Ryan Tramblay

It was a warm March Saturday, but when TJ and I raced out of the movie theatre at our fastest speeds, all the fun and spontaneity of a Friday night was in the air. Of course TJ was beating me horribly, he had been a star soccer player for years while I sat on my ass and wrote terrible poetry. We were racing each other to the snack bar.

By the time we made it to the snack bar, TJ and I were panting and completely out of breath. The stringy haired employee took TJ's order of the giant box of chocolate covered raisins. On TJ's finger was his orange opal ring that he wore as a sign of his commitment to October. October had somehow found a way to split the ring, so TJ wore one half on his thumb while October wore the other. The orange opal stayed with TJ's half and October crazy glued the turquoise from his ring onto his own half. Some people would have argued that splitting a perfectly good ring in two was a folly, but those people weren't October and TJ. It made perfect sense to them.

TJ pocketed the raisins in his hoodie and then screamed; "RACEYATOTHETHEATRE!" At the top of his lungs. We were off again, only I had a little advantage because I had been about a metre closer to the theatre. I should have won the race back, but TJ that little ass-hole was as swift as could be. He was running in front of me before I even had the chance to realize he was beating me.

We opened the doors to the theatres and walked slowly up the stairs, to our seats which were at the highest seats in the theatre. I was trying to keep my breathing as shallow as possible, because I didn't want to attract stares with all of my panting. Too late. I was already getting heavily glared at.

TJ took his seat next to October, and also right next to me. On my left side was my brother who was smiling ear to ear. He and October were sharing a bag of popcorn, which I would have found sickening if Holiday and I weren't sharing one as well.

October and TJ have fully reconciled their relationship. The whole ordeal with Michael Hummer and Damian Arav has strengthened their relationship. October shares more things with TJ, and TJ has come to trust October more. Sure they have their little lover's spats, but they never last long. They always end in kisses

Initially Holiday was extremely excited to come with us to the movies. Then when he realized that October was going to be in the midst, he lost much of that excitement. He still resents October all though he doesn't have a strong reason to hate him. At least they can be in a room together without shooting dirty looks at each other.

Michael Hummer that boy who punched TJ has been picked up by Rex Fitzsimmons and all the other jock hockey boys. They still love to poke fun at others, but Michael absolutely pales at the sight of either of us Tramblays and October. His crooked nose is an absolute testament to the fact that he's learned a lesson.

Holiday's scar is as present as ever, and I don't think it might ever fade. Holiday was going to meet with another plastic surgeon about trying to have it smoothed over, but he decided against it. I think partially because he knows that his scarred face goes against the Boulstridge aspiration of perfection and because his scar is a reminder to him that he has been through the inferno of depression and has come out unscathed.

Holiday has started an apprenticeship under one of the best tattoo artists in town. Surprisingly enough his mother Jane was extremely pleased at the fact that Holiday was going to do something with himself. Of course Holiday was completely shocked that his mother would ever support him in doing anything. Though I think this might be her way of trying to make it up to him after so many years of not being there for him.

The Boulstridges are as gilded as ever. James Boulstridge still acts as though nothing has happened between him and his son. Apollo still hides his girlfriend away from his parents. Elvira Boulstridge still rules the family, with an iron fist. The Boulstridge still remains like a corpulent woman strapped into a corset. The corset is tightened to organ pushing proportions, but beneath that tiny waist, the woman is still as burly as ever. The house of Boulstridge, is the house of illusions.

And me? Well I remember I had such a dark out-look on life. And now things just look brighter. TJ's happy, and so am I. He's finally with a guy who treats him like the catch he truly is. Now Holiday's even decided to be in a committed relationship with me. I love it when Holiday turns his emerald eyes toward me, my heart flutters around in my chest like a butterfly in the cupboard.

I turned back to the theatre screen and felt Holiday's fingers slip into my own. I squeezed back quickly and gave him a big smile. We were watching the sci-fi flick Chronicle. Holiday, October and I were all incredibly excited to see it, though it took some convincing to get TJ to come along with us. Though now TJ couldn't resist the movie. It was funny in all the right parts, it was serious, it was thought provoking and gripping. One of the funny parts surfaced again and we all laughed, hearty genuine chuckles.

If the scene unfolding before me was a well done oil painting I wouldn't have laughed. I would have thought that painting a movie still was a waste of time. I laughed because what else is there to do in life? It's a long and perilous road, the least I could do was to have fun in the meantime. Though this was not a pretty little piece that belonged in one of the many art galleries that Holiday's father frequented in his hunt for the finest works. This was my life.