Act 5 Scene 3

[In the kitchen of the MCCURRY household. Bouquets and unopened gifts lie on the counters. KIMBERLY sits at the kitchen table, red-eyed, staring blankly at the surface of it. BROOKLYN and JASON are sitting on either side of her. BROOKLYN's nose and eyes are red, and his cheeks are wet. JASON is holding KIMBERLY's hand.]

KIMBERLY: [hollowly] I don't understand…Things were getting better…He was smiling…Why would he…?

[KIMBERLY buries her face in her free hand.]

KIMBERLY: [voice shaking] I just can't believe he's gone.

JASON: [wisely] Do the ones we love ever really leave us? Even though they are parted from this world, they live on in our hearts and our memories.

KIMBERLY: [sounding oddly strangled] I—I appreciate the sentiment, Jason, I do, but…

JASON: [shrewdly] You'd rather not hear it just now, now that it's your son's that's dead.

[KIMBERLY stares at him. Giggles start to erupt from her mouth, sounding slightly hysterical.]

KIMBERLY: Sometimes—God, Jason, sometimes I think you can read minds.

[JASON favors her with a swift, sad smile.

The doorbell rings. JASON, BROOKLYN and KIMBERLY stare in the direction of the doorway.]

JASON: [standing] I'll get it.

[JASON exits. KIMBERLY and BROOKLYN look at each other. JASON reenters with HAILE, carrying flowers and looking upset.]

JASON: Mrs. McCurry, Brooklyn…this is Haile—who you already know of course, silly me.

KIMBERLY: Hello again, Haile.

HAILE: [gruffly] I'm sorry I didn't stick around earlier…Here, I got you these. [offers flower]

KIMBERLY: [accepting the flowers] Thank you.

HAILE: [running a hand through his hair] I should have known something like this would happen…I should have said something…

KIMBERLY: [softly] You couldn't have known.

HAILE: [laughs humorlessly] No, I guess not, huh? [runs hand through his hair again] Of course…of course he went and jumped off of a stupid building. Off of my stupid apartment…

JASON: He didn't jump.

HAILE: What? Oh—excuse me—'fell'.

JASON: [shaking head] He didn't fall. He's with his dad, flying.

HAILE: What are you going on about?

KIMBERLY: What are you saying? Thomas's father…?

BROOKLYN: He was like Jason and Haile. He had powers. He was more.

[KIMBERLY stares wide eyed at, first, JASON, and then HAILE. HAILE avoids her gaze, but frowns, puzzled, at JASON and THOMAS.]

JASON: Thomas didn't fall. He flew.

[JASON looks at BROOKLYN with a smile. BROOKLYN nods and smiles slightly.]

BROOKLYN: He still is.