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You Are My Only Family

Chapter 22

I gasped as Scott sucked down on my neck. The pain was sweet and welcomed, and it sent a spike of arousal straight into my pants. Good lord, I haven't been this worked up in over ten years. I could feel Scott's hardness at my back, which only fuelled and heightened my own.

In one swift motion, I was twirled around and we came face to face. My eyes fell shut as our mouths crashed together into a hungry and passionate kiss. When Scott's thick, slick tongue licked across my lips, I moaned. He took the opportunity to probe my mouth with that skilled muscle as my eyes fluttered shut.

My hands fisted at his back, clutching the fabric of his shirts tightly. My legs were turning to jelly, and almost all of my body weight was leaning on Scott's strong, broad frame. Oh god, I was so turned on the world was spinning. I jumped in surprise when I felt Scott squeeze my ass, but I loved it. I loved the way Scott was being slightly aggressive, and the way he held me possessively had both my heart hammering in my chest and my cock throbbing in my pants.

I breathed a deep throated groan into our kiss when Scott rolled his hips forwards, pressing me into the counter. My hips bucked back against his, rubbing our tented pants against each other. We worked up a slow rhythm, and soon I was quivering with arousal in Scott's brilliantly toned arms. It was getting really hard for me to breathe, and everything had become overheated, but I couldn't break away, even if I wanted to.

Even though we were already plastered together, it wasn't enough. I swung a leg up and around his waist, smashing our groins together.

"Fuuuuuck!" Scott groaned deeply at the increased contact. His hands were hot and burning, blistering my skin. It felt oh so good. "Mmmm. God, Will, you feel so good." Scott echoed my thoughts. His voice was rough and dripping with arousal.

Gasping for breath, I slipped my hands under the fabric of his shirts as he tugged mine free from my pants. Scott's skin was hot and getting slick with seat. I could feel the chords of strong, toned muscle beneath my palms. He felt so incredibly hot under my fingertips. Hastily, I stroked my hands up and down his back as we kissed heatedly, my slender fingers massaging the hard flesh.

One of Scott's own hands had slipped into my pants to properly grope my ass. He squeezed tightly and possessively with it as his other hand carded through my hair.

"Scott," I husked, my voice heavy with want. "Bedroom."

Scott's eyes widened alarmingly before they squeezed tight as he moaned. "Oh god," he whispered. Without hesitation, he hooked a hand under my standing leg, hefting me up off the floor. I wrapped my legs around him for balance as he carried us up the stairs. As he moved, I glued my lips to his deliciously sweaty skin. He tasted exactly the way he smelled: spicy, like a mix of peaches and cinnamon, only it was salty and much more intense. I couldn't help the moan that escaped my vocal chords; it was making me so hard it hurt. Scott's skin tasted so amazing, I had to wonder how other parts of him would taste… My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I attacked his throat. God, I was so close to the edge, just from the savory tang of his skin.

I was so occupied with everything Scott that I was barely aware of our surroundings. I only realized that we were upstairs once the bedroom door closed behind us.

"Wait," I panted, squirming a bit in Scott's arms. Scott paused and gave me a worried look, but I ignored him and twisted around so that I could reach the doorknob. When the lock clicked into place, Scott's tense expression dropped as he realized what I was doing.

"Oh," he said shakily, "Right. Good idea."

It took him all of two strides to go from the door to the foot of the bed. Less than a second later, I was lying on the sheets with Scott on top of me, our tongues duelling fiercely. Immediately, I slipped my hands under his shirt again, but this time, it wasn't enough. I was addicted, and I needed to up the dosage. I needed to feel him, dammit! Desperately!

A moan from deep inside Scott's throat escaped and his whole body shuddered with pleasure the moment my hands touched his skin. Scott's hips began grinding me into the bed as I explored his body with my fingers. God, he was so toned, it was driving me crazy. I couldn't get enough of him. My hands stroked and kneaded his firm muscles appreciatively. I could feel the power and strength in his body, and it was driving me absolutely insane.

"Off," I whined between kisses, tugging at his shirts. "Need… need to – oh god – need to feel you…" I gasped between kisses.

Scott smirked, but didn't tease me. He sat up on his knees, straddling me and then grabbed the fabric roughly. With the material bunched in his fists, he ripped – no joke, literally ripped the thing, buttons flying everywhere (I'm pretty sure one bounced off my face but I was too stunned to notice) – off his body. My jaw dropped, and I stared, wide eyed. I wouldn't have been surprised if drool dripping from my gaping mouth was staining the sheets underneath me, but I wasn't really paying attention to that.


My brain short-circuited.

I think – I think – that may have been the hottest – the hottest – thing I've ever – ever – seen in my entire – fucking – life. I think watching that almost – almost – made me cum on the spot. Right there. No joke.

"Like what you see?" Scott teased.

My mind was still fizzing uselessly, so the best I could manage was a stunned nod. Scott chuckled huskily at my reaction.

When my brain finally clicked back online, I realized that Scott was topless and I was not. In an embarrassed scramble, I began fumbling with the buttons of my own shirt, but Scott placed his large, warm hands on mine, stopping me.

"Let me," he whispered, leaning down. My eyes fluttered shut. Oh god.

I let my arms fall to the side and my head fell back with a moan. Scott's fingers were gentle yet nimble. He laid soft but heated kisses to my already overheated skin as it was bring exposed. Every time his tongue flicked out to taste my skin, I shivered uncontrollably. When all the buttons were undone, Scott slid his mouth back up my chest, leaving a wet trail in his wake. I gasped and arched off the bed when he sucked down on my nipple, his hands working the shirt over my shoulders and arms. He nibbled lightly at that sensitive spot on my chest, and I think at that moment my brain went permanently offline.

Once I was bare from the waist up, I pulled Scott back up to my face to steal more kisses. Our bare chests rubbed against each other as we kissed and our hips rocked back and forth, stoking the flames of our desire. The skin to skin contact was simply electrifying; I swear I was burning in a raging inferno. Scott's piercings were hot against my skin; they scraped roughly against me, setting my nerves on fire. God, those things were amazing. Out of breath and panting from the kisses, I moved against Scott in rhythm, eliciting more heated groans from the man on top of me.

It felt incredible; all of my senses were overwhelmed: the salty taste of his sweat, the musky, sexed up scent of his skin, the arousing little moans and gasps, the unbelievable feeling of hot, firm, strong, powerful muscles moving against mine. My mind was spinning, drunk with pleasure, but it still wasn't enough. I needed more. In one swift motion, I wrapped my legs firmly around Scott's waist and flipped us, so that he was now lying on his back and I was on top of him.

Scott yelped in surprise, but eased into a light, albeit breathy laugh. "Looks like someone's a bit eager," he teased.

I was too aroused to tease back, and too hungry for more to say a word. Immediately, my lips were once again glued to his skin. However, now with the absence of his shirt, I was free to explore his body with my mouth.

I was instantly drawn to the steel on his chest. Hungrily, I chomped down on Scott's piercing and ravished it was everything I had. Nipple piercings were my biggest sexual fetish; the hard bite of metal on my tongue and the hot, flushed skin drove me higher and higher, until it was the only thing that existed.

Faintly, as if in the distance, I heard Scott cry out as my teeth nipped at his sensitive, pierced skin. His back arched, and he gripped me tightly as I ravished his nipple.

"HAHhhhh-AHHHHH!" He was losing control, his body trembled violently with pleasure, and his grip became deadly. "OH FUUUUU-AHHHHH!-UUUUUUUCKKKKKK!" he cried as I relentlessly continued. Hm… looks like I found a rather… ah… sensitive spot. Silently, I smirked to myself. Looks like my biggest turn on wasn't mutually exclusive.

I let go of the nipple ring in my mouth with a pop, but without mercy, I was attached to the other one as soon as I had released the first, and began my assault anew. Scott quivered and thrashed madly beneath me, and I could feel him coming perilously close to the edge, so I released the second ring too, and sat back, admiring my work. As much as I wanted to continue toying with his steel, I didn't want him to cum; not yet.

Scott was hopelessly aroused. A feral grin graced my features and I slowly lowered myself back down to his body. I inhaled deeply, the thick, hazy scent of sex filling my senses and putting me into overdrive. I've honestly never, in my entire life, been as turned on as I was now…


I gasped desperately for breath, my chest heaving, trying in vain to force at least some oxygen into my lungs. My mind stumbled hazily through the thick fog of arousal, and black and white spots swam before my eyes. It had almost been too much; I had almost fucking passed out, and I hadn't even got to the orgasm yet! Thankfully, Will had released my nipple before I had died from pleasure. I'd never been assaulted like that; I mean yeah, other men had played with my piercings before, but none of them had attacked them with the ferocity that Will had thrown at me. It had always been the most sensitive part of my body (apart from my cock, that is), but I'd never felt anything like that before.

I had thought that sex with Will would have been mind-blastingly amazing. We hadn't even gotten to the actual sex yet, and it was already better than all the other men I'd slept with, put together!


This was going to be incredible.

When my vision swam back into focus, I saw that a feral smirk had appeared on Will's face, and the pure sexual force behind it sent a shiver throughout my body. His pupils were blown wide with lust, and he looked like a predator on the hunt. Fuck! Oh god, what the hell had I gotten myself into? I wasn't sure I was going to last much longer if Will kept up this pace.

"Looks like someone almost lost it there," Will smirked. It seemed the usually reserved doctor had a wild side in bed. Honestly, I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.

Still panting heavily, I was unable to reply to his comment.

I desperately needed a breather; if his lips touched any other part of my body right now, I'm pretty sure I was going to make a mess in my pants, no matter how much I didn't want this to end. In an attempt to distract him from pushing me over the edge, I grabbed his face in my hands and gently tugged him up to occupy his mouth with my own. It wasn't exactly a turn-off, but at least it wasn't as intense as earlier, and my roaring, aching need settled back down to a (thankfully) controllable pulse.

"Mmmmm, god Scott, you're so hot, I don't even…" Will murmured into our kiss.

As we kissed passionately, I felt Will place a hand on my chest, pushing me back into the bed. His touch was searing my skin, burning it to a crisp. Slowly, that hand slid down my body, and I convulsed when it delved into my pants.

"Aaaahhhhhh!" I gasped as he gripped my hardened length in his hand.

"Mmmm," he smirked, pumping his hand slowly underneath the fabric.

"L-Like what y-you found?" I managed to whisper.

"Impressive," he replied with a smile. His hand gave me a slow, full pump from tip to base and back again. "Very impressive," he breathed seductively into my ear, making me shiver.

Shit! I swallowed thickly as the older man lowered his mouth back to my skin, my breath hitching for the thousandth time that night. He removed his hand from my pants, and gripped my hips as he moved.

I held Will's forearms as he licked and kissed his way down my chest. He ran his hot tongue over every dip and edge of my defined body, and I fervently tried to keep breathing. When the older man thrust that wet muscle into my navel, I cried out, almost losing it. I heard Will's satisfied chuckle as he continued his trek down my body. His lips followed the trail of hair down my abdomen to the rim of my pants.

Propping myself up on my elbows, I looked down my chest just in time to glimpse Will skillfully unclasp the button and undo zipper of my jeans with nothing but his teeth. I closed my eyes and swallowed nervously. Not going to lie: that had been incredibly hot.

I felt Will peel back the flaps of my jeans, and in one swift motion, he whipped everything off my legs, boxers and all. I was now sprawled out buck naked before him. The cold air raised gooseflesh on my heated skin, and Will licked his lips devilishly as his eyes devoured my body.

"Hmmm, yes, very impressive," he drawled sexily.

"Will, I- AAAAAAhhhhh!" I was interrupted when Will's flaming hot tongue gave my hardness a tantalizingly slow lick.

Staring at the blurry ceiling above me, I heard Will groan throatily as he licked me up and down. My length was already slick with pre-cum, and his tongue felt like velvet against my sensitive skin. With a hungry glint in his eye, Will swallowed me whole; the feeling was so fucking amazing that I choked on my gasp. That was impressive, the back of my mind faintly registered. Not many men could handle my entire length, but Will had slurped it down in one swing like it was nothing. Immediately, one of my hands flew to his head, my fingers tangling in his silky brown locks, and the other gripped his shoulder tightly.

Skillfully, his lips worked around my shaft as his tongue did god-know-what to my cock. Will's head bobbed as he ravenously sucked my throbbing cock down his throat. The heat was so intense, and he just felt so good! My hand in his hair fisted, the blunt nails on my other hand digging into his shoulder.

"Ahhhh! Will! Fuck! Will, baby, you feel so good," I gasped. "Oh god, yeah, just- Unnnnnnngggg!- like that- shiiiiiii-!"

I tried with all my might not to buck my hips; I didn't want to choke the older man with my cock. But no matter how much I tried, I couldn't control my frazzled nerves, and my hips ended up twitching upwards with every bob of Will's head (even with Will's hands gently holding my hips to the mattress). Fuck, I wasn't going to last much longer at this rate.

My limbs flailed helplessly as Will's mouth feverishly assaulted my cock. Faster and faster, Will's mouth worked until his movements were a blur and my vision swam out of focus. The hot coiling in the pit of my stomach doubled, and I could feel myself approaching the edge.

"W-Will-illlll!, Ah-ah-ahhhhhhhhh! F-fu-uuuuuuuu-uck! I-I-I'm – I'm gon-gonna – Ahhh!" I tried to warn him of my rapidly approaching release. Frantically, I pushed back on his shoulder and tugged his hair, trying to pull his head away from my crotch, but to my surprise, the older man resisted me. In fact, instead of pulling back, he sucked me down further into his throat. FUCK.

Suddenly everything was overwhelming, overpowering, and I toppled over the edge, a strangled shout gurgled in the back of my throat. Every muscle and every fibre in my body contracted painfully, yet pleasurably; my body clenched frantically in thrashing bouts, my hips jerking wildly, my knuckles turning white as my grip on Will's hair and shoulder tripled. Wave after wave crashed over me as I convulsed with the sheer intensity of the orgasm, and I was so high I lost all feeling in my limbs.

I'm pretty sure I blacked out for a second, because when my vision swam back into focus and my disorientation faded, Will was licking his lips. I had lost all feeling in my body, and a faint buzz of immense satisfaction permeated my system.

The man between my legs sat up. "Delicious," he said, wiping a drop of milky white from the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand, and licking it off.

That's when I realized it: Holy balls, Will had swallowed every single drop of cum. I shivered at the thought. Fuck, well if that wasn't the hottest thing ever. Most guys I slept with couldn't handle either my taste, my volume, or both, but judging by the hazed look on Will's face, he might have enjoyed that just a little too much.

"Did you like that?" Will murmured seductively as he slid up my body and kissed my chin gently.

I drew in a shaky breath. "More than you can imagine."

Will chuckled lightly. "I'm glad to know I've still got game; I was rather afraid that I'd lost my touch over the years, but apparently, that's not the case," he said with a crooked grin.

"Fucking hell, that was the best blowjob I've ever gotten in my entire life, by a long-shot!" Will laughed at my words. "Where the fuck did you learn how to do that?!" I demanded.

Wrapping his arms around me affectionately and nestling into my chest, Will breathed a sigh of content. "My parents wanted me to have the best education they could afford, which meant that I was sent to a university that was a three hour flight away from where we lived. Being away from my parents for the first time in my life afforded me certain, ah, privileges." I felt the vibrations of his light laugh. "I spend the four years of my undergraduate degree sliding into the pants of every man on campus. I guess you could say that I picked up a thing or two along the way," he said with a wink.

I snickered at Will's words. The man was certainly a bundle of surprises. Closing my eyes, I cradled my amazing man in my arms, humming happily. I was descending from the high of orgasm, and the exhaustion of the night's activities was starting to catch up with me. I hadn't been lying: that orgasm has got to be one of the best I've ever had, and it just zapped the energy from me. Not to mention that it had been a long day at the garage. "Mmmmm," I sighed as we snuggled closer, but at that moment, I felt the rough fabric of Will's pants scratch against my legs.

"Your turn," I murmured, pushing up on to my elbows. I could feel Will's half-hard length through the layers of cloth between us, and I felt guilty that Will hadn't been able to get off yet.

But to my surprise, Will shook his head against my chest and snuggled closer, pushing me back down onto the mattress. "S'ok," he mumbled into my cooling skin.

"Will's that's not fair to you. C'mon, what'd want me to do?" Even though I was tired, I was still eager to please him.

Will shook his head again. "Sleepy now. Plus, 'm comfy."


"I just... I'm not ready." The man buried his face into my chest. "I'm sorry." I wrapped my arms around the smaller man. He wasn't ready for more. I could live with that. "Next time, okay?" Will mumbled against my skin. I smiled. Will was already thinking about a 'next time'; I relaxed a little.

"Okay. But don't forget: I owe you one," I said sternly.

Will chuckled sleepily. "Don't worry, I'll be sure to collect."

Having the matter settled, I pulled the blankets over us, and we fell asleep curled up in each others' arms.


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