Yesterday was the last day of school. Summer vacation starts today. Whipped this up with my OC versions of myself, which is suppost to be quiet and stoic and cold, etc etc., and my brother, who is basically the same.

Dedication: This is for Cherry, Wolfe, Bob, Vicky, Erick, Anna X., and Tiger(along with the others I mention in this story...). I love you guys and I'll miss you when you leave America to go back to China. *heart* Hope you'll remember me.

What Makes Her Cry

"I cried when the last bell rang."


Kurami sat on the curb of the empty cul de sac with her heels drawn back to the edge and her elbows on her knees, chin resting on her fists as she waited for her brother to pick her up from her last, half-day of school. The sun was beginning to set and everyone had gone home; her brother was running late again.

Spotting her redheaded brother rolling up to where he sat in a black 2010 Audi S4 Phantom Prestige 6MT, aviator shades perched on his nose. His head was tilted back, mouth turned up in a silly grin; a sure sign that he'd watched all currently released 'Mission: Impossible' movies. They, Kurami and her brother, adored Tom Cruise, in more ways than just his acting(1).

Kurami stood up, brushing the dirt off the seat of her dark skinny jeans. Her brother shot a grin at her as she opened the car door and stepped inside. The grin faltered when Kurami's eyes wouldn't lift from the floor.

"Oi, everything alright, Doll?" he asked, reached back to poke her knee. Kurami stayed silent, waiting until her brother turned back to the wheel before dragging her eyes to gaze blankly out the window. Her eyes were red-rimmed and slightly puffy. "You weren't crying, yeah?"

"I was," Kurami whispered, voice almost inaudible. The answer made her brother jerk at the wheel, and almost run straight into the busy road the cul de sac's street fed into.

"Lies, Doll, lies," he responded immediately. "You don't cry. Never have." He was reassuring himself more than Kurami, though.

"But I was," Kurami insisted hollowly, sparing her brother a dead glance, then returning her eyes to the moving blurs of color out the window. The pale skinned girl lifted her hand to press lightly against the glass. "I cried, Ryu-nii."

By now, Ryu was almost driving on the yellow line in the road; a formerly unseen hazard(2). "Then by what?" his voice had hollowed almost as much as his sister's.

"My friends are leaving," Kurami said. Her responses were becoming more and more distant. Both hands were on the smooth surface of the window, fingers curling slightly and the pads of her digits colder than the glass itself. "Back to China. Cherry. Wolfe. Bob. Vicky. Lily. Tiger. Roy. Ryan."

Ryu shook his head dumbly. "And these people are...?"

"Exchange students," the girl sighed tiredly. "They were like family. I cried at the last bell rang. When school let out and our teacher finished with prayer(3) and said we would become seventh graders after this summer(4)."

"Yeah?" Ryu whispered, eyes flicking back to his youngest sister sitting diagonally from him. "That's pretty hard, yeah?"

His magenta eyed sister sighed and slumped slightly in her seat, head pressing against the car door. "But I really cried."

"I believe you, Doll," the redhead sighed, pulling into their house's silent driveway. Ryu's twin sister, Ayano, was out at a swim meet and his boyfriend, Ichigo, had to work that afternoon, leaving the oldest and the youngest of the Takahashis alone in the house. Their cousins, that usually occupied the house most of the day, were doing their routines at their 'freak' circus, which they lived, breathed, and, well, ate. Kinda. "I just don't understand why now, of all times, you cry."

"They grow on you," Kurami shrugged, opening the car door when she heard the unlocking click. Scooping up her nearly empty backpack, save for a yearbook, a pencil, pen, and eraser, and her bento box, she slipped out and to the house without another look back. "They become like family. And when they leave..." She left the statement hanging in the air as she took out her house key and pushed open the door.

Ryu sighed and followed her, pressing the lock button on the car remote until the automobile chirpped. "So that's what makes her cry..."

Not exactly how I hoped it would turn out, but whatever. It's out, I'm kinda depressed, and listening to my brother's computer blasting Pandora radio *sigh* Chapter one of 'His Last Summer' should be out soon.

'Til then...

(1) My brother, Ryu, is gay, and we always drool about how hot Tom Cruise is together(despite that Ryu has a boyfriend already) when we watch Mission: Impossible movies XD

(2) Ryu is suppost to be a good driver, IRL and in my stories, sooo yeah... ME FAILS. :I

(3) I go to a private Christian school. :I So yesh.

(4) I'm going to be in junior high next year... And I don't really want to. TT^TT