Pink is the taste of the cool lemonade that you drink on your back porch with your friends at the

end of a hot summer day

Pink is the feel of soft, frilly fabric swishing against your legs as you twirl in your bedroom,

totally in love with your brand-new dress

Pink is the 'Hawaiian' flower you stuck in your hair while you were at the beach, to pretend you

were an Island Princess

Pink is the color of the nail-polish on your toes, bright and dazzling when compared to the soft

green of the grass your feet are resting in

Pink is the color of the cute little chick you get as a present for Easter

Pink is the soft, sticky cotton candy you get on a stick at the Fair

Pink is the color of your Kleenex box and your bedroom wall, your newest purse and your

favorite shirt

Pink is one of the very best things about being a girl

Pink is the bubbly, nervous feeling you get whenever a certain boy walks by

Pink is the embarrassed blush on your cheeks when he tells you he thinks you're pretty

Pink is the feel of the sparkly, sticky lip-gloss you put on, getting ready for your very first date

Pink is the color of the box of candy and the dozen roses you get from your boyfriend on

Valentine's Day

Pink is the color of sunrises, the rosy glow that lights up the sky in the mornings