&& when you smile it's like
the whole world just stops.
& it just makes me smile,
you're so fucking amazing.

i sit up late at night & just
think about all the things you
say to me, & realize that,
baby, i never want you to go.

you have such a huge part
of me, & i'm sure if you go,
((like everyone else does))
that i'll have nothing, cause

you're my everything, darlin'.
you're the sun in my sky, the
moon that brightens my dark nights,
and the twinkling stars in my sky.

you shine so damn brightly.
causing smiles to sneak on
my face, even when I just want
to break the fuck down and cry.

from the moment i met you,
you've been able to do that,
& i can't figure out how you
do it. but it's amazing.

right when i was ready to
give up on everything,
you came along, and just
stole my heart.

& when you say you want a
forever with me, & to get married
& have a life together, just you and i,
you don't know how happy it makes me.

you don't understand how
you ended up keeping me
from doing terrible things
when no one else is there.

you don't know how happy
i am to be able to call you
mine. how happy it makes me
to know that i have you.

but i'm so terrified that one
day you won't love me,
you won't want me,
& you'll be gone.

or you'll realize that i'm
just a fucked up girl,
who is never enough,
& always gets left.

i'm not good enough
for you, you're far to
amazing for a girl like me.
i don't deserve you at all.

((but, baby, i'm begging you,
please don't give up on me.))