Just a little story about a young girl on her journey to Heaven. Enjoy!

Here I lay, in my grave, slowly rotting away.

I reflect on my short life of 16 years.

I see the faces of the ones I love.

My parents, who are still encouraging me to do my best.

My teachers, who are still waiting for me to show up for class.

And my best friend Maya, who is still screaming "Chastity, Please don't die!"

I feel myself slipping away from them as I see a bright green Mustang race towards me.

I'm suddenly in the middle of the road I died on.

I can't tell if this is real or if I'm imagining this horrible nightmare.

It collides with my chest and I see my blood splatter all over the wooden coffin.

I try to stop my eyes from closing, but I know it will do no good.

As my eyes shut, I see rotting hands grab my legs and healthy hands grab my arms.

They pull until I can feel my arms and legs are being ripped out of their sockets.

The rotting hands tear off my legs and pull them into the ground.

I try to scream, but my voice has long left my body.

The healthy hands pull me out of the ground and lift me into the air.

We fly over my small town and I see thousands of candles flickering over my highschool.

I wave goodbye to my home with tears in my eyes as the hands take up through the atmosphere.

We soar through the stars, flying higher and higher until there is nothing but white light.

The hands suddenly let go of my bloody arms and I fall through a sea of white light.

I fall onto a soft, puffy cushion and I gasp at what I see.

Before me, is a huge, golden gate that sparkled in the divine light.

"You're finally here, my child." A deep voice booms.

I turn around to search for the person who spoke, but no one was there.

"Don't fear me child" The voice says, "For you have returned home."

The large gate opens to reveal what I like to call Heaven.

I see things that I didn't think were possible.

The blind are staring at the blue sky.

The deaf are listening the angels sing.

The mute are praising the Heavenly Father.

The crippled are running across the streets of pearls.

I look down at my legs and see that they have been returned.

I look at my arms and see that they have been healed

"Go on." Says the Voice, "It's your home."

I slowly walk into Heaven and the gate shuts behind me.

I look back one last time and continue into the wonderful kingdom.

I wander through Heaven until I reach a quiet river.

I sit by the banks and dip my bare feet into the cool, blue water.

I stare into the water and see the faces of the ones I love.

My parents encouraging my little brother to do his best.

My teachers continuing with class.

My best friend Maya saying "I'll do my best today, Chastity."

I smile and cry tears of joys.

They may have moved on, but I haven't been forgotten.

Their lives have only just began, and so has mine.

For me, my death has given me new life.

I hope everyone will be able to dance with me in this divine kingdom.

That's includes everyone on earth.

And that also includes you.

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