A/N - Hey everyone! So here is a little teaser, something to give everyone a taste of the piece I'm currently working on. One of my biggest pet peeves is unfinished works. As such, I will do everything in my power to make sure that You Are My Only Family is completed. I've already gotten the bulk of the first few chapters written (currently working on editing them), and I know the plot line and ending and everything; I just need to get it all down in words =P Once I start posting chapters, I'll do my best to post regularly. Anyways, I hope you like!


You Are My Only Family


It was a typical Friday night. Work at the garage this week had been exhausting; we were backed up a bit, so I had to put in a lot of extra hours. My muscles were sore and I was in need of a good fuck. Now, after a good meal and a shower, I was on the prowl.

The club was dimly lit, the dance floor occasionally lit with sporadic bursts of neon light. Sitting at the bar, I had a good view of the gyrating masses of flesh. The room was filled with men in varying degrees of undress, and I scanned the room as I downed my drink. Though the night was still young, the selection of bedmates was good.

Across the room, I spied a hot young blonde. He was shirtless, showing off pale skin, a slim build, and a sizable tattoo across his shoulder. I caught his eye and with a smirk on my face, I raised an eyebrow suggestively. He bared his teeth at me playfully, pushing off of the wall. As he made his way through the writhing mass of people, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket.

"Damn!" I swore silently. Of all times! Pulling the device out of my front pocket, I checked the caller ID. It was Madeline.

"This better be good Madeline, I'm in the middle of something!" I growled. The hot blonde was almost halfway across the room; I didn't want to be caught up on the phone when he was within arm's reach. I had better things to do with my mouth than chew the flab with my gossip-loving friend.

"Hey there darling'! Already charmin' the pants off another innocent boy?" I could barely hear her voice over the music of the club. "I'll just wait 'till you get your pants back on and call you later then. Ciao!"

I hung up the phone just as the blonde boy was emerging from the crowd. He looked around for a moment, but when he spotted be, his sombre expression was split with a grin.

"Hey there," he said huskily, putting his hands on my knees.

I spread my knees apart and drew him closer, placing my hands on his hips. "Hey there yourself," I drawled, flipping my honey brown hair out of face.

The blonde's icy blue eyes looked into my bright amber ones as he smiled. "Adam," he said, introducing himself.

"Scott," I managed to husk out before moving forwards and crushing his pale, pink lips to mine. He returned the kiss hungrily and greedily as his hands smoothed up my thighs, my waist, my abs, and rested on my chest.

I plundered his mouth, and Adam moaned. When he gasped for breath, I latched onto his neck, kissing, biting, and sucking at his skin. I lost track of time as I immersed myself in the feeling of my lips on his neck. There's just something about the taste, the smell, the feel of sweat and skin under my lips, my teeth, my tongue. It just sends shivers down my spine. I love it.

I moaned in protest when Adam pulled back, detaching my mouth from the hickey I was making on his collar bone. "My place or yours?" he panted.

"Mine. Let's go." I said, slapping some bills on the counter for my drink and dragging him out of the building. I could hear him laughing at my eagerness, but I couldn't care less. I wanted to be in his pants, the sooner the better.

The chilly September air replaced the sweltering, humid air of the club. Hailing a cab was easy, and the moment the door of the taxi closed behind us, I barked out the address to my apartment complex and latched onto Adam's skin again, earning me a chuckle from the blonde. The musky scent of skin and sweat was like a drug to me, and I had been addicted to it from the moment I had lost my virginity.

I was drawn from my reverie by Adam's scream and the sound of screeching tires.

Flashing lights. Baring car horns. Screams.