March came, but the touch of spring hadn't reached the city yet. Or at least that's what Jane figured, given the large coats that everyone on the sea docks was wearing. She could remember feeling cold and heat when she was a class 1 clone, but she couldn't feel it anymore. No doubt one of their 'improvements' that they made on the class 2 clones.

She hated it.

She'd only been alive for a week, and she was already noticing differences. She was stronger, faster, her body healed better, she didn't sleep as much…but her memories and optimism were the same. However the latter felt more forced and hadn't shown itself much due to the trauma of being recloned with only some of her memories including remembering how her previous clone died.

She couldn't forgive Able for that one.

"I don't understand why we're here," she said to Lisa as they walked down the docks. Her heightened senses included smell and the odor of fish made her feel sick to her stomach. She remembered the other Jane loved fish and gorged herself on it whenever she got the chance. Well, another reason to steer clear of it as far as this Jane was concerned.

"Because the police radio picked up a call that sounded like something we'd take."

"We don't take cases," Jane argued, "We eliminate a threat if it comes close to revealing where we've hidden and since everyone seems to know where we've hidden, there's no point. Or if we think we might get answers."

Lisa shook her head, "If this is one of our things, then people could get hurt and normal authorities will be in over their heads. No, we're in the area, I think that we should try and take care of this."

Jane caught her words immediately, "You think. Does anyone else know where we are?"

"I didn't want to say anything unless I see this for myself," she led Jane onto a boat and flashed a fake ID to a police officer, "Who owns the boat?"

"That gentleman over there," the man nodded, "I don't think I've ever seen you at the station before…"

"This is a big city, I don't think I've ever seen you either," she said, taking a formal tone, "You can check my credentials if you want. But I need to talk to that gentleman on the boat while you do. I don't want to be sitting here all day"

The cop muttered something about how he wasn't paid enough for that and lifted the tape. Lisa led Jane over to a tall muscular man about 6'3; he had brown hair and brown eyes and some sort of Native American ancestry. He had a large chin and nose, but it gave him a uniquely handsome face. He stopped talking to the officer and stared at Jane as soon as he laid eyes on her. She didn't like it; no one had ever stared at her like that before.

Well, none that she remembered anyway.

Lisa flashed her badge, "What happened here?"

"Another cop?" he asked with his eyebrows raised, "And who are you supposed to be?"

"I'm Detective Eisley this is Jane."

"As you probably know, I'm Lucas McGraw," He seemed amused and then almost giddy, "She's not a cop?"

"She's a consultant; she provides expertise that we might need in certain situations like this."

"Really," he said in faux thought, "So tell me, what kind of expertise do you need to have to know that this isn't exactly ordinary?"

He moved out of the way so that they could get a clear view of what the problem was. The mast was at a complete 90 degree angle. Several boards around it were either punched through or had boards ripped off the floor. Steel had been pulled up as well and folded as if human hands had the strength in order to move it.

"Do you have an explanation?" he asked in a mocking, amused, and irritated tone, and "Because I'm very curious as to why I'm going to be spending most of the profits I've made this year repairing my boat."