"So what is this mission entitling me to do?" Caolan asked as he struggled to catch up with Ms. Tripe's long and brisk strides. He may be in perfect shape but he was still a good head and a half shorter than her.

"You'll be going undercover as you are aware," she answered, handing him a manila folder. "You'll be located in one of the most private schools in Tasmania."


"The man that informed us about the file, the one you just destroyed, was found murdered in his home and his youngest daughter abducted."

That pulled Caolan up short. He stared at Ms. Tripe's quickly receding back then down at the folder. Murder and abduction. Oh yes, this was a whole different ball game for him. He went into a jog, trying to catch up with Ms. Tripe. Reappearing at her side (slightly out of breath) she began speaking again.

"We have reason to fear that his wife, son and eldest daughter could be in possible danger. We have an agent stationed on the wife but we need you-"

"To go to school," Caolan deadpanned. The last time he went to school he was seven years old.

"Exactly," Ms. Tripe confirmed, pushing open the steel door to the TR. "Let's get your gear. You'll be heading out tonight so you can start tomorrow."

Wait, what day is it? Caolan looked around the room confusedly and then glanced at his watch. Wednesday. It was Wednesday today. He could have sworn it was Saturday…

"Caolan!" Ms. Tripe barked to get his attention. When he looked up she beckoned him over to one of the tables that was covered in all sorts of equipment. Feeling the sleepiness catching up to him, he dragged his feet over and leaned heavily on the edge, stifling a yawn.

Ms. Tripe looked him over before giving his shoulder a light pat. "You'll be able to sleep on your way up. Anyway, let's have a look at what you've got. Gadgets, uniform, books and… what I've been told are popular teen items you probably don't have."

Stifling another yawn behind his hand he turned to look at the stuff. Typical gadgets that he was already familiar with were situated in front of a medium sized black bag. It looked school issued and running his hand along the front, he felt and emblem painted on in black paint. Seemed pretty stupid to him. Unzipping the bag, he saw that it was filled with notebooks, text books, a small green pencil case and a large dark blue binder.

"I wasn't sure what colours you wanted," Ms. Tripe began, "even though it doesn't really matter. I was told most teenagers choose their favourite colours. I've also selected your elective subjects and what I think you enjoy. You have something called PASS which is related to sports, computer engineering which everyone in TC knows you love and History Elective which again, is something we all know you enjoy."

Caolan was shocked. Of course, he didn't let it show on his face but he was. It had been ages since someone knew him so well like Ms. Tripe had just shown. He cleared his throat, mumbled a thank you and moved on to examine the uniform.

He wasn't sure what school uniforms were meant to look like but this one looked pretty good to him. Charcoal pants, black belt, long white sleeved button up shirt, red tie with thin diagonal black lines, black blazer with red trim and the school emblem on the breast pocket. He rocked blazers. There was a pair of charcoal socks next to leather black shoes that much more expensive than he would have ever paid for school shoes.

"Everything should fit but if there are any problems just call in and we'll get it fixed," Ms. Tripe spoke up again. "Now, you should probably get familiar with this equipment."

iPhone, iPad, laptop, skateboard, roller blades, ice skates, DSi console. Caolan began to feel like he was celebrating Christmas, not prepping for a mission.

Ms. Tripe began speaking again. "You also have your issued laptop and phone but those are to remain hidden at all times. Never leave them at home but make sure no civilians see them. Mr. Cruz has… modified the bag and there is a hidden pocket that you can store them."

"You mean I made the bag myself but just based it on the school bag" a voice drifted over, smirk evident in the Spanish accent. Caolan grinned. "Alright Caolan? Not going to go get killed are you?"

"I would never do the Rico," Caolan replied, still grinning. "Thank you for the stuff."

Rico Cruz was in his mid-twenties and of Spanish descent. He was one of the few people in TC that treated Caolan as an equal. Caolan considered him as his 'adopted' uncle.

"Hm, sure," Rico frowned, looking him over. "You look dead. You should be resting, not prepping."

"I need to go on this one Rico," Caolan stated firmly, jaw set. "I need to."

Rico sighed. He knew about the boy's trouble to fit in. "Yeah, okay, just be safe okay?"

Caolan stared at Rico's retreating back before turning to Ms. Tripe. "Is that it? All the equipment?"

"Yes, for now," she told him, looking through her own folder. "More will be sent out depending on what information you relay back to us. Now, what you are actually trying to do is get close to the kids. Their files are in the folder. Read up on them. You need to see if there is any threat to them in the school and if someone is working alongside our mole. Once you do, take them out."

"I'm not killing anyone," Caolan said quickly, glancing at her. "I have a clean record, I'm not ruining that."

Ms. Tripe's mouth formed a thin line before she stiffly nodded. "Do what you have to just make sure the risk is eliminated. Hopefully we'll find the mole before anything goes bad."

"And the girl that was kidnapped?" Caolan asked. "What about her?"

"You leave that to the grown ups, hey little man?" a new voice joined them.

Caolan stifled a grown. He knew that voice anywhere. He bit back a grunt when a hand heavily slapped his shoulder and tried not to glare at the man that was now standing next to him. Ryan Nuval, twenty-three, was one person that Caolan despised with every fibre in his body. The man was rude to him, belittled him and on a few occasions physically harmed him. Admittedly those times were when they were paired up in the gym for training but in Caolan's opinion that was beside the point.

"I have to work with him?" he whined, not even trying to keep the dislike out of his voice.

"Yes," Ms. Tripe confirmed, nodding. "However, you both report to me. Neither of you are in charge on this mission. I am. Is that understood?" She fixed them with a heavy glare.

"Yes ma'am!" Caolan and Ryan said, though Ryan was smirking. Bastard, Caolan thought.

"Good," she nodded again. "Now suit up. Caolan, you suit will be able to be worn under your uniform. There is also a wallet in the front pocket of your bag with your student time table in it and some money. Keep that on you at all times as it has you Agent ID Card (AIDC) in it as well. You can both return to your dorms to get your additional gear. You'll be leaving in half an hour. Chop chop."

"Well, this will be fun," Ryan muttered, not even attempting to hide his sarcasm as they walked along the corridors. The few agents that were milling about raised eyebrows at the pair. It was no secret that the two didn't get along.

Caolan sighed. This was going to be one tedious mission…