Some days, sometimes

I think I see

A shadow of who you used to be

To me

But I am just a friend

A girl by your side

And you don't love me

But her

I sat in the silence, knowing it could tell the story better than I could. Unfortunately I had to tell this story. I like to sit and watch understand; befriend a person without talking to them. Most times they didn't affect me, but this time it did. She was an average girl, taller than normal with honey colored hair and the same honey eyes. He was an average boy with raven hair and bright eyes. They met at the same place every Friday, the back corner of the library. I sat there too. The boy and girl were playfully bantering and seemed to be best friends. They whispered in each other's ears and giggled softly. The boy blushed.

Next week at the same time they were back. The girl got a text and showed it to the boy who pretended to think it was great, but I saw the scowl in his eyes. She left a few minutes later. He sat up and walked over to me. My earphones were on, but turned off. He asked if I could hear him and when I didn't responded he sighed, sat down and started talking to me, thinking I couldn't hear him. He told me how the girl's crush had just asked her out. He told me about his crush on the girl-Melissa- and how much he wished she would notice him in that way. Then he left. This became a routine. I thought of him as a friend. I hoped he thought the same.

Just when I started to look forward to the Friday night rants, they stopped. It looked as if the boy, Anthony, had gotten the courage to ask her out. They kissed and hugged and went home together. For some reason I felt sad, she didn't deserve him. As I was getting up he came back, and grabbed his book. I smiled at him and Anthony smiled back.

"Tough break huh" I spun around to see a boy from my chem. class smirking at me, "you aren't the only one who people watches"

"What do you mean by tough break? "I asked him.

"Well you obviously like him."

"Who?" He gave me a look that said really.

"That guy that just left. Duh!"

"No way, he has a girlfriend." I responded.

"Okay sure, I totally believe you"and with that I strolled off into the sunset (well more like I stormed off to my hundred year old car).

"Okay class today we will be assigning new lab partners and no, you don't get to choose" groans came from people all over the room, but Mr. Tanson ignored them. I really felt bad for him; a stupid person gave him penicillin (Mr. Tanson is allergic) and caused him to lose ALL HIS HAIR, even the eyelashes. Poor middle aged bald man. "The partners will be Dana and Allison, tommy and henry, mark and Elisa, Charlie and Kenna, and Natalia and Arthur .Go to work. Lab on page 322 in your books "when we didn't move he yelled "NOW". Then he sat down at his computer and proceeded to shop online for wigs. I wish I was joking.

"Lover girl." said Charlie.

"I told you I DON'T LIKE HIM"I shouted. Every one stared at me.

"Miss Kenna please calm yourself," Mr. Tanson told me.

"Yeah, lover girl quiet down." Charlie mocked me.

"Yes sir" I told Mr. Tanson, and then turned to Charlie "let's get to work."

"Sure lover girl."

"Call me that one more time and you will never have children." I growled through my teeth.

"But I thought you wanted children?" he asked.

"wha- CHARLIE MOORE YOU BETTER PRAY YOU SURVIVE TO SEE THE NEXT DAY!"I shouted at the top of my lungs.

I wish I could say that I got off fine with Mr. Tanson and still managed to kill Charlie, but I didn't. I got detention and Charlie got away. Sad I know. Fortunately, it was Friday so I could go to my spot relaxed and maybe Anthony would rant to me again. I kind of missed human contact. The only contact I had the entire week was my twin and his best friends. This group, to my dismay included Charlie. So I needed human contact outside of them or I was going to explode. By the way, I never want to eat cream cheese again.

As I scanned the room I didn't see Melissa or Anthony. I wonder what happened .suddenly the doors to the library swung open and he walked in. She didn't.

"I don't understand it," Anthony said to me. He still didn't know I could hear him "she and I kiss, she goes out with me and then suddenly she ignores me like I'm not even there, do you think I did something wrong?"

"No." I replied. Anthony fell off the chair.

"You were listening?" he asked.

"I've been listening since day one. I don't think you did anything wrong. Melissa is probably just trying to get used to the fact her best friend is now her boyfriend .You should talk to her, see what's going on."

"Wow thanks umm,"


"Thanks Kenna, look there Mel is now, maybe we can double date," he commented

"WHAT?"I yelled, earning stern looks from the elderly.

"Ya know Mal and me, and your blond boyfriend and you," he explained.

"Charlie is-,"

"Thrilled at the idea." Charlie interrupted.

"Hey I gotta go." Anthony waved and darted off.

"I am not your girlfriend!" I told Charlie.

"But I would like you to be." he replied with that stupid self-satisfied smirk.

'I would like that too' I thought 'a lot'. When I realized I had said that out I did what any girl my age would have done. I ran. In to the non-fiction area. Charlie followed me. I threw a roman mythology book at him.

"Watch it; you wouldn't want to hurt me!"

"Actually that's the point of throwing the book at your head!" I yelled as I hurtled to the teen romance section and into the back corner of the library. Not my best decision. Charlie cornered me and put his hands on either side of my head.

"Did you really think you could run from the captain of the track team?" Damn, I forgot that. I nodded my head weakly.

"well you can't" he smirked" and it looks like the cat finally caught the mouse"

"Why am I the mouse?"

"You are short and I caught you."

"So what can I give you in turn for my release?"

"A kiss will suffice my fair mouse."

"Stop messing around, I'm serious."

"Hey, hey who said I was messing with you?" he asked.

"but-,"I never got to finish because Charlie chose that moment to kiss me. I think I might have melted into a puddle had he not held me up. Once we broke apart he rested his forehead on mine

"I love you."I whispered.

"I love you too" he whispered.

"I never got Anthony's phone number." I told him.

"What?" Charlie sputtered.

"I can't set up a double date with him and Mel if I don't have his phone number." He let out a sigh of relief and chuckled.

"I'm sure we can get it next Friday."


Somedays, Sometimes

I think I see

A shadow of who you used to be

To me

But I am just a friend

A girl by your side

And you don't love me

But her

And I don't love you

But him

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