The square room was pitch black. Not a ray or beam of light, natural or artificial, filtered the room. The windows painted black, bolted shut and shutters drawn. The wooden floor was black, shiny with fresh polish. The walls were black and silver metal with tiny screw peeking along the frames. The metal door had no handles or keyholes, seemingly no way to open it. There was an ebony desk with an ebony chair behind it. And on the desk they would see a glass case.

In the glass case was a glass shelf. And on the glass shelf was another glass case. And in that glass case was a black velvet bag. And for anyone that has x-ray vision or could see through materials, they would see a shiny silver USB. On that USB were secrets. Secrets and plans that could destroy the world as we know it.

A slight creek was heard from behind the door. It softly swung open. There was silence for a few seconds before a ray of torchlight pierced the room. A figure followed after it. The figure only took one step into the room before pausing, tipping it's head to one side. After a few minutes of this it swung out an arm and whacked the wall.

Light instantly flooded the room and the flashlight was flicked off. One could now get a good look at the figure. They could tell it was a boy, no more than fifteen years. He was dressed completely in black; well fitted black pants, a black belt with an assortment of gadgets hanging from it, a sculpted black long sleeved shirt, tight black leather gloves and black combat boots that didn't make a sound as he walked to the desk. As he walked he pulled off a black balaclava, giving us the sight of light freckles across a straight nose, Cupid Bow lips and deep red hair that was now ruffled from the garment.

As he walked around the desk silently, cornflower blue eyes surveyed the glass cases. Reaching for his belt, he pulled out a small screwdriver like object and held it to the glass. Pressing a small button at the bottom of the object lightly, a small blue flame flickered and immediately started melting the glass. In a matter of minutes one side the case was gone, the only evidence that it ever existed a small puddle of goo on the ebony desk.

The boy immediately started on the second case, this one taking even less time. Glancing at a watch on his left wrist, the boy carefully picked up the velvet bag. Slipping two fingers inside, he withdrew the USB, looking at it carefully. A flick of his blow torch and it was a melted pile of metal in his palm. Smiling slightly, he wiped his hand on the velvet bag and left the room, slipping the balaclava on again.

Mission complete. The world was free from danger. For now.