love with hot, charming teachers...Unlike my friend, Brooklyn Cruz.

Ever since she laid eyes on him she liked to day dream about him whenever she saw him. I think Mr. Markson knew she had a thing for him because she winked at him once and touched his ass.

"Well, I was just wondering if you were going to turn up or not." Mr. Markson announced, crossing his arms and swirling around on his feet. A hint of a smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

"Aww, I'm flattered you were even thinking about me." I joked, walking to the back desk where Brooklyn sat. Mr. Markson only shook his head and turned back to whatever he was writing on the board.

Brooklyn giggled and winked at me, I knew what she was thinking 'Isn't he so hot?' Brooky (I liked to call her that) had dyed blood red hair, which was cut to her shoulders, choppy layers and a side fringe. She had light brown eyes like the colour of chocolate, rossie cheeks, straight nose and high cheek bones. To me she was the definition of adorable, even her laugh was cute.

I had been friends with Brooky at the start of sophomore, she had tipped her apple juice over Eli Rosary when she had poured spaghetti down my top for calling her 'cheap' I was only telling the truth guys I swear! After Brooky that had done that we stuck together at the hip.

Brooky never talked in this class because she wanted to be a good girl for Mr. Markson, she doesn't even talk to him. I took out my books as Mr. Markson babbled on about Shakespeare, yawwwn, we always learnt about Shakespeare each year and I'm a senior...That's 4 years. Not seeing the point in listening, I looked around our class to see who had decided to join the class today (Most people would ditch, English...Except the girls, I wonder why? Hmm? Cough. Mr. Markson. Cough)

At the table in front of me sat Zachery Liake and his girlfriend, whose name I did not know. Zachery looked really young with his pretty boy smile and white blonde hair, he was sweet and pretty charming but he was dedicated to his girlfriend. Which was so cute, I admit it I'm a softy when it comes to cute couples.

The table in front of them was Johann Parke, strange boy he was, and Sarah Clubby who were practically sitting on the edge of the table. Worried she would catch Johnan's weirdness probably, I don't know. Her manicured nails clung to the table's edge; she flinched every time Johann went to push his glasses back up the bridge of his nose.

The table beside them was Addie. Blonde and dumb. She was leaning forward exposing her cleavage to Mr. Markson. Poor guy, I think he already knew that she wanted to jump him...Actually I think she's already tried that, everyone was talking about it for a month.

The table behind her sat Joey Bristle and Kyle Mace, I didn't know them, so don't ask me questions about those two. The table behind them was empty, I couldn't remember who sat there, I probably didn't know them either way. Behind that table was...Noah Richards. Insert dreamy sigh here. A smile creeped upon my face.

Oh handsome, Noah Richards. He was so amazing, god, his perfect hair and face were amazing, his voice was amazing. If you haven't realized it yet I'm in love with him, he's my friend, my charming, handsome, amazing, talented, funny...Woops going of track there. Noah had brown hair that was perfectly styled, strong jaw, husky voice, sexy blue eyes that reminded me . Mmhm perfection, I just wanted to grab his lit-

"Tristan Donovan! Where have you been?" I turned to see Mr. Markson with an annoyed facial expression and staring straight at Tristan, ugh, he's probably been making out him his girlfriend or smoking or whatever the hell he does.

Tristan smirked and shrugged his shoulders, "Last time I looked that wasn't any of your business." Geez, why is he so rude? I glared at him.

"Just sit down. Class is almost over" Mr. Markson sighed, not bothering to start a fight with him...Again. In junior year Tristan had started a fight with Mr. Markson outside of school, and not one of those verbal fight it was a fist-connecting-with-cheek fight. The only people that knew about were the people that were there and I was because I was passing by. I can't remember why the fight started but to be honest it made Mr. Markson look hot.

Tristan wasn't a jock, if you were thinking that, he was an emo-punk-goth person I wasn't sure which one was more him though. He had dyed black hair that was slightly long, his fringe sweeped into his eyes. Bright green eyes (That you couldn't see that much), thin lips which had a lip ring pierced on it...I think he had an eyebrow piercing too I'm not sure. A black beanie covered his head, his outfit mostly consisted of black, no surprise there.

Tristan passed my table and I glared passionately at him and so did he. I loathed him. His every being. He was rude; disrespectful; aggressive; annoying; a bully; spiteful. This list could go on forever, you know? I didn't like his personality, I talked to him once and he was a dick when it happened...I should've shoved that spoon in his eye. I'd seen him around and the things he did, gosh I loathed him so much.

"Alright class, that'll be all for today. The bell will go in a minute so pack up and go to second period." Mr. Markson smiled at the class and went over to his desk were his laptop was. From my side I heard Brooky sigh, obviously coming back to the real world.

"He's so dreamy." I laughed even though Brooky's obsession with him was worrying. She really needs a boyfriend.

"You know he has a wife, right?" I said stating the obvious.

"Shhh," She silenced me. "He hasn't in my head." She claimed with a giggle, placing her books in her bag before tagging along with me to our second period


"Hey, Val," Noah (oh god that husky voice sends shivers down my back) greeted, he hugged me before pulling away. I couldn't help but blush, it was automatic! Whenever he came in skin on skin contact I blushed. Everyone knew I always blushed with him but not with anyone else.

"Hey, Noah." I smiled, I could start to feel heat rise up my neck and ears. I have to stop blushing near him. He should just be less tempting, I thought.

After three lessons it was finally lunch, I sat outside in the warm sun. Noah had only just came over I didn't know where Brooky or any of my friends where at the moment, they'll be here soon. Me and Noah were standing by tree that was near the science department, the tree was a willow tree, and the branches touched the floor and blew gently in the warm breeze. I loved this tree, it was almost magical looking.

"Kassie wants to know when you'll be able to practice after school for the dance." He said and rolled his eyes.

I groaned, Kassie Hunch the schools most dedicated dancer, unlucky for me I had partnered up with her in p.e and now she's been bugging me about the dance we did. "She takes dance to seriously." I moaned.

Noah laughed, his laugh was warm and I loved hearing it. "I'll just say you hurt your foot then?"

"That would be great!" I said quickly, eager to get away from dancing with her. I stepped forward and placed my hand on his arm, feeling his warm, soft skin on my hand felt great...Yes I purposely touched him, so what?

Noah's laughed boomed louder and I laughed with him. He was a great guy and I'm not just saying that because I love him, he really was. I loved him for his caring ways, the way he handled children, his friendliness, he was perfect. Unfortunately he had a girlfriend, well and on and off girlfriend, Veronica Brian (Also known as Ronnie...Or to Noah when they were dating, Ronnie-boo-bear) she was ok but I didn't like her that much. Ronnie has long blonde hair that waved perfectly; she had light brown eyes, rossie cheeks, high cheek bones and perfectly done eyebrows. She was perfect too...Great match for Noah.

"Hey, baby!" Whoa, speak of the devil. Veronica rushed to Noah's side and grabbed his hand making my hand fall from his arm. Well I guess they're back together, I hated it when they were together, I hated seeing them kiss. It hurt, it hurt so much. I had liked Noah since freshman year and I still wasn't brave enough to tell him my feelings.

Ronnie glared at me, she knew that I liked him and she defiantly didn't like it at all. I don't know how she knew but she just does, I think one of bimbo minions told her.

"Hop along Clarkson." She growled at me and clung tighter to Noah's arm.

I looked over at Noah; he just shrugged his broad shoulders and looked down at Ronnie who was whispering something to him. Something lovey dubby I assume because they kissed after whatever she said to him. They giggled and rubbed their noses against each others, ugh somebody grab me a puke bag.

Feeling sick of watching them I walked away to go on a mission to find my friends, I had a feeling they would be near the canteen. I walked up across the cold pathway toward the canteen entrance door, leaves where flying across the grass in the wind. It wasn't cold just cold enough to stop you from getting hot from the blazing sun.

"Vallllllllyyyy!" Ah, that'll be Cade Winters. I turned around to see him running up the path, his purple dyed hair bouncing in the wind. Last week his hair was bright blue but he obviously dyed it over the weekend, Cade was always dying his hair.

I stopped walking and looked all the way around to see him; he was now staring at the group of cheerleaders all bent over. Jesus Christ, this boy was the horniest boy I've ever met.

"Cade!" I shouted to get his attention and it did. Cade looked back at me and smiled innocently.

Finally forgetting about the cheerleaders Cade came rushing to my side. I had known Cade for years; he used to be my next door neighbour until my mum had decided that she wanted to live in a bigger house.

"Brooky and Madison are looking for you." He informed me with a big smile. I don't understand how Cade could always stay so happy every day considering the things he's been through. He's not on drugs if that's what you think, if he was I would know, I've been in his house many and haven't seen one evidence of drugs.

"Where are they?" I asked.

"They're in the- Oh! Look! Here they come." He shouted and waved his hands in the air.

Before I could even turn around arms wrapped around me, trapping my arms.

"Madison, stop before you squeeze the air out of me." I joked. Madison was in junior year but she was still a friend, I had met her at one of Cade's parties.

"Opps." She said sweetly. Madison had caramel blonde hair, short and curly. Light blue eyes, pale lips and rossie cheeks.

Brooky stood behind Madison staring off into the distance, looking at whatever was so interesting. I swear that girl was delusional or something.

"Did you hear?" Madison asked assuming I knew what she was on about. I shook my head; it wasn't a great question to ask.

"Tyler Daniels parents are going away and his having a party," Ah Tyler Daniels, he was one of Cade's friends and also Donovan's (Remember? The guy I loathe? Yeah, him). Tyler was in junior year like Madison."He invited me and he said I could bring whoever I want, isn't this great?" Madison said with a huge grin.

I wasn't sure she liked him or not, if you ever asked her if she did she'd get all annoyed with you and would storm off. I'm pretty sure she likes him; I guess she's just too shy to admit it.

"Yeah but I won't be going." I confessed, I had a lot of homework to do tonight and I wasn't up for some partying. From behind me I heard Cade whimper like a puppy.

"Why not?" He whined, I turned around and saw he was giving me puppy dog eyes. Damnit I hate that look, he could always do it so well.

"Because I have loads of homework to do." I responded trying my best to ignore his look.

"Pleaaaase come," He whimpered and hug my waist. "Pretty please with a cherry on top."

I guess I could always do my homework before the party.

"Fine." I sighed


It was last period and I had history. I was walking down to my locker to get my history books when I was knocked into the white wall, my shoulder stung from the impact. I spun around to see who had done that. It was Tristan Donovan. That prick.

"Hey! Watch where you're going, dick." I sneered. God, I just wanted to punch him in the face.

"Woops," He said mockingly.

"I think you better say sorry." I crossed my arms across my chest.

I hated people that insulted me or say for example push me into a wall and think they can get away with without saying sorry. OH, no, no, no I'm a girl that likes apologies but I even knew I wasn't going to get one from him.

"I should say sorry? Hmm how about never? Is never good enough?" He said sarcastically with a glare.

"Oh yeah, I forgot sorry isn't in your dictionary is it?"

"Why should I say sorry? You got in the way." He smirked.

"God! You're so immature!" I snapped at him, my hands turning into fists

"Sorry, my names Tristan not god."

He was being immature and I was a little bit but it was just plain rude to walk into me knowing there is enough space in this corridor for two people.

"You're such a dick!" I shouted at him.

"Keep your voice down unless you want the whole school to hear about how immature your being." He sneered and grabbed hold my wrist with a tight grip.

"Me? Being immature? You're the immature one, didn't your mum ever teach you to be nice? From the looks of it I guess not. Damn what a crap mum."

He glared down at me. "And I guess your mum never taught you to have respect to other people, then?" He sneered, grinding his teeth together.

"Well your mum obviously didn't did she?" I snapped back, almost spitting in his face. If only m spit was venom like snakes I would've spat in his face just to watch his skin sizzle and burn.

"Watch your back, Clarkson." With one last glare he let go of my wrist which was now red and carried on the way he was going. I held wrist in my hand and looked down at the red hand print, he had been holding it sickingly tight that the pain was shooting up all the way up my shoulder.

I hated the guy but not only that, he scared me.


"How about this one?" Brooky stood next to my (now half empty) wardrobe, holding a short red dress with a black belt and silver buckle. Good lord! When did I buy that? Was I high or something?

"No." I screeched. Short dresses would most likely have been created by man, I thought.

Brooky sighed and flung the dress onto the pile of other short dresses. You might be wondering 'Why is her wardrobe full of short dresses?' you see my mum works for a music company and gets payed amazingly well, I'm her only child so I get spoiled most of the time (which, my friends, is very useful when I want something). When we moved she let me have the room with the walk in closet. I like to be organised so I separated my partying clothes and casual clothes, my casual clothes go in the walk in closet and my partying in my wardrobe.

Brooky tutted and grabbed another dress this time I swear it was even shorter! "Brooky, thanks for your help but I think I can choose my own clothes." I assured her while she pouted at me.

"Can I wear the gold one then?" She asked referring to one of the dresses she had got out earlier. I nodded my head and she squealed before flinging the pile of dresses to find the one she wanted.

I pushed myself off the soft bed and danced my way to my walk in closet, dodging some of the flying clothes. Hmm what to wear? I ran my fingers across the smooth clothing, most of this wasn't brought by me but my mum she was always giving me them for gifts. I didn't even want any of it, you may think im a spoilt, stuck up rich kid but I'm really not. I could care less about what was the latest colour, I was more interested in I sighed and picked out my outfit which was gold jeans, white top the sleeves that slipped past the shoulders and black high heels.

"You do know Noah's going to be there." Said Brooky who was holding the gold dress she wanted.

My heart rate picked up and a blush spread across my cheeks. Maybe I should wear a dress...No, even though I would enjoy showing my flesh to Noah, I don't want the other guys in my school. Ew. I had more class than that, personally I didn't want to look like one of the school girls who were desperate for sex *cough* Veronica *cough*

I tucked a strand of hair that had fallen into my face behind my ear. "Veronica's going to be there I bet." I assumed, with a eye roll. Last time they were dating she went everywhere he want, I think that's why they broke up...God knows why they're together again.

"How did you guess?" Brooky smirked and held up the dress too what its glitter in the light.

I had put all of my clothes on the floor in front of the mirror, leaving them behind I informed Brooky I was going for a shower. I strip off my clothes and hopped into the shower, warm rain-like water hailed over me making the feeling of being dirty drip away down the drain. After my shower Brooky insisted she'd do my hair and make-up because I had refused her help for picking an outfit. After a million screeches and wails from me, Brooky finally got my long hair into a perfect high ponytail with no strands of hair falling out due to Brooky's "best friend" the hairspray. She had also put on little make-up on my face because she said the pony tail would go perfect with natural make-up. If you ever wanted hair and beauty advice then Brooky's your man...woman.

"Thanks." I cheered and went to get dressed while Brooky did her hair and make-up.

After we were dressed we went downstairs for a quick snack before we went. I had just finished eating some weatabix when Brooky spoke, interrupting the silence.

"Will you ever get over Noah?" Brooky sighed/slurred with a mouthful of rice crisps making it sound more like 'ill ouu wever gwet hova Neah'.

"Yes. No. I don't know. It's hard to get over someone that fast." I slouched in the bright blue chair which was placed in the middle of the kitchen where the island table was. Brooky was sitting on the counter top next to the microwave; she had once said that sitting up there makes her feel special like a princess...When she was drunk of course.

She nodded her head obviously absorbing in the information. "I get ya." She said before slurping the milk from her bowl causing the spoon she had left in it to fall onto her forehead. I chuckled, silly little Brooky.


The bass was pumping hard all over the house; Tyler's house was big enough for the queen to be living there, ha maybe she's there...yeaaah I don't think you'll find the queen at a raving teenagers party. Brooky giggled with delight as she ran up the path way in her heels, good lord that girl probably practices running in them, if that was me I'd be all over that concrete floor.

I followed Brooky up into Tyler's house (cough, mansion, cough) to be greeted by the smell of sweat and alcohol danced in the air like the people dancing everywhere...It was like walking into the movie dirty dancing. I squeezed through the bodies to see Brooky was walking over to Noah (quick, mental brain melt down) and Veronica (Insert gagging motion). Noah was holding a red cup full of god knows what while Veronica was trying to drag him to the dance floor.

"Noah, ma man!" Brooky shouted in a manly voice and pretended to walk like a street gangster. Noah laughed and shook Brooky's hand in a manly handshake.

"How's is hanging man?" He joked playing along with her.

"Oh you know the usual, banging girls." Brooky started giggling at herself and me and Noah joined in. God I love this girl.

"Do you know where Madison or Cade are?" I asked Noah and he shook his head before taking a gulp of his drink.

"Try the dance floor," Noah pointed to the mad throng of people grinding against one another. "Here!" He shouted over the music and passed me and Brooky a cup of some alcohol. I gave him a questioning look before pointing at the cup.

"Its red bull and vodka, your favourite." He answered, I smiled and blushed. He remembered my favourite drink; well duh he is your best friend.

I took a big gulp of my drink and felt it slowly slid down my throat in a burning sensation. From the corner of my eye I saw Veronica kiss Noah heavily on the lips, I tried to ignore the burning jealous feeling but it just couldn't be ignored. Damn I'm going to need more of this drink, I thought finishing my drink quickly.


"Dares! Let's play dares!" I giggled out loud to my dearest friends, Cade, Madison, Brooky, Noah and Veronica...Oh wait she doesn't count she's meaaaan.

"Yes, god when did you become a genius Val?" Cade agreed lifting his drink in agreement. "You guys?" He looked over at Madison, Brooky, Noah and meanie weanie Veronica. They all nodded their heads. I squealed out loud in joy and clapped my hands, yay!

We were all lounging on Tyler's multicoloured sofas in his lounge room, multicoloured like a unicorn.

"And if you don't do a dare you have to drink two shots of Matt's deadly stuff." Cade said referring to a shot Matt Gunner had made in sophomore year. That stuff was nasty.

"Okay! Cade get your bottle." I giggled, whoa what did I drink?

Cade grabbed his empty beer bottle and placed it in the middle of the table and spun it. After a few seconds the bottle landed on Brooky.

"Boo, you whore." She said quoting mean girls and talking to the bottle. Brooky was sitting next to me on the pink sofa, Cade was sitting with Madison on the blue and Noah and Veronica were cuddling on the yellow.

"I dare you to take your dress off for the rest of the game." Cade winked at Brooky and she rolled her eyes before unzipping her (my) golden dress and flinging it over the back of the chair. "Damn that's a good sight." Cade winked again at Brooky and wiggled at his eyebrows.

"You no touchy." She stuck her pierced tongue out at him.

Brooky leaned over and spun the bottle, this time it landed on Noah. Please be a dare involving having sex with me, please.

"I dare you to cuddle with Val instead for three spins." Awwwwwww BROOKY I LOVE YOU. Noah shrugged and climbed over the table to the pink sofa, he sat down next to me and snuggled me to his chest. Mmm warm.

Noah leaned over and spun the bottle, he landed on Cade. "Go easy, man." Cade said knowing Noah would think of an evil dare like he always did.

"I dare you to go up to a random girl and say 'Touch my body please, baby I need it' grab her hand and rub it under your armpit." We all bursted out laughing at Cade's facial expression, it read 'are you fucking kidding me?' Cade sighed before jumping up off his chair and walked over to a blonde girl who was talking with another guy. We didn't hear what he said but obviously this girl was extremely drunk or liked it because she started trying to kiss him. Poor Cadey wadey could only just get away.

"That was not fair." Cade huffed as he sat back down he leaned over and spun the bottle, it landed on Veronica. Oh please be something evil, pleaaaaaaaaaase.

"I dare you too, kiss me." AS IF THAT'S PATHETIC! I glared at Cade who started smirking at Noah who was glaring at Cade as well bit for different reasons.

"Not too long." Noah ordered.

Veronica leaned over and kissed Cade hard on the lips, she gripped—Ohhhhhh I want cake right now...Wait a rainbow cake, yum.

"Hey!" I was jolted from my thoughts when I felt Noah moved roughly causing me to elbow myself in the stomach. Thanks Noah, oh no it's ok don't say sorry. Noah was glaring at Cade who was just smirking.

"Pay back is so sweet." He took a long swig of his beer.

"Veronica's turn," Madison said quickly before Noah could say anything. Good girl. Oh my, I sound like a paedophile.

Veronica spun the bottle. Oh guess look at that! It had to land on me didn't it. I glared at the bottle, we're no longer friends, got that?

"Hmmm, I dare you too...Make out with a random guy for 6 minutes, in the dark and I get to choose who it is." Veronica rubbed her hands together like an evil villain. She jumped up off her seat."I'll go choose a guy and tell him to go to a dark closet, then you can go in a ravish him." She ran off before I could say anything. She probably thinks I freak out, ha! I'll show her who has the moves like jagger. See what I did there? No, well stuff you.

Five minutes later Veronica came back and started pulling me off of the pink sofa, everyone followed. We went down the stairs and stopped at a white door that looked like the cloak room...At least it'll be soft.

"Ok one, two, and three." Veronica opened the door and shoved me in. I couldn't see a thing but I collided with a hard body, my hands stroked along his chest, at least he has muscles.

The guy was about to say something but I stopped and my lips collided with his with a hard smack. I bit his lower lip and he bit my upper lip harder, ohhh someone's violent. I ran my tongue along his lips and he caught my tongue between his teeth, his tugged hard. Damn he's defiantly violent. The music was pounding outside off the door; I wonder how long it's been? My hands snaked around his neck and I pulled on his hair causing him to let go of my tongue. I placed a kiss on the side of his mouth, teasing. Slowly I worked down to his throat and licked all the way to his ear. He groaned and slammed me against the wall before attacking my lips. As I felt his tongue slid into my mouth I felt a stab of coldness against it, is that a tongue piercing? Damn that's hot.

He trailed his tongue down my cheek, to my ear before coming to my neck, he started to suck, and oh god I better not get a hickey. A knock on the door cause me to snap out of what I was doing. Times up I guess. I pushed him away and gave him one quick peck before walking out of the door. Veronica, Cade, Brooky, Madison and Noah all stood there look surprised.

"I didn't think you'd do it! Damn girl!" Cade cheered out.

They walked back to the lounge room to carry on with their game of dares.

A male figure walked out of the cloak room, people had around them had noticed what had happened. A young girl, smiled before whispering to her friend, the rumours would be spreading like a wild fire soon because the male that had just walked out was Tristian Donovan, Valentina's most hated enemy and she'd just been making out with him.

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