A day in the Wizard Tower

The apprentice carried her Zachary masters books she peeked at the books one made her laugh the title "The Succubus and the Fisherman" which the other Zachary Wizard librarian got from the forbidden section followed by saying "that wizards an idiot" and went back to writing books for apprentices to work on magic. She skipped gay fully through the corridors. Were she finally found her master who was working on magic enhancing drugs which was illegal by Zachary Law however threats of dark magic and bribery led this Wizard Tower safe for now. The then showed the books and the master gave her some praise for getting the job done quickly she lowered her head unable to look her master in his face the wizard then said that Zachary of Aquatic wizards need help in the pool area which was at first the basement but the Zachary wizard had used magic to turn it into a she went down the flight of stairs which was no easy task as the tower had twenty floors all with different enchantments and purposes. Finally she went down to the "pool area" that's what the apprentices called it where she met the Zachary wizard who was about to unveil his new breed he made he then showed the apprentices this maiden that had a upper body of a human and the lower body of a fish. The apprentice was marveled by the creature "it's called a mermaid and from the looks of it she's young but he'll protect the tower. "how the apprentice said puzzled watch with his wand he ordered the creature to come out of the water in an instance it was on two legs walking weakly the creature realizing that she wouldn't exist if it was for the Zachary Wizard hugged her master the apprentice then left the two and reported to the Head Wizard he disapproved of the creature but said as long as it was not dangerous and made the wizard happy that it was okay. The head wizard then said that she had a long day and should return to the apprentice quarters she walked to the quarters it was basic not like the luminous quarters the wizard had. She then saw the other two apprentices a doe eyed girl with yellow hair and freckles and the newest apprentice a girl with purple hair and shy eyes she was very timid "don't worry its hard the first few days then you'll get the hang of it" the doe eyed apprentice said the purple haired apprentice gave a faint smile with their day over they went to their beds and slept the night away hoping one day to have their own tower with their own apprentices.