My first real story, in the end it will be very long.

It all started near the beginning spring. Most of the snow had already melted, but a good amount of it remained. Early spring is the best time for hunting. Many of the normally hard to hunt animals coats are still white from winter, so there very easy to spot. Other animals have just came out of hibernation and are in search of food, not aware of the danger lurking behind them. Spring and summer are seasons of plentiful food and predictable weather.

I was sitting in a tree, about 10 feet above me was a dragon hawk, the largest and most aggressive species of bird in the world. Although they are not the smartest birds in the world, there sight and hearing is at least 5 times better than any human and this one was no exception. Fortunately it was more interested in the fox kit it was devouring than in me. But even a horse carcass wouldn't keep a dragon hawk busy for long. If I tried to shoot it with an arrow and missed it would know where I was and attack me. But if I tried to flee, it would probably hear me and attack.

I decided to take my chances and attack. I shot an arrow at it. The massive bird narrowly dodged my arrow and dove at me. I pulled out my dragon fang sword and braced for impact. If I failed to defeat the dragon hawk with my sword, my armor would protect my body, but leave my head vulnerable to attack, and as far as I know nobody has ever taken a direct blow from a dragon hawk and lived to tell the tale. They're called dragon hawks for a reason.

I readied myself for the hit that could end my life when suddenly, someone or something threw a rock at the dragon hawk. On instinct the mighty bird flew towards its other adversary, giving me time to shoot it in the wing. The great hawk fell to the ground.

I jumped down from the tree and landed more or less gracefully near the dragon hawk and slit its throat with a hunting knife. I half dragged half carried the massive bird back to the ruins of Tokyo (more commonly referred to as 'the ruins').

I heard a dragon roar in the distance. It had to be at least half a mile away, but I was still kind of concerned. What if it smelled the blood of my kill and attacked me? I didn't wait around to find out. I ran as I could, only stopping when I knew I was safe inside the walls of Tokyo. About three year ago, when I first came here, we were overrun by wild creatures ranging from pesky to deadly. After two people were killed by these beasts, the remaining six of decided that something had to be done. So we gathered trees, dug a moat and built a wall of trees around the ruins. In fact the only way in or out are a few tunnels, hidden on the outside by thick, spiky brambles. Fortunately my dragon scale armor protected my body from the razor-sharp thorns.

I was safe, my food was safe, and I was pretty sure my friends were safe (or at least alive). I headed towards one of the only buildings we actually use, a building that is so large we eat in it sleep in it, and basically live in it. We have named it the main building.

I put my kill in the food hold and went to go see the other residents of the ruins.