you're fading from my memory,
and i try to grasp at it desperately.
no more dreams of you,
snowy white with black ink streaming down,
gyou completely.

it's almost gone,
i barely remember you,
and i cannot recognize myself.

you've vanished,
disappeared out of thin air.
i can't remember how you look,
or your smile,
or your name,
and i can feel the love washing away with blood.

maybe i never loved you,
but that would be a lie
you destroyed me,
no, you rebuilt me,
but i crumbled by myself.

i am too much to handle, i know that
insanity leading me out of reality,
and everything colliding in blink of an eye,

no more warmth,
a strange sense of coldness and emptiness,
echoing inside my soul.

everything feels so bleak,
and i feel so frightened, and alone,
and so, so dark.

the only thing i can think of is;
why, why, why,
why did i screw up,
what did i do,
did you do this,
is it my fault,
or yours?
you left me,

and you promised me you wouldn't.

now you're just like everyone else,
you left too.

this is all your fault.