"Good morning, Sleepyhead." Mara said, getting up. She stood in front of her brother. She put on her underwear.

Wilder sat up, gripping his head. "Ugh... what happened last night? Where's Sarah?"

Mara smiled. "She's been in that jail ever since the incident. She never showed up here."


"That was me."

Wilder's eyes widened in shock.


He could feel the vomit creeping up his throat.

Mara nodded.

Wilder slowly got up and went into the bathroom. He took out a cup and drank some water.

Then the realization along with the drug's side effects kicked in. He threw up into the sink. Using his leg, he kicked the door shut. Mara ran over to the door, but she couldn't get in.

"C'mon! I'm attracted to you! I love you! We were bound for each other!" Mara yelled as she was trying to open the door.

"No! Damnit! We're siblings! That's incest, you sick bitch!" Wilder said, keeping the door shut.

"Don't worry! No one will ever know!" Mara said.

"I will tell someone. I'll tell Aunt Tilly!" Wilder yelled, swinging the door open.

Wilder ran to the answering machine to retrieve the message.

It was gone. He turned around and looked at Mara, who was smirking. Wilder was angry.

"You..." He murmured.

"Yeah! It was me!" Mara said, sounding exactly like Aunt Tilly.

Wilder was furious. Then, he smiled.

"I'll just call her up and get her to take you back in." Wilder picked up the phone.

"Go ahead. No one will answer... she's been dead for two years." Mara said, picking up Toby.

Wilder looked down. Mara walked over.

"We'll live here. Just the four of us." Mara said.


"Yup! You. Me. Toby and..."

Mara looked down at her tummy.

Wilder smacked Toby out of Mara's hands. Then, he smacked her across the face. Mara fell down, hitting her head on the wall.

"You fucking little slut..."

Mara sat up. She rubbed the spot on her head where she collided with the wall. She frowned.

"Do that again. I'll scream and kick. The neighbors will be on my side." Mara threatened, standing up. She regained her composure.

Wilder growled. He grabbed her throat and pressed his thumbs down hard. Mara flailed around before grabbing hold of Wilder's wrists.

"You... d-do that... th-the de-de-detectivvves will a-a-arresssst you." Mara grabbed for air.

"At least I'll be with Sarah then." Wilder said, not letting go.

Mara dug her nails into Wilder's arms. The pain was intense. He let go, causing Mara to fall to the floor. She gasped for air as she grabbed Toby and crawled into the other room.

"I'm gonna go scream now." Mara smirked.

"The'll never believe you." Wilder said, examining his arms.

Mara held Toby in her hands and then started beating herself up with it, creating a bruise on her head. Wilder raced over and tackled her to the ground. He grabbed Toby and threw him away from her.

"You're only hurting yourself." Wilder whispered.

There was a knock on the door.

"Hello? Uh... I heard some noises and some shouting. Uh... is everything okay?" A concerned neighbor asked.

Wilder got up. "Yeah. Things are fine. This nasty cockroach has been trolling me. I finally killed it."

"Ah okay then. Uh... I'll have to check my apartment room. I don't want any of those things there."

The neighbor walked off. Wilder nodded.

"Hey there." Mara said.

Wilder looked down, only to find his sister gone. He turned around to find Mara sitting on the couch.

"This place is a horrible place to raise the baby."

"How do you even know that you're having one?" Wilder asked.

Mara looked away and smiled.

"... Oh. It's your time of the month." Wilder face palmed.

Mara nodded. "Let's run away."

"What's with that?"

"People will find out soon enough. We should go live somewhere else." Mara said, putting her clothes on.

"Okay. Now you're just being stupid. I'm not moving anywhere. I have college. I just can't walk away from that!" Wilder shouted.

"If you start raising your voice, people will come and investigate. Then, they WILL find out." Mara said, putting Toby into her suitcase.

Wilder sat down on the couch, utterly destroyed.

"My career... my life is over." Wilder said, obviously upset. "Mom... where are you?"

Mara's eyes shined. A smirk appeared on her face.

"What's so funny?" Wilder asked, looking up.

"Oh, nothing. Just thinking about a funny memory." Mara answered, walking into the kitchen.

Wilder sighed. "Where is Mom? I wonder if she's okay... wait a minute... DAD!"

He grabbed his cellphone from his room and dialed.


"Hi Dad! It's me!"

"Ah! Hello son! You need to call more."

"Sorry about that. Anyways, I have a question for you."

"No asking how I am? Okay... but what is your question, Wilder?"

"Where is Mom?"


"... Dad?"

"She's... dead."


"Yup... she died when you were a little kid. I didn't want to upset you, so I didn't tell you. I should have told you earlier. I'm so sorry."

Wilder sighed.

"How did she... pass?"

"She was overseas with your sister. She was fascinated with volcanoes, even at a young age. Then, she became a volcanologist and studied them. One day, she took your sister to see one. She lost her footing and..."


"It was Mara. She tripped her. I remember it as if it happened yesterday. She tripped her. The helicopter landed and Mara was sent to a mental institution in England. I wonder how she's doing there."

"No, Dad. She's right here."

"... What?"

"Yeah. She's right in this very apartment room with me."

"... Oh dear god."

Wilder felt a tap on his back. He turned around. Mara sucker punched Wilder in the gut/ He fell to the floor, writhing with pain. Mara picked up the cellphone.

"I love you too, Dad."

She placed the phone on the nightstand. She took out Toby and, with no second thought, utterly crushed the cellular device.

Mara walked over to Wilder. She took out a kitchen knife.

"We are going to escape to another place. The four of us. You will tell no one of this. You will listen to everything I say or else I'll spread the word that you raped me and tried to strangle me. Okay?"

Wilder looked up at Mara, towering over him. The tension in the room was tense. The knife was sharp.

"And... if you kill me now...?"

"I'll join you in the afterlife with the same weapon."

Wilder was scared.

Later that evening, they packed all the necessities up. By ten in the night, they were gone. None of them looked back.

"Okay. My new name will be Ellen... and your new name can be Tyler." Mara said, smiling.

Wilder didn't answer. He wanted to, but he couldn't. He was too afraid to.

"... I love you. Do you know that? It doesn't matter if we're related. I'm glad I have you in my life." Mara said, smiling.

Wilder didn't answer. Mara pouted.

"Answer me."

Wilder shook his head.

"I said answer me!"


Mara punched Wilder, causing the car to swerve off the road and tumble down a large hill.

"Beep... beep... beep..." The heart monitor beeped.

Wilder woke up. He stared at the unfamiliar ceiling. He was in the hospital. He looked at his legs, which he could move.

"Thank goodness..." Wilder whispered.

Then, he looked at his right arm, which was in a cast.

"Even though she was insane, you protected her in that crash."

Wilder looked up... and there was his dad.


"She's across the hall. If you didn't protect her, she would have died from the impact... well... that is what they told me."


"She's fine. You're fine. That's all I care about." Wilder's dad said.

"So the whole story-"

"All true. I called that same institution. Turns out, she got out by a glitch in the system and she'll be going back as soon as she gets better."

Wilder nodded and went back to sleep, still very tired.

A month passed. Wilder was fine. Mara was fine. They terminated the child and she was in the institution.

A few more months passed.

"So... is this the same one?" Wilder asked, adjusting his sunglasses.

His dad nodded. "That's what they told me. Apparently, she told me that this volcano, despite being small, was also a real pain... erupting at random times."

Wilder nodded. "Okay guys. Move down a bit."

The pilot piloted the helicopter closer to the volcano.

Wilder went through his bag and took out an ash-colored rock.

He closed his eyes.

Then, he dropped Toby down and watched as it fell into the volcano.

"I love you... Mom." Wilder murmured.

The helicopter flew off, away from the little volcano.