Spontaneous you
Jump from cloud to cloud
With my hand clasped tight
In yours, but I'm never sure
Whether you're strong in your grasp
Or if you'll let me slip through your fingers
And fall to the ground below

Spontaneously combust
I worry if I'll go up in flames
When I'm in your reach
Never have I been safe with you
But I've always been a bit of a
Masochist and adrenaline is now
My new favorite drug

Spontaneous generation
Of new ideas, an inception
Of thoughts that I cannot understand,
Nor will I ever, for your ideas are like
Light, they're not forever and they move
So fast that nobody cares to catch them anyway

Spontaneous love
Love me one moment and hurt me the next
(Make up your mind!)
That's saying that I'm not the downfall of
Myself in your world of spontaneous
You, and I know I'm scared but I'm
Used to your surprises. So what's your plan now?
Go kamikaze on my heart?

I live in a world of spontaneous you
Drop a bomb and kill me with love