The Photo Shoot (R)

I've been friends and co-workers with Karen for at least five years. Our desks are next to each other and we work closely on various projects and we cover for each other when one of us is out of the office. We get along very well and I like her a lot but she has never showed any romantic interest in me, understandable since she's been dating Tim for as long as I can remember.

I've only met Tim a few times, mostly because he's never around. He's in the Army and he's presently on like his third or fourth tour in Iraq and Afghanistan and even when he's stateside he's rarely in Hillsboro so Karen has what can only be called a long distance relationship with the soldier.

But I'm one of these guys who honestly salutes and honors the whole 'thank you for your service' mentality and I'm not going to question Tim's intentions or commitment to Karen even though to me it seems kind of strange that they're only together a few times a year for a few weeks at a time at most. Because I support the troops I'm not going to criticize Tim although I have to admit that I'm pretty sure he's stringing Karen along and he might even be one of these guys who has about five different girls stashed all over the place.

I see my role as Karen's "just friends" companion to be there for her, supporting her when she's lonely, standing by her when she's waiting for Tim's next visit (or her next trip to see him) and being a platonic fill in friend for her in Tim's absence. We've been friends through at least three of my own relationships and she's been there for me when I've been dumped (or was the dumper).

We go out to dinner a lot and when I'm between relationships we'll go to the movies or take in a ball game at Beano Field where the amateur Serguci League plays. I've been to her condo countless times and Karen frequently stops by my place to cook me dinner or watch a game or movie on the tube. She has never spent the night and I have never tried to put the moves on her.

I like Karen as a friend, respect her as a woman, value her as a co-worker, and enjoy her companionship. We share a lot of like interests and because we're both from Blue County (she grew up in Greenville) we have a lot of the same shared experiences, know the same stories, value the same history, and are familiar with the same people.

I am quick to fade into the background when Tim is on the front burner and I usually leave the room when he calls or Skypes. I would do nothing to come between those two and I stay positive about their relationship even though I secretly question Tim's behaviors and intentions.

Karen and I have gotten to know each other about as well as platonic friends can and we are not shy about discuss ourselves in somewhat intimate details. I know that her Dad has a gambling problem and that her sister cheated on her husband last year. She knows that my brother is in jail for DUI and vehicular homicide and that I was expelled from Sun Rise Lake School for Boys for cheating when I was in the 11th grade.

I think one of the reasons that Karen and I get along so well is because we can converse easily and we often know what the other is thinking about. Because there isn't any sexual tension between us, there is no pressure to impress the other or to be perfect. We have fun and we trust one another. We're willing to confide in each other and we allow our friendship to be close because we are not threatened by the other. When I look back at all my intimate relationships since high school, I would have to say that I am more emotionally bonded to Karen than to any other woman I have known even though we have never slept together or even kissed for that matter.

Tim had a birthday coming up and Karen had been talking for weeks about doing something special for a meaningful present. I assumed she meant flying over and meeting him somewhere in the Med or maybe getting him some sort of extraordinary present like getting Forrest Gump's Lieutenant Dan who was active in the USO to meet him or something.

Karen tossed around a few ideas with me and they all sounded fine although I was a little surprised when she started talking about making him a "personal" and "intimate" and "private" present for him. I really wasn't sure what she was getting at until one day when she took me out to lunch and asked if I was willing to do a favor for her.

"What kind of favor?" I asked.

"I've decided that I'm going to make a disc for Tim," she announced.

"A disc?"

"Yes, an intimate portrait of me," she said.

"You mean, like a 'This is your Life' type thing?" I asked with confusion. "Interviews? Stories. A day in the life sort of deal?"

"Not really," she replied.

"Well, what are you talking about then?"

"I want to send him intimate photos and images of me," she explained, slightly embarrassed.

"Like, having sex or something?"

"No, of course not!" She groaned. "He's not here! How could I do that?"

"Oh, yeah," I realized.

"I want to send him photos of me. You know...sexual, erotic, personal..."


"Yeah," she admitted.

"Well, that would certainly be special and memorable," I said. "Just make sure to put a warning on the cover so he's not watching it for the first time in a room with fifty other guys!"

"Thanks for the sage advice, Brian," she said sarcastically. "Anyway, I know you're an amateur photographer."

I always had a camera with me when we were at various events and activities and I had some of my shots published in the local paper and a couple of on line magazines. I was also the volunteer photographer at various work related social gatherings and parties.

"You want me to take the photos?" I asked with surprise.

"Who else am I going to ask?"

"Well, a professional stranger might be the way to go," I suggested as I took a long gulp of water. "Somebody who can be objective and detached."

"I trust you, Brian," she replied. "I don't want to get naked for some strange guy."

"There are plenty of women photographers out there," I pointed out.

"Are you going to help me or not?" She asked with annoyance.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" I asked nervously.

"You told me once that you took nude photographs of that girl you were dating," she reminded me. "Sharon whatever her name was."
"Those came out pretty good," I couldn't help but brag.

"You have that 8 x 10 black and white of her hanging over your toilet," Karen said.

"Yes, the rear shot," I said with admiration.

"So, you have experience taking nudes," she said. "Are you in or not?"

I sighed and rubbed my chin with uncertainty. The thought of taking pictures of Karen's wonderful body was intriguing but I wasn't sure if this would be good for our friendship. What if the photos didn't come out well? What if Tim found out it was me who took the shots? What if I got a boner when I saw her naked?

"Well, if you really want me to," I finally replied trying not to sound too eager with my offer.
Karen laughed and shook her bushy hair in a playful tease. "I really want you too."
"Hell, why not then?" I replied, trying to sound calm.

She looked at me and smiled. "It's harmless. Just some naked pictures for Tim."

"If that's what you want," I said neutrally.
I was ready to do a good job for her no matter what that job entailed. I just hoped it didn't end our friendship.
We agreed to do the shoot at Karen's condo because Tim had been there a few times and he would be familiar with the background. I was surprised at how nervous and edgy I was getting about the project as our Friday night 'appointment' grew closer. I couldn't help but imagine what Karen would look like naked and I strangely found myself looking forward to the session with anticipation as if I was some goofy teenager getting ready to see my first naked girl.

I still wasn't sure if this was a good idea but if Karen was having second thoughts or doubts she wasn't vocalizing them. She mentioned Friday night several times and it was obvious that she was focused on the present to Tim aspect of the project and not on the reality that she was going to be getting naked in front of me.
We left work together that afternoon.

"Come by around eight," Karen instructed. "I need to shower and dressed and do my make up."

"You don't have a pimple on your ass do you?" I asked in an effort to keep things light.

We had already discussed how she would pose and I had already thought out how I would get her to pose and strip for the best effect. I couldn't eat that night. Anticipation tied my insides up as I tried hard to keep my imagination in check, surprised at how excited I was getting by the prospect of photographing Karen in the nude.

The clock slowly ticked down and I nervously drove to Karen's condo with my camera, some lights, and my lap top.
"Well, are you ready?" She smiled when she answered the door when I arrived preciously at eight o'clock.
I stared far too long at her black boots, tiny denim skirt, silky pink shirt, busy brown hair and wonderfully full chest but as soon as I locked onto her distracting hazel eyes she finally motioned for me to enter.

"I'm ready," she announced. "Let's do this before I lose my nerve."

She showed me in, suddenly giving me the distinct impression that she was covering her nervousness with bravado.
"We don't have to do this if you're having second thoughts, Karen," I told her.

"No, No," she insisted. "I told myself I would do this. For Tim."

"For Tim," I sighed.
I set up my stuff in her living room as she (impatiently) watched.

"Is this outfit okay, you think?" She wondered.

I nodded, still a little lost for words at the prospect of photographing her in all her considerable glory. Her face softened a little more, her eyes smiled, and I saw her teeth through the silken sheen of her subtle red lipstick.
"Are you ready?" I asked as I finished positioning my camera and tripod.

"I guess." She examined her fingernails, playing with each finger and I realized that she was as nervous as I was and stalling.

"We'll just take some normal shots first," I said.

"Okay," she said with relief.
She stood beside the sofa for the first few shots, smiling at the lens, inclining her head and almost beckoning the camera to come closer. Then she pushed at the back of her hair, mussed it a little more and then she gave me a very hot look when I asked her to sit on the sofa after I had already taken at least twenty stills which had warmed both of us up and certainly loosened us up a little bit too.
Karen sat on the sofa and while I bent down to adjust the tripod, she opened her legs and let me glimpse up her skirt. I saw that she was wearing a white g-string that showed off the contours of her pussy lips. I managed to snap that pose before she closed her legs again.

My throat was suddenly dry and now I was getting uncomfortably nervous. I took several shots of her posed on the couch in different positions and with different looks on her face.

"You're a very good model," I told her as she easily followed my directions and photographed so easily and naturally.

"Really?" She asked nervously. "I feel like I don't know what I'm doing."

"You're doing it for Tim," I reminded her.

"Yeah, Tim," she said with a sentimental sigh.

"Okay, I think we've gotten more than enough of the regular shots," I announced after a few more clicks of the camera as I caught her talking and thinking.


"Are you ready to proceed?"

She nodded her head yes but I could see how hesitant and tentative she had become.

"We can stop now," I told her as I continued to snap the shutter.

"No, let's keep going," she said quietly.
"Start slipping your shirt off, slowly, shoulders first," I instructed her.

She unbuttoned, pulled down, and smoldered at the lens until a white silk bra was all she had on above the waist. I was taking pictures every few seconds, capturing every delicious moment. Still with the bra on, she held each breast and then both, pushing upwards to maximize her cleavage and the camera approved.

"Just do what you want," I told her. "I'm not going to talk or direct. Just be natural and pretend Tim is here."

"Tim," Karen sighed.
I kept shooting away letting Karen do what she wanted and I tried not to shake the camera when she unclipped her bra and let it fall on the sofa. She smiled directly at the camera as she alternately tweaked her left and right nipples, holding up the left one for special attention. They were lovely, a little larger than I had imagined, nicely proportioned and already looking very excited with her nipples perky and hard.
I knew she was looking at Tim through the camera but it felt like she was looking at me too. I took some more pictures as she seductively pulled off her boots one by one and then turned around so I got the best view of her ass as the skirt fell away from her hips. That familiar smile of Karen's was back as she looked over her shoulder and hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties and inched them down. Again she turned away as her ass was bared and then she turned back to face me and display a perfectly shaved pussy which caught me totally off guard.

"Holy Cow, Karen," I couldn't help but say.

"I thought it would be better and more erotic for Tim," she said, blushing.

"It is," I assured her and I was surprised to feel myself getting tight in my crotch.

Her unexpected appearance had left me feeling turned on and that was not the reaction I had anticipated. I had been between relationships for several months now and I guess seeing Karen standing there in all her sexual openness made me realize that I was just a bit more horny than I realized.

"We have enough nudes now, Karen," I told her as I took some more candid shots. "We can either stop now or take it to the next level."

"What do you mean?" She asked, sounding slightly confused.

"Do you want to perform for him?" I asked quietly.

"Perform?" She asked nervously.

"You could touch yourself, for example," I said awkwardly.

She nodded as if the thought had never occurred to her.
I kept snapping away as she hesitated and then she knelt on the sofa. After a moment's delay, she placed one hand over her pussy while the other hand cupped her breast. I was struggling at lot with my excitement and I had to remember to keep taking the shots and not watch her like I was observing some peep show.
She kneeled away from me on all fours and offered the camera her pussy and ass and I felt kind of perverted when I moved the camera lens in for a close up. Then she turned around and used her fingers to pull her pussy lips apart—displaying a nice shade of pink that almost matched the shade of her fingernails. As I closed in for another close up I noticed that she was moist there and the sweet smell of her love juice was beginning to invade the air.

I was suddenly feeling like an intruder and a voyeur knowing this was meant for Tim's enjoyment and not mine. I had barely said a word as I shot some of this erotic (porn?) stuff but then I thought about what Tim (or was it me?) might want to see.

"Do you want to put a finger in there?" I suggested timidly.
Karen chewed on her lip for a moment thinking about that and then she smiled (for the camera) and slowly buried her finger inside herself, closing her eyes in pleasure as it went in all the way. I watched as her finger slipped in and I was stunned at myself when I fantasized that it was my cock following the same path.

Why was I suddenly having sexual fantasies about Karen after all this time? I knew this photo shoot idea wasn't a good idea because it had taken me beyond the platonic friendship stage and into the realm of sexuality. I had seen all of her and I wanted to have sex with her!
I took the last few shots moving the camera and tripod around the sofa while Karen played with herself and I struggled to control my arousal while trying to remain professional but it was an incredible rush to see her like that. It was the most sensual and erotic experience of my life.
For the next shot, Karen looked at the camera, plunged her finger into her mouth, slowly withdrew it and finished up with a couple of licks. I had to strain myself not to say anything.

Karen lay back on the sofa and began massaging herself, one hand on her boob, the other gently stroking her clit as she spread her legs wide for the camera and I almost fell over. It was the perfect finish to the shoot and I couldn't wait to see the outcome.

"Okay, I think we have enough," I said with a swallow.

"Really?" She asked with surprise. "I can keep going if you want."

"I think this will keep Tim occupied for a long time," I replied.

"Well, okay, yeah, I guess," she giggled. She reached for a robe she had brought out before we started and she slipped it on.
"I'll just download these to my computer and cut you a disc." I tried to sound as normal as possible but my hard on seemed to be straining my vocal chords.
I made every pretense at being professional as I sat down at the computer and began the download. I didn't know what to expect as she came over to the desk behind me and watched as the photos flashed across the screen.

"Oh my God," Karen said when the nudes starting flashing by and I could tell that she was quite embarrassed when the more erotic stuff began popping across the screen.

"You photograph very well," I critiqued as we viewed the shots together.

"You really think so?"

"These are beautiful," I assured her. "You are very natural with the camera."

"I can't believe I actually did that," she admitted as some of the more explicit shots began appearing.

"Me either," I mumbled with embarrassment.

She giggled and pushed my shoulder. "Thanks for making me feel so comfortable and unself-conscious, Brian," she said. "You were great too. I couldn't have done this without you. You really made me feel relaxed and at ease and natural."

"Well, I hope Tim appreciates what we both went through to get this present done," I quipped.

"What did you go through?" She naively asked.

"Torture," I replied without even thinking about it.

"How come?" She asked, sounding surprised.

"Jesus, Karen, look at you," I groaned as the photos began to recycle on the screen again.
"I guess I'm pretty horny after that," Karen admitted. "You should have let me bring myself off for Tim."
"He'll be bringing himself off when he sees these photos," I replied.

"Thanks," she blushed.
I kept staring at the images on the screen as I transferred them to a memory card and I wasn't paying attention to Karen who had left the desk area. Once the memory card was burned, I took the stick out of the port.

'Okay, here you go," I said turning to hand Karen Tim's present.

I was stunned to see her sitting on the couch with the robe open. Her eyes were closed and she was exciting herself. When she took her hand away from her boob and brought it down to insert a finger into her pussy I thought I was going to unload right there.

"What are you doing?" I asked with disbelieve.

"Finishing what I started," she said. "I have too. I'm so horny I feel like I'm going to explode.

"Couldn't you have waited until I was gone?" I asked with embarrassment.

"No," she said quickly, breathlessly and desperately.
I stared as she pushed and pulled her middle finger in and out of her pussy and she worked her clit with little circular motions and before long I heard a couple of small moans come from her throat. She moaned some more and I watched intently as she held her breath, increased her hand movements, tensed her whole body across the sofa and then let out a long sigh of relief.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me. "That's better."
For you, maybe!" I groaned as I began to pack up my equipment.

"What's wrong?" She innocently asked.

"Karen, I could power a locomotive with the steam I'm feeling right now!" I moaned. "I've got blue balls thanks to you!"

"Oh, sorry, I guess I am being selfish," she said innocently as she started to close her robe and I took one final look at her wonderful pussy and tits before she closed the robe.

I was done packing up and I handed her the memory stick. With a softer smile than I'd seen before, Karen took the disc from my hand.

"Thanks." She reached up and gave me a peck on the cheek. "You were great for doing this for me and Tim."
I watched incredulously as she turned towards the bedroom door, leaving me and my hard on stunned that she could walk away with me in this state but she did! I let myself out of the condo with frustration and disappointment.

### ###

Karen looked sheepish and embarrassed when I arrived at work Monday, barely looking me in the eye and sort of avoiding me for most of the day and I realized that our friendship definitely had changed after what happened on Friday night. You can't be getting a close up of your best friend's twat with a power lenses camera and not feel different about her and I supposed the realization that the same intimate show she had given to her beloved Tim was the same one that she gave me left her feeling awkward, embarrassed, exposed, vulnerable and different because I wasn't Tim.

I still had my own copies of the photo shoot on my computer and Karen never asked me about that so I was able to check those photos out when I wanted too. I actually beat off to them that Friday night when I went home a hurting unit after the torture she had put me through but after that I really didn't feel all that comfortable looking at them because I knew they weren't meant for me. I knew it really was voyeurism if I looked at them again and eventually I deleted all of them from my hard drive except for a couple of the less erotic and more artistic shots, including a lovely 'rear shot' similar to the one of Sharon hanging in my bathroom and a couple of the more seductive looking poses. I had to keep one full frontal just to remember the way she looked when she first exposed herself to me and I gawked at her shaved slit, one of the most unexpected turn ons of my life.

Things eventually returned to normal between Karen and me and we never talked about the photo shoot again but after a few months passed I had to ask her about the birthday present.

"So, what did Tim think about your gift?" I asked one night when we were watching a movie on television together at her place.

She shrugged. "Okay, I guess."

"What do you mean?" I asked, surprised by her less than enthusiastic response.

"Actually, he was kind of mad at me," she pouted. "I thought it was going to be a turn on for him, a meaningful intimate gift that expressed how I felt about him but all he wanted to know was who took the photographs and who else had seen them. He was pissed off that I even did it."

"I'm really sorry, Karen," I said.

I had to admit that I was surprised by his rather paranoid reaction. She had put herself out there to do something really special and meaningful for the guy and he had to treat her like shit about it?

"I never should have done it," she grumbled. "It was the worse mistake of my life."

"I don't think you should feel that way about it," I told her.

"I never should have done that stuff in front of you," she reasoned. "I violated my trust with Tim by doing it."

"Look, if he's going to be that possessive and insecure about it I think that says more about him than it does about you," I said. "Sounds like he has a few issues."

"You've never liked him," she snapped angrily.

I had no idea where that came from. "I hardly know the guy, Karen."

"Yeah, but you know how I feel about him and you don't like it," she said.

"I don't like the way he treats you," I admitted freely.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You guys have been together for as long as I've known you," I replied. "That's a pretty long courtship."

"He's in the Army, you asshole."

"Yes, a convenient excuse," I replied.

"He's defending our country for God sakes."

"And it gives him perfect cover to string you along, avoid commitment, see you when he wants to, and not really care about how you're feeling as you dutifully put your life on hold back here waiting for him to come home, whenever that's going to be."

"Just shut up!" She yelled. "In fact, get out!" she screamed. "You don't know what in the hell you're talking about!"

I had obviously struck a nerve with her and I felt bad about that but I wasn't going to argue with her about her relationship with Tim because I knew she didn't want to hear it. She had been in denial about him for years and there was no point of me trying to convince her that maybe the relationship was a fake and a fraud because he was unwilling or unable to commit to her. I though he was using her to be perfectly frank and that he was using his service and his uniform as a way to keep her committed to him without having to return the favor. I couldn't imagine he was being faithful to her given all the separation of time and distance there was between them.

I went home feeling awful for getting Karen upset but sometimes I owed her the truth as a friend. Karen gave me the cold shoulder for the next few days and I really couldn't blame her. Things between us since the photo shoot had been a little weird and I had a feeling her relationship with Tim wasn't going so great either after the way he reacted to her heartfelt and loving birthday gift idea. It was almost as if he was rejecting her, I thought.

A few weeks later I was awoken up from a sound sleep in the middle of the night as the doorbell repeatedly went off. I stumbled downstairs in my boxers and tee shirt, turned on the hall and outside lights and opened the door to find Karen standing on my porch.

"What's wrong?" I asked immediately, seeing her tear stroked face and her puffy eyes.

Suddenly I feared that Tim had been killed in action and she came to mourn with my support.

"Tim is an asshole," she announced as she pushed past me and went into the living room.

I think it was safe to assume that he wasn't dead.

"What happened?" I asked, following her.

"We were supposed to meet in Madrid next week," she said.

"Yes, you've been talking about it for months," I replied, joining her on the couch.

"He just cancelled," she complained with annoyance. "Said he couldn't get away."

"I'm sorry," I said gently and with true sympathy even thought I thought this was just another one of his bullshit stories.

"Do you think he's being truthful?" She asked.

"Karen, I don't want to get into a fight with you over this," I sighed. "Maybe you should be having this conversation with one of your girlfriends."

"They all think he's a lying creep," she revealed and I almost had to laugh. "I want to know what you think."

"I think you already know what I think," I replied.

"That's what I thought," she sighed.

She groaned and fell back on the couch. "God, I knew this day was coming but now that it's here I can't believe it."

"What day?" I asked.

"The day I came to my senses and realized that this relationship has been in a dead end for a long time," she sighed. "When he got pissed off about those damn photographs I knew that was the end of us."


She nodded her head and wiped away a tear. "He doesn't appreciate me or what I do for him," she said. "He doesn't value, honor or even respect me. He just expects me to be there for him when he wants me or has time for me."

"I'm sorry it had to happen this way, Karen," I said.

"Well, better now than when I was standing in Madrid waiting for him to show up," she replied.

I gave her an understanding hug and kissed the top of her head. "Are you going to be okay?"

She shrugged. "I guess."

"Do you want something to drink?" I asked.

"It's two in the morning," she sighed. "Can you believe the bastard Skyped me at one in the morning my time to give me the brush off?"

"Do you want to watch TV or something?"

"No," she said. "I came here because I wanted to thank you for being honest with me all this time. You didn't try to make me feel guilty about Tim like my girlfriends do. You didn't talk bad about him or say mean things. You respected my feelings and you were supportive of me. I really appreciate your friendship in that way."

"Sure," I said easily. "That's what friends are for."

She peered at me and gave me a long look. "Is that how you really view me, Brian?" She wanted to know.

"Not any more," I admitted with some trepidation knowing I was putting our friendship on the line.

"Since the photo shoot you mean," she said knowingly.

"I think you're the most sexual, sensual, erotic, and beautiful woman I've ever seen," I revealed honestly.

"I really appreciate that, Brian," she said with a smile. "And can you I tell you a secret?"

"You already showed them all," I replied with a smirk.

"I was sort of giving the show to you too," she revealed.


"I could see how turned on you were when you were taking the photos," she said quietly. "That really made me feel wanted and appreciated and sexy."

"Well, you are all those things," I said.

"Do you want me?" She wanted to know.

I swallowed hard and the truth came to my realization on the spot. "Yes," I admitted. "I want you."

"As more than a friend?" She asked for clarification.
I nodded. "I haven't been able to get you out of my mind since that night," I confessed.

"I wasn't very nice to you that night," she said with a smirk. "Making you watch. Leaving you with blue balls."

"I lived," I replied, deciding not to tell her I went home and beat off to her naked photos.
She was smiling a little now and with a definite air of mischief in her eyes. "Maybe I can make it up to you now."

"I don't have blue balls anymore, Karen," I pointed out.

"So what?"
I hesitated for a long moment. "This is weird, Karen," I said.

"Tell me about it," she replied, taking me by the hand and leading me up the stairs to my bedroom.
I looked at her not quite knowing what to do next but I recognized the intense excitement that had suddenly gripped my body as I had a feeling things were going to change between us even more.

"What now?" I asked as we stood by the foot of the bed.

She stepped close to me and leaned in for a kiss. Our first kiss.

I kissed her back and we made out for a while and it felt great and reassuring to know that she was now interested in me in that way. She stepped back and removed her shirt and her now familiar breasts came into view as the clothing slipped away and this time I tweaked her nipples. She wasted no time pulling down her skirt and panties in one movement and my hands gladly went around to her backside and I gave her a gentle push so I could feel her front rubbing against my hardness between my legs.

"Your turn," she whispered and I gladly stepped out of my boxers and peeled off my tee-shirt and now I was standing naked in front of her.
The sight of that wonderful neatly shaved pussy was just too much and I was immediately hard as I stared at her.

"Mmmm, that looks lovely," she smiled, pushing me back on the bed
Karen crawled onto the bed and she sat on my waist. I reached around and run my hand over her ass cheeks, feeling their roundness but I resisted the temptation to slip my fingers between them and down between her legs. Instead, I reached up and took her boobs in my hands, weighing them and twisting the already excited nipples. She looked down at me while one hand reached around and gently grabbed my shaft before she slid back until her hips were over me and she directed me into her shaved slit.

Later, we lay together on the bed with her snuggled next to me with her hand across my chest.

"Looks like we got what we wished for," she whispered.

"I waited a long time, Karen," I said. "But I guess that's kind of normal when someone as beautiful as you is around." I laughed realizing that I had been waiting for her for as long as she had been waiting for Tim.

"I'm glad you waited," she said, kissing me happily.

"Me too," I replied.

There was a long moment of silence.

"Do you think I should ask Tim for those pictures back?" Karen asked.