*Side note: Sora no Kissu literally translates into "Sky's Kiss", but I'm using a more loose translation, because the Japanese for Kiss in the Sky is a bit awkward and doesn't flow as well for a chapter title.

If you listen to music while reading, I would recommend Broken by Secondhand Serenade for this chapter. The guitar in particular helps the atmosphere of this scene.

Chapter 28: Sora no Kissu~ Kiss in the sky

Chitose stared out the window of the Tempozan Ferris wheel and over the city. They were only about half-way up, but it was already an amazing view. Unfortunately, Chitose was still a bit preoccupied.

Koki sighed. He was probably upset over what had happened at dinner. After all, Koki never did ask what Chitose thought about being open with their relationship. The only people who had known before this had been Koki's parents, Shouta, Yuki-chan, Akira, and before they had died, Chitose's parents. They'd been a bit more touchy in middle school, but they rarely kissed back then, from what Koki remembered, and he didn't think they were as wide open about their relationship as they were now.

"Chitose, I'm sorry. I should have talked to you about it first. I just—"

"Don't apologize."

Koki looked up. "Eh?"

"I said don't apologize. I'm glad that you let people know. I'm just worried about what it will mean for you." Chitose met his eyes reflected in the glass. "You're going to get a lot of crap over this. I'm used to being alone, but you…"

Koki took Chitose's hand. "You don't have to be alone. I'm here."

Tears welled up in Chitose's eyes. "You didn't have to do that for me."

"I know. But I couldn't stand by and watch them do that to you. I told you, you're my responsibility and it's my job to take care of you."

"And I told you, you don't need to take care of me." Finally the tears began to fall.

"Would you have wanted to keep it a secret?" Koki asked. He wanted to wipe away Chitose's tears, but he didn't dare move, not with this uncertainty.

"It doesn't matter to me if people know or not. My parents knew, they even accepted us. Anyone else, they can say and do what they want. But when we were younger, it always seemed like you were more comfortable keeping it a secret. You never said anything, and you never brushed be away or anything, but I always had a feeling you were more comfortable in secret. You've gotten bolder."

"I was young. I was probably scared, but I'm not afraid any more. I just want to be together with you."

Chitose turned to face him, wiping the tears from his eyes. Koki leaned across the cart and gripped Chitose's chin. As the cart rose to its peak, Koki pressed his lips to Chitose's. "Kare-chi, I love you."

Chitose's breath caught in his throat at the words murmured against his lips. In response, he wrapped his arms around Koki's neck and kissed him hard, letting Koki know just how much he loved him.

In their breaths between kisses, Koki murmured into Chitose's ear. "I want to spend my life with you. I want to rediscover every memory I've lost. And I want to make more and more memories together with you. "

"Kou-chi." Chitose began to cry for a new reason now. This was more than he'd ever hoped for, more than he could have dreamed of. Love filled his heart and bubbled over in the form of laughter. Koki crossed to the other seat and sat next to Chitose, holding him as he laughed and cried.

"I love you, too, Kou-chi."