"Well, Wilder... another year has passed... it's been great, ya know?"

"Yup. Sophomore year was pretty amazing! Let's see what Junior year has to offer, hmm?"

"Oh yeah!... Dude, my parents are here. We're gonna drive out fo- oh... oh man... I forgot. I'm so sorr-"

"Nah, it's fine. It's been... fifteen years. I'm way over it."

"All right then! Wilder, I'll catch you on the flip side!"

"Okay! Seeya later, Zach!"

And with that, Zach left. Wilder Hope, a man of twenty, sat down on a bench. He loosened his tie and leaned back. "Oh man... so hot..."

"Hey Wildie!"

Wilder looked up. "Yup. So hot. Gonna stick around for the after party, Sarah?"

Sarah nodded. "Yes. I was just gonna get you to go off to the party." She moved the black hair from her face to behind her ear.

"Well, I guess anything is better than being outside in this heat... in a tie."

Sarah giggled. "Well then, let's not waste any time."

Wilder stood up, kissed Sarah on the lips, and they both walked off, holding hands.

Hours passed. It was just after midnight that Wilder creeped into his apartment room. Surprisingly, not drunk. He stripped off his clothes and slowly walked to the shower. As he was showering, he failed to notice the phone ringing.

He dried his brown hair and then all the down his body. He put on boxers and into his bed he went.

"Boy, I can't wait for summer to start tomorrow... er... when I wake up." He said, falling asleep a few minutes later.


The alarm from the digital clock sounded. Wilder smashed the clock, shutting it up.


Wilder stood up immediately.

"Wha? Who would be here this ea-"


"HEY! I'M COMING! I'M COMING!" Wilder yelled out. He put on some button down shirt and shorts and raced to the front door. He opened it and...

There stood a young girl. Brown, long hair that reached to her mid section on her back. Brown eyes, the same color as Wilder's eyes. Cute pink shirt, hat, shorts, backpack, suitcase... SUITCASE!?

"Who the... what is your name?" Wilder asked.

The girl walked right past him and pressed a button on the answering machine.

"Hello dear! This is your Aunt Tilly! You won't believe it! Some doctor in England called and said that your sister is staying here in New York! I could give her room, but... sadly, I'm in the process of moving to another part of the state. So, she'll be staying with you for this summer, okay? Hugs and kisses! Bye!"

"... Okay, but what is your name?" Wilder asked again, slightly irritated.

"... The name's Marabel Hope. Call me Marabel and I'll strangle you."

"Then, what name should I call you?" Wilder asked, face palming.

"Mara." The girl said, unpacking her things.

Wilder shook his head.

"England, hmm? No British accent?" Wilder asked.

"Well, I didn't like the accent very much. It sounds weird." Mara explained.

"Hmm, funny. Girls squeal over that accent." Wilder said.

"I'm not a squealer for how other people talk." Mara retorted. She opened her back pack and took out a black rock. She carefully placed it on the night stand, after shoving a few things of course.

"Hey! Whatever that is, move it now! I don't want that shit on my furniture!"

The girl glared back, ready to strike him. "HOW DARE YOU CALL TOBY 'SHIT'! IF ANYTHING, YOU'RE ACTING LIKE SHIT!"

Wilder flinched. "... Toby? You named it?"

Mara grumbled incoherently.

Wilder walked into the small kitchen room. He sat down and poured himself coffee.

"... 8:37? Ugh, today is gonna be a slow day..." He said to himself, drinking the coffee.

Wilder finished his cup of joe. He sighed and put the mug back into the sink. He heard the shuffling of feet.

"... You know I can hear you. The floor boards are as creaky as hell." He called out.

Mara shrieked and stepped into the kitchen.

"Hmm? What do you need?"

Mara looked down and grumbled. "I'm sorry."

Wilder smirked on the inside. "Hmm? What was that? I didn't quite catch that."

Mara pouted. "I'm sorry, okay!?"

Wilder turned around, leaning on the sink. "I see. Well, I forgive you... but... where are we gonna find a place for you to sleep? I'm sure you'll need your own room and, of course, toiletries. I'm not doing anything, so-"

Mara's face beamed. "Shopping!? Sure!"

She ran off to who knows where. Wilder walked to the bed, which has all of Mara's stuff on it.

"Oh man... she's getting a new bed... not taking mine... speaking of that..."

He heard the shower turn on.

"... Ah, darn it! I'll wait. This is completely fine with me..."

Minutes later, the shower turned off. She walked out of the room, wearing nothing but a towel.

Immediately, she blushed. Wilder blushed too.

"ACKK! Put on some clothes!" Wilder looked away.

"Pervert! Get back!" Mara yelled, clinging onto her towel.

Wilder ran into the kitchen.

"O-okay... I'm dressed." Mara said.

Wilder sighed and walked back into the bedroom. Mara was dressed in the same clothes.

"Sorry... I didn't have anything else to wear." She mumbled.

"It's cool. I guess I'll take my shower now." Wilder said.

He walked into the shower, took off his clothes, and turned the water on. As he was, he heard a creak, but thought nothing of it.

The door opened slightly.


After five minutes, Wilder turned the shower off. Then, a tiny squeak was emitted.

"Hmm?... must be a mouse." Wilder thought.

He dried himself off, put on a pair of pants, and walked out.

"Yo, Mara! I'm gonna change, okay?" Wilder said, walking into his room.

Mara was sitting on his bed, putting her stuff back into her bag. "O-okay."

"Also, have you seen a mouse around here?" Wilder asked.

"Huh? Oh! Yeah! I threw it out." Mara lied.

Wilder nodded. "Well... thanks."

Wilder walked to the bed just as Mara stood up. They stared at each other, until...

"I really need to change." Wilder said.

"Okay." Mara left the room.

Wilder opened the drawers. "Let's see... aha!"

A minutes later, Wilder walked out, combing his hair. "Shall we go?"

Mara smiled. "Yeah!"

Wilder opened the front door. "After you?"

Mara nodded and walked out. Wilder closed the door right after.

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