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To be bullied And Then What?

These hallways are driving me insane with the white-off paint, the teachers dressing with senses of purity, students rubbing up against each other (too much PDA people), and people shoving to get somewhere but getting nowhere fast. I hate high school but I can't get an enough of it, it is addicting especially when you're babe like me. You got the Spanish look going the olive skin tone and the spiked raven short hair with rainbow bracelets added to the several lip tongue nose eyebrow piercings and the bit of shimmering lip gloss. Yummy, right…I know. It would be all fine if I just didn't have this one little problem 'Jed' the asshole-the fag hater-the hulk of bitchiness-the shiznit fucker that won't let me be. He's irritating. I would love to have a boyfriend to lust over but I'm afraid of what Jed might do to me or even him. There's not one day that goes by that I don't get called a fag or a maricon which is the same damn thing in my language but worse, I hate it.

Here comes the hater now. My lunch hour ruined the end of my life oh no what a shame I drowning in sorrow boo-who-who. Fuck that crap, I'm better than that and I don't have to take shit. Sure I can get in a lot of trouble for what I'm about to do but I've been really lonely without a hunky-monkey to snuggle with because this ass-hole Jed scares every guy that I like away. Fuck it, I'm gunna punch this bitch. "Hey fag? Where are you hiding that pink tight leather skirt of yours queer?" He then slams his hand on the lockers to make his point. "You really get off on this-no?" "Say that shit again and I'll hit you." Yes, he said the magic word. I jab my arm back and hit him with my fist right in the nose. Yay, me! I was fucken tired of his shit, for two years I dealt with his harassment and abuse. No more if he wants a fight bring it, bitch. My hazel eyes were enough of a challenge to push it further.

"You fucken fag you hit my nose." His hatred sparked and I was ready. He grabs me and pushes me down to the floor he out me by strength but I out won him but speed. My uncle was a cool man that just came out of prison and he taught me how to move swiftly in a fight, he did this because he was worried that his only nephew that was gay would end up beaten to death. I really loved him right now cause I can't really believe I just hit this 6 foot wrestling match type of guy. My rambling in my head got in the way and he dealt a blow towards the end of my eye socket.

I fucken hate bruises…on my face!

"YOU BITCH!" I grab him by the arms and flip us over with me on top and started hitting like I was a psycho. A hit here a hit there suddenly I heard the chanting the roar of the crowd the gathering around us just to see the fight, the queer verse the bully.

He flipped us over one last time and he hit me right on the side of my mouth then my chin next my stomach Gezz that fucken hurt. Please someone stop this already, I can't breathe. I felt like this was going to be my last K.O moment when my prayer was answered by the macho coach that teaches math. "Get off of him!" He pulled Jed off of me and lifted me of the floor with a forceful tug. Ugh my guts just felt like I ate too much, it hurts. "Pequeno!" That voice would be my bestie Denieces. I know I looked like a mess but I smiled anyways. "Hey, bestie." "YOU look awful." "Benny, Jed-office now." "I know right but I'm still good looking." "Not the way you look right now, I would say I beat you in that contest today." She than give me a friendly kiss on the cheek. "Go now call me when you get home, sexy cocker-roach." I dropped my jaw but I really wanted to laugh but it hurt too much so I smiled instead than waving goodbye I followed the angry Coach.

The Coach marched us to the office at the front of the building and the walk there just felt so long.

I kept looking over at Jed who kept looking over at me and for some odd reason I just had to look down at his crotch and there it was-his manhood. Fiercely hard and look like it was aching being cooped up in his jeans. My face turned hot red because I was checking out Jed 'the Jed' the one I tried to fight but lost too and the blush wasn't just because of that, but also he saw me look. Quickly I looked away but it was already too late so I kept moving. "Maricon." I heard him whisper. "Yes I am a fag but yo no soy el que esta brotando un woody!" "Be quiet the both of you." We walk in silence than on. We reach the office, after a long speech from Mr. Reagan we both got in school suspension for our first offence but really it wasn't our first fight but this one was pretty bad. An I don't know how Jed ever had a clean record when he's a totally ass.

We were sent home early too, to be tortured by our parent's rants of disappointment and how low fighting was but it wasn't like that for me at all. I got home and I swear it was like my father was very proud of me? His son that was such a sissy in his eyes that now coming home all bruise up he took pride in me. My father still not very happy that his son was gay but he likes the idea that his son stood up for what he likes and what he believes in and that he didn't back down. He knew that his son was a feminine-man but now also knew he was a man that wouldn't take crap. "Hijo, tráeme una cerveza y una para ti y vamos a ver la televisión mientras esperamos a su tío para llegar aqui." My daddy loves me. He wants me to drink with him and I'm only seventeen. I'm so happy that my face hurts when I smile I go and give him a big hug. "Ya hijo." I run to the kitchen giggling taking out the beers and then run back to take a seat on the couch handing my dad one. As much as my face hurts I couldn't stop smiling. By what my father said my uncle was coming to visit or more like congratulate me. The door bell rang and it was my uncle all big and buff with his chest puffed out in his suit, his short buzz cut with his thick eye brows and stubble chin and his prison tattoos slightly showing from his open collar shirt. He was the dream man that I was looking for, not like that you prevs, but someone like him would be my idea Mr. Right. "Benny!" "Tio!" I latch onto his arm and hug him. "Let me see what happen." He takes me inside and examines my face. "I bet that hurt." "Not as much if you didn't show me those kick ass moves." "See I knew that would come to good use." He turns around and lands on sofa. "Hey bro." "I-not your bro, Samuel." "Sorry. I forget you're an old fart stuck in the pass that doesn't like slang." "I like slang but not American slang." I take that as my exit and head down the hallway towards my bedroom.

My uncle and father tented to fight a lot because they have different views but somehow manage to get along my father being the oldest and my uncle being well obliviously younger. With my mother decease it's been only my father and me including my uncle. My uncle's life is something we don't know very much about though. He likes to keep it a secret and all we know is that he earns money helps use with bills and lives near a beach and visits when he can. I once ask my father if was okay to go see my uncle but all that he said in Spanish was your uncles life is his business and we shouldn't be doing anything to inconvenience him but watch his back. I knew then that my uncle hadn't change his ways since going to prison. He doesn't talk much about prison only that it was very hard on the mind and body and that he never wants to go back. My father on other hand works for the city building highways and bridges and what not comes home very late or very early. He is constantly covered in dust and mud but he likes honest to good labor it keeps his mind busy not thinking of my mother, his wife that he misses so much. I do miss my mother too sometimes. I was still very young when we lived in Mexico when she died. My father had said that when she was on her way to pick me up from school she was shot by a drive by that wasn't really directed at her but she was just there at the wrong place at the wrong time.

As for me I can't stop think of Jed it's all that is on my mind at this point the rolling around beating each other up and his strong hands touching my bare arms, can you say shivers? Plus he was hard from just our little bashing its weird but cute. I mean he is a total ass but maybe a total ass that can be trained. No, no, what am I thinking this is the guy that constantly calls me a fag. But it is the truth and it's not like I'm not out and he can't be a total homophobe I mean he got hard for god sake. And I do like a little tug of war every once in awhile. But what if it's his thing to talk dirty and just really is a pervert? I mean it would really neat to just fuck with him a little. He's not ugly or overly handsome. I don't see why not? Sigh, I talked myself into it's probably because I'm horny and really desperate but he would make a good toy. Oooh, that's sounds kinky.

That morning I was so looking forward to seeing Jed. I was whizzing by everything from picking out a sexy outfit, showering, dressing, eating breakfast which was really fast, to getting on the bus. I was practically jumped out of the bus when it stopped and ran inside to the ISS room. I scanned the room and there he was all moody and ready to be played with. I grinned big like the Cheshire cat when I approach him. From across the room I heard the teacher yell "Benny you are not to go near Jed and that goes for him too I will not allow fighting in my classroom." That stopped me in my prowl but it gave Jed a chance to call me a fag and I swiftly kick his ankle. "Niños malos necesitan ser entrenados." Quickly walking away I took a seat two seats away from him. I wasn't going to let him out of my sight.

I did all of my homework and class work all in one day because I planned most of my two-weeks of ISS fucking Jed literally and mental but mental first if I had the patience. "Teacher I need to go the baño." "Go than but take the pass with you." "Why can't you say bathroom like other people do instead of your weird language." I heard Jed mumble before I even made it to the door, already starting shit. "¿Por qué sólo tengo que hablar Inglés cuando yo sé los dos idiomas. No sólo soy americano, pero también mexicano-americano. Mi idioma aprendida primero de los cuales es español. Estúpido!"

"What?" "That's what I said dumb bitch." Smiling while opening the door and walk-out.

Coming back and taking a seat the day is almost done and I can finally go home and rest. This is really slow progress I'm making if I not able to touch him but I probably can entice him but how. Then the light bulb flashed on. I get my cute shoulder bag off the floor and set it up like a pillow. Leaning my head up against the shoulder bag while facing in Jed's direction I pull a pencil out of the pocket holder. Holding it my lips and start liking it like was the best pencil every made. With the other arm I curl it around my head blocking everyone else view but his. I softly speak Jed's name till he looks directly at me my mouth puckering around the pencil's eraser than sliding my tongue done the side and last licking the tip of the eraser with my tongue lashing the metal side. Finally I gently bite into the side leaving shallow teeth marks. I giggle a little because he is almost drooling but mad at the same time. Digging his nails into his pants frustrated he looks away. Got you bitch. I bet you would love that.

I put my things away before the bell. I need to get away before he gets his hands on me again. I made progress but I can't endure another fight. To see this yummy sexual frustration is not good enough for me but I can't push further, can I? I mean I can but will he get angrier. To push a little further and take him to my home but then would I be a slut? Well no cause I don't wanna sleep with anyone else but him and just yesterday he was the evil Jed but now he's just a sexual frustrated Jed with nowhere to go but his hand and I really wouldn't mind him. I think my father and uncle would really disappointed in me if they found out that I thought with my dick instead my gay heart but who am I kidding when my gay heart is thinking the same thing as my dick 'Fuck that bastard and make him wither' Oh shit I'm over heated now I got a woody. Bad, Benny.

The bell rings signaling for us to leave to the buses. I run over to Jed's side of the room and grab him by the hand and lead him out the door when he doesn't have a clue of what's going on. "Where are you taking me you, fucken homo?" Ignore his rants, making our way through the crowds to the outside than to the buses. I pull him onto the first set of stairs of the bus before he yanks his hand out of my grasp. "Are you taking home with you?" I'm peeved. I grab him by his ear and pull it up towards my mouth and whispering. "I'm taking you home with me so we can fix that dirty mouth of yours and put it to good use." I pull him into the bus taking his chances of him running away.

"What makes you think I want to go home with you, Fag?"

"Because I fucken want you to that's why."

"Why do you?"

"So I can talk to you."

"So suddenly I'm your release or whatever it is you fags do?"

"No!" Yes.

"So then why am I on the bus with you to your house?"

Pulling his ear down again I whisper "Porque tú me vas a joder. Y luego te voy a tener como novio."

He sighs rubbing his temples "Why do keep speaking Spanish to me when I don't fucken understand it."

"Cause I know it turns you on especially a good ass kicking."

He raised an eye brow. "What the fuck? No it does not."

"Maybe it doesn't but I know a little tussling does."


"Why am I a problem that you constantly call me a fag?"

"I don't know."

"Is it because you're scared of me? Or is it that you don't want to be seen with a gay so you choose to bully me to make a point."


"Than are you hiding something like maybe you want to try being with a gay man cause your curious?"

He looked down than like I open some sort of door. I grab his hand and lead him to the back seat of the bus. Slightly caressing his cheek I continue speaking. "I can give you want you want Jed the little roughness of a man the deep passionate kisses and fulfilling your sexual curiosity." He look moody again like he wanted to be the same ass-hole Jed with a glint in his eyes but I wasn't going to let him. A push was all he needed. I slithered my hand up his leg and gently grab hold and leaning in to kiss his lips. Than pulling away completely incase he wanted to hit me. "Jed?"

"Maybe it's from yesterday that I can't seem to hit you again but also because your fucked up face is just getting to me now." I couldn't help but laugh at that he really was a number one ass hole. I know it's horrible but he really did me in but he didn't leave all sparkly either. He almost looks worse than me. But I can't help thing his battle scars are hot even when I'm the one that did them.

"Come on we're here."

Taking his hand I lead him to my front porch up the stairs and unlock the front door.

"Your house is very old timey. It looks like I walked a decade backwards; I mean you got old looking couches with red and yellow flower print and your box TV instead of a flat screen." I shush him up with my finger on his lips. "I think for you being an ass-hole naturally is you, not just a part-time job."

I take him by the shirt and lean in to steal a kiss opening my mouth slightly inviting him to invade and lead me with his tongue. Testing the waters he nervously licks my bottom lip I moan encouraging to continue he then ravishes me like he was kiss a girl. Can you say boring? I pull way to breathe. "You know I might be smaller than you, but you know you can be more forceful I'm not going to brake." He opens his eyes suddenly like the heat off the fog had lifted and went; he then pulls my hands away from his shirt pushing me to the ground. Startled I end up landing on my butt with my hands catching some of the fall. "¿Qué carajo?"

"I can't! Me being the bottom would definitely bug the shit out of me."

"What? Whoever said you would play the bottom."

"Just the way you keep attacking me, Fag?"

"Huh? Quit it with that fag shit. My name is Benny or Ben and you can leave if you're going to continue to call me that in my house."

"Sorry, okay it's a habit."

"Your forgive but back to the topic at hand. I usual don't play the lead I really like to be leaded if you get my point but I'm okay with both."

"So you're okay with me leading."

"If you're not too scared and you do know how to do it right."

"Yes, I slept with some women that like it from behind." I felt like his eyes twinkled a little then like they knew something I didn't.

"Then I'm no different except that I'm male and I'm not afraid of punching you."

"Yeah I think we both know that."

"But one thing though, I want you to have sex with me and you only me. I don't want to share a grumpy guy that is mean with no one else. Maybe I dealt with your harassment and abuse for two years because well I like the fighting and the name calling. And just maybe somewhere inside me my masochist side is coming out and reaching out to you to play with me because I like it."

"You're a freak. You know that?"

"So are you. Who else gets turn on when beating on someone else's while they're in pain?"

"Shut up."




He looks at me hard and reaches over and slaps me. Surprisingly it wasn't painful but it did tingle a little.

"Sadistic freak."

He pushes me down on to the floor with his shoe touching my chest. Yes this is what I want. "Quit it Benny."

I lick my lips and reach down to drag his foot away from my chest towards my crotch. "Stop it." I make him push a little pressure down while hissing in pleasure. Looking up in his eyes I say. "Fuck me Jed."

"You're stupid."

Swift as possible he moves his leg away from my crotch and bends down to take my hand and yanks me up from the living room floor. He suddenly is leading me by the hand towards the hallway to the bedrooms. First looking into the first room the guess room than my father's room than finally realizing my mine was the very last door of the three bedroom one bath house. He opens it and throws me on to the bed facing the door sideways. I hear the door slam shut and immediately he lands on top of me. "You wanted this remember. No turning away or crying." I nod opening my hands wanting him to continue with his plans. Striping me of my clothes he forcefully tells me not to move, he goes and comes back with some Vaseline. "Where did you find that?" "It doesn't matter open your legs."

My prick is cold from the air in the room that it shriveled up but came back to life once he just barely touched my leg. He grabs hold of my shafted and yanks it receiving a moan from me. "You like that?" I nod it feels way better than me doing it. He continues to touch me there shifting with his lips from biting my nipples to nipping at my thigh. Never really touching his mouth to my dick. Surprisingly he's experienced. "Do you want me to suck you off?" I try and reach out to him as in yes but he just pushes me down again. "No touching me." I pout mentally. "I want to come." "Wait."

He reaches over to the Vaseline and coats his fingers in it. "What are you going to do with that?" "Finger fuck you." He pulls my legs wider apart and I can't help anticipate the invasion, relaxing my body I wait till I feel the first knuckle go in. I groan out a heavy sigh. Heat comes to the surface when I just keep looking at him in the eyes as he inserts another knuckle. He smiles sheepishly like he's doing something right. Scissoring me he accidently touches the bundle of joy in my body. "Ahh." "Bingo." I look at him evilly for highlighting my senses up and make me ready to explode. "Jed." I whined. Pulling out his fingers he gets up off the bed and undress from head to toe. Coating himself in the Vaseline he gets on the bed again. I can help but notice the bruises from the day before and the suddle muscle definition along with his massive cock that has width and length. Pubic hairs reach up to his navel then lightly brown hair covers his chest and pecks. He lifts my leg over his shoulder getting a full view of my puckering hole and dick. "You want me." I nod silently. He rubs his membrane in between my cheeks. "How badly?" He lifts his eyebrow trying as always to make a point. "Badly." I reach over and slightly push the tip of the head in. "That badly huh?" He slaps my ass I yelp in surprise than the shock doesn't wear off till he thrust in one quick movement filling me up to the hilt. "Fuck you're tight."

He slow starts to thrust in and out teasing me. Ramming the head back in and out again till final he stays inside me but picks up the speed like I was his cement and he was my drill. I couldn't keep quiet my voice finally seeped out once he found me sweet spot. I hung on for dear life in the mist of bliss with a hand to the pillow behind my head and the other hand thrusting at my own cock. "JED!" He pulls my legs both on his shoulders lifting more of my bottom off the bed giving all my support to my head and back. "Oh fuck, Meeeeee Jedddd! ¡Más fuerte!" I kept looking at the head board of my bed as I listened to him pound into me. The slapping of the skin the sweat running down our bodies his every breath and groaning I fucken loved it. He spanked me several times telling me I was a very bad boy for seducing him. Till I heard the door of my room flung open looking over I saw it was my uncle. But the last thrust hit directly into my sweet spot making me cum into a hard white gaze of an orgasm yelling out Jed's name and spill my seed before even giving me uncle a reasonable reaction to his intrusion. The clenching of my hole around Jed lead him to cum too before he could even react to who was at my bed room door. He fell in between my legs dropping both my legs on either side of him. But the post bliss was full interrupted by my uncle yanking Jed of me and flinging him against my bare blue wall. It was very uncomfortable on my part when he made Jed pull out so fast and than he was thrown. I reached over and grab the first shirt I could find being Jed's. In need to clean up this understanding. I run over to Jed and throw him his pants blocking him from my uncle's rage for what he's mad for I don't really know. "Stop it. He didn't do anything it was all me." "You disrespected your father's house!" "No it's my room! I have every right to do what I want in this room."

"No you don't. You're still too young."

"But yet I'm old enough to have a beer with my father?"

"That's different that was a treat."

"No once you gave me that 'treat' but because that certain time I was also treat differently gave me permission not in words but in 'read in between the lines 'kinda thing that I was a man and I was old enough to choose what I decided. And I decide to have sex with Jed."

"Benny I think I should go."

"No stay put." My uncle's eyes lash behind me to my boyfriend to be a deadly glare one that I've never seen.

"He needs to leave Benny he's no good for you."

"And how would you know that? You have never met him and he doesn't need to leave when I want him here. If you don't fucken like it go."

"I'm not leaving until he leaves."

"Benny I don't wanna be in the way I think I need to go."

I turn around and stare at Jed right in the face. "What you to? Fuck I'm over here trying to get my uncle to leave so we can continue what we were doing so I could ask you to be my boyfriend and you wanna leave. You bitch!"


"Shut up I don't have time to be playing who cursed or whatever this game we made is."

Then I heard my uncle speak up to Jed. "You need to leave Jed before I go to the boss and tell him that you're fucking my nephew. Remember rule number two Leave each other's family's alone."

"I was going to leave anyways after I fucked him."

"Wait, Wait, Wait a minute here. You two know each other?"

"Yes." They said together.

"Why do ya'll know each other?"

"Cause him and I are both underlings for our boss."

I look over to Jed. "Is that true?"


"How come you didn't say anything?"

"Cause we aren't supposed."

"So uncle did you know Jed went to school with me?"

"I assumed later after seeing the bruises on him at work later that night."

"So you are you who you say you're Jed? Were you really curious or just conning me and saying that?"

"Curious of what?" my uncle said.

"Sleeping with men?" I replied.

My uncle Samuel than went from suddle to enraged. "You bastard conning my little nephew and telling him lies when you're the biggest queer around. Sleeping with every man in your sight except for the ones you work with!"

"He was the one enticing me. I just happen to play along with his little confused mind. I never said or promise to be with him. Or say that I never slept with a man. I am who I am and being an ass-hole to get me what I want is my specialty. I just played with my food until I thought is ready then letting them lead me to my desert."

"YOU DICKWAD! I know I lead you on today but I didn't know you had me string by the neck for Fucken two years!"

This didn't make me the predictor but like he said his fucken desert. I was pissed so really pissed but I can't be the one too lash out when I was the one that seduced even when I knew something was up, I mean that was amazing sex no amateur would know about where to direct a hit to any man's my sweet spot. I really wanna hit him so badly but it will just make me a hypocrite. Taking my shirt off and throwing it at Jed turning around and sitting on the bed I hung my head in my hands mumbling I said "Just leave Jed…" I could feel four pair of eyes staring at me.


"Shut up Tio! This my problem…Jed fucken leave…NOW!"

I heard scrambling of clothing before hearing the front door slam shut.


Looking up holding back tears facing my uncle then remembering I'm butt naked in my room with no clothes on pissed as hell with semen leaking out my ass, lovely ain't it.

"Go away Tio, I need to shower…and you stand there aren't helping when I just had sex and my bits and pieces are showing off especially my cuming face which is very embarrassing considering you're my uncle and that reminds me…what the fuck are you doing here because basically you ruined my orgasm?"

Starring at my uncle I saw him blush for the very first time. Well that's just creepy. This muscle man uncle blush it's going to rain today.

"Please tell me your not remember me having sex?"

His blush darkens, okay awkward moment. Cleaning his throat he then speaks "Your father had to do some out of town work for the city and left me to take care of you while he was gone. I think he said three days to a week, I don't really know it was said to fast for me to really catch on."

Rolling my eyes "So is that why you just flung open the door and threw him which was very uncomfortable for me by the way."

His eyes widen like he's was sorry and embarrassed. "I just heard noises than when I saw his face I got angry and saw stars…sorry but still he's bad news."

"Yes, Tio I get the memo I won't see him again." Lifting of the bed giving my back to him I pick up my shirt never realizing I was giving him a whole view of everything.

"God you're so sexy." Wait rewind did he just say what I think he said. No it can't be uhh hell this is my uncle. "What the fuck did you say?"

"I said your ass looks good."

"You can't be saying shit like that when you're my uncle?"

"You might call me your uncle but we're not related by blood more like I'm your father's friend like a blood brother I was the one who help him sneak out of Mexico."

I knew my father had help getting out of Mexico but this weird so he really isn't my uncle fuck what else can be leading me by the noses that I don't see coming.

"Well whatever leave uncle or not I'm still fuck horny as hell and you stand there in the door way aren't helping."

"Maybe I can help?"

"Okay that's weird." He walks up to me pushing my face first it the bed. Lick the side of me ear I can help but seem to moan a little. Hello earth to dick your horny but this is weird.

"I can make the ache go away." I hear the zipper unzip off his jeans pants falling to the floor kicking them to the side. He spiting his hand rubbing it all up and down his manly shafted. I can help drool when I know I'm kick myself mentally that this wrong I'm lonely and deprived and broke and horny as hell. No, I can't.

Pushing him away and look directly at his face instead of down knowing fully well if I do I'll lose all control. "I don't give a rats ass if you're my Tio by blood or not I still respect you and I really love my dad and if he's hiding something from me I hope he'll tell me one day but I won't have sex with someone that's precious to my father. So fucken get out."

Zipping up he says "Well that's too bad. Me and you could have had a real good time but I warn you never see that Jed guy again." With that said he leaves the room.

Embarrassed I go and take a quick shower crying a little in the shower like a pansy cause for one I was so gullible and just was acting like a awful slut or people like to say manwhore.